Google I / O: Top 5 Changes Announced During Google’s Annual Conference

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If needed summarize the news announced by Google at the developer conference I / O in just two words, certainly the chosen would be artificial intelligence .

Furthermore, following what Facebook did in F8 , in early May, the search giant also bothered to demonstrate care with the use of user data.

In this post, we bring together the main news announced during the conference:

1. Google more humanized Assistant

Google Assistant is the personal assistant of Google, that helps users to do activities such as calls, message boards, and surveys in the search engine. Launched in 2016, it has now been remodeled to become more intelligent.

With six new voices, one of the novelties are the ongoing conversations that impressed by the naturalness and proximity to the conversation between humans – a tool that promises to end the problems of those who do not like to talk on the phone.

Google Assistant make calls, booking an appointment at the restaurant or at the hairdresser and share the details with you. The idea is that the conversation go even further than the response of the person on the other side of the line is not expected.

See the statement made live during the conference:

2. Google Maps enhanced

Google Maps has a new version on the way, with features that allow more interaction, as polls with friends to choose all together the place of the party, for example.

Lists of restaurants and bars with good ratings will also be available. Then you can make a reservation from within the app itself.

Google Maps

3. New Google Lens

The Google Lens , browser that uses the phone’s camera, caused a furore when it was announced at I / O 2017.

Now, he received an update: you can scan the words of a book, for example, and turn them into digital text to copy and paste feature.

Another possibility is to display the menu of a restaurant and find out how the dish is prepared.

Google Lens

4 refurbished Google News

Google News, which until then serves as a search engine materials, will undergo changes soon. A redesigned and uses artificial intelligence application will allow users, according to Google, keep up with the news with which care, understanding the full story.

The app will aggregate news that Google believes are relevant to you, a feature reminiscent, of course, the news feed Facebook. Comparing the two resources, by the way, this may be an attempt to Google seize the moment of loss of credibility that social networking lives to launch a more reliable product.

See the video below how the application works:

5. Autofill in the new Gmail

The new version brings more than a cleaner look. The idea is that the novelty use machine learning to predict the words you want to write, completing full sentences, suggested based on the context. The tool, called Smart Compose, to be launched in the coming months.

Here’s how it works:

Gmail Smart Compose

Google I / O 2018 was held from 8 to May 10 in Mountain View, California. The news arriving both for users and for companies that use Google apps and tools in your business.

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