Google AdSense: How does it work, how much do I pay, and how do I get started?

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Currently, there are several ways to make money from your blog , but most of these strategies takes time, demand for quality content production and continuous work of SEO  ( search engine optimization or optimization for search engines).

But if you are eager to generate income from their access, either in your blog or on your YouTube channel, you can sign up for AdSense to profit from ads.

This does not mean you should abandon its production of content! Ads will be only one way the most to make money from the blog , and there is the option to do both things at once.

So let’s get to it:

Understand what is Google AdSense, how it works, how much you pay and what you need to get started now!

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a Google advertising program that lets you display ads business on your blog, since they are created in other Google tool, which is the Adwords.

You know when you enter a site and see ads in the body or the page side?

It is likely that this blog is part of Google AdSense.

What you need to register?

Sign up for AdSense is simpler than you might think. Just have a Google email account, its own blog with content 100% original, a phone number and a mailing address that can be even the home.

Who can sign up for Google Adsense?

Anyone over the age of 18, who has a blog and fits the criteria we mentioned above, can register and use Google AdSense to generate revenue from ads.

Of course there are some restrictions on the type of content you share. They are not accepted, for example, blogs that incite violence, prejudice, or they have explicit sexual content.

How to sign up for Google Adsense

The AdSense application process is so simple that you can complete your registration by following the walkthrough below.

  1. Access the page .
  2. Select the email account to which you want to create your profile.
  3. Fill in the blog name, country of origin and agree to the terms and conditions of use of the platform. Remember that to create an AdSense account, you need to have your own domain because they are not accepted partners whose blogs are hosted on subdomains like tumblr , blogspot and wordpress . If you do not have your own domain, get your site .
  4. Before you accept the program, Google needs to know whether the content of your blog is in accordance with company guidelines. The ads will appear on your page after this check is made. From the moment your registration is approved, you can display ads on any page, provided it is in accordance with Google’s policies.
  5. The last step is to add the account number in which you want Google to deposit the money earned from ad clicks.
  6. At the end of the registration process, Google will send an envelope to your postal address with a confirmation code. This procedure can take up to two weeks.

Making Money With AdSense?

At this point, you should be asking, but how I make money with Google AdSense?

Currently there are two ways to generate income through ads on your blog:

Cost per Click (CPC): Under this option, you get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad that was on display on your page.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) : You receive according to the number of blog visitors. It’s like an ad to be printed every time someone accesses your page.

The advantage of being an AdSense partner is the algorithm used by them enables ads to be displayed according to the interests of its members. You just need to choose the type of ads you want to display on your site, and the site where the ad appears, the tool does the rest.

How your audience sees only the targeted advertising on their interests, the chances are greater click, and it is exactly this type of interaction that will generate revenue for you.

How do you get your Google Adsense earnings?

Remember that the registration process, Google asks for your banking information? It is through this account you will receive your payments.

Some important information:

  • Payment is made in dollars through international transfer once a month for partners who have achieved a balance of one hundred dollars or more, up to 21 each day.
  • The value is converted into reais, according to the quote of the day.
  • Stay tuned for fees charged by your bank for this type of transaction. If you consider them abusive, you can choose one that offers the same service at a lower cost.

How much can you earn with Google AdSense?

This is perhaps the question that remains and the response that we are about to give you may not be as satisfactory as well, because the value depends on several factors, such as number of visitors your blog receives, the number of advertisers that exist in your niche , type of content you share on your site, among others.

To increase your profits with Google AdSense, you need to use the keywords certain to attract qualified visitors to your page and, of course, provide quality content to these users engage.

Also, watch the positioning of ads on your page and try to put them in places that are visible to your readers, being careful not to compromise the visitor experience.

To find the best place to display your ads, there is no other alternative but to test: place the ad top of the page for a month and then do the same test with the ads on the page of the side or at the bottom. Then, compare the number of clicks obtained with each version, the best position is maintained.

Ad Types

Text Ads

Text ads, also known as sponsored links, are the simplest you can display on your blog. They consist typically of a title – that’s also a clickable link that directs you to the advertiser’s webpage – one or two lines of text describing the product or service, in addition to the address of a website displayed in green.

Image ads

Image ads are those banners that can be displayed on the top, side or bottom of your page. In all, there are more than 15 format options that you can select for your ads, such as horizontal, vertical, landscape and square. Do not forget to enable image ads for the ad unit, or set a default preference for your whole account.

Rich Media

The rich media ads are interactive: html, gif and video. Usually they get more attention because demand a visitor action, but on the other hand, can compromise the experience of your visitor when used in excess.

Block links

Each link unit displays a list of relevant topics related to the content of your site. When users click on a list item, they are directed to a Google ad page about that topic. You get paid whenever a user clicks on any of the ads from the resulting page.

Showing your ads

As already mentioned, the placement of your ads is one of the factors that influence your earnings with Google AdSense. So let’s take some questions on the subject.

How many ads can be shown on the page?

Google understands that excessive advertising will disrupt the visitor navigation. Therefore, you can only display three ads per page.

Where you should place your ads?

The general rule is to place the ads where they can be seen by visitors, provided they do not violate the AdSense guidelines.

How to position your ads?

AdSense partners can select not only the type of ads they want to display, as well as ad size, image and text color. At the end of this process, the platform generates a javascript code for you to put in place wherever the ad to appear on the site. This prerogative allows you to link only content aligned to the preferences of your persona.

It sounds complicated? Just follow this tutorial Google .

What are the criteria to select the ads that will appear on your site?

There are many factors considered before an ad is shown, but you can rest assured that Google will try to show ads related to your content and relevant to your audience.

If you want to block the display of an ad, simply click on the option Allow and block ads in your AdSense account.

AdSense on YouTube

As your YouTube channel gains popularity and attracts more hits, becomes interesting link it to AdSense to receive payments for their views. This, indeed, is a major source of income for digital influencers .

The first thing you need to do is to check if your channel is already enabled for monetization. The menu creation studio click on the Channel and the option Monetize select Enable.

Then click monetization settings . Here, you have two options: create an AdSense account to your YouTube channel, or link your channel to an existing account. If you already have a blog or page registered in the program, we recommend that you choose the second option to “skip” the whole registration and review process again. Simply click the Link AdSense and YouTube, then log in to Google AdSense, and usually choose Accept association .

When your application is approved, you will see the label hosted account on the home page of your AdSense account. Remember that to monetize your channel, you need to have at least one video uploaded on YouTube and this content must be free of any copyright, so you can monetize it.

A video recorded television show or filmed and made available without the permission of the artists can not be monetized, for example.

How much money I can win with my videos?

YouTube transfers between US $ 0.60 and US $ 5 for every thousand views, a figure that may vary according to their niche of expertise. To give you an idea of ​​how much it is, a video with 100,000 views can generate up to 500 dollars, which represents approximately 1,500 reais. This value can be higher or lower, depending on the price of the day.

This means that you can generate the value above the average Brazilian salary, only with a video. The good news is that this value only increases as more people view content, ie, while the video is in the air, he is able to bring financial returns for you. Not bad, right?

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Pros and cons of being an AdSense partner

Like any business model, be a Google AdSense partner represents advantages and disadvantages for the entrepreneur. Continue reading to understand if this is the best choice for your blog or channel.


Many advertisers options

Advertisers using the Google Adwords have two options to display your campaigns: Search Network or ads on the Display Network, the affiliate pages to Google Adsense. This means that there are thousands of companies that are vying for the space you have available on your site or channel.

Affinity with the theme of your blog or channel

AdSense differs from other advertising programs, because it distributes the ads according to the theme that is addressed by each partner. Thus, you run less risk of displaying an ad that is not in the interest of your reader or who is watching you.

Variety of shapes

AdSense offers several ad formats, such as sponsored links, graphic pieces, rich media, gifs and videos. This variety of options gives you the freedom to select the most relevant type of ad to show. You just need to determine the format and ad dimensions and AdSense selects the most appropriate advertising piece to be displayed.

You decide which ads appear on your site

AdSense does not display anything that is inappropriate for your audience without you allow. If any advertiser or campaign selected by Google are not aligned to your content or violates your principles, you can prevent that company advertise on your page.

You have the chance to generate revenue whenever someone see your ad

Whenever the public is interested in the ads displayed on your page or channel, you have the chance to generate revenue. IN the case of entrepreneurs who work with Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), the value is passed on automatically whenever someone accesses the page / watch the video. If you use the cost model for Click (CPC), click on the ad needs to be qualified, ie, if someone clicks on the ad and close the page immediately then you will not be paid.


You need a lot of traffic

The amount you receive from Google AdSense depends on many factors, but the most decisive of them is the amount and type of traffic you receive, for a simple reason: the more visitors you have, the more users will see the ads and consequently higher the chances of click.

Therefore, beginners can take blogs to generate revenue for this business model, as they have fewer visitors.

You can compromise your user experience

Nobody likes to get into a site and be bombarded with advertising, without having asked for it. Despite the AdSense have a limit on the number of ads displayed per page, it can still affect your visitor experience, especially if it is accessing the site through mobile devices.

AdSense partners can take to receive the money

Another disadvantage of working with AdSense is that you can only cash out the value obtained from clicks on ads if you have managed to overcome the balance of $ 100 until the 21st of each month. This factor may put you off if you are looking for a source of income with fast and guaranteed return.

Working with Google Adsense still worth it?

If you got this far, you might have noticed that Google AdSense is a viable model for those who have blog and want to generate income from it. In mid-2010, the program was at its peak and many bloggers rentabilizaram their access displaying ads on your pages.

The fact is that many of them did not meet good practice recommended by Google and eventually banned. Others realized that to work with this model had to take a lot of traffic to Blog / YouTube so that there were a considerable number of clicks.

The answer to the question “Working with Google Adsense still worth” is another question: Are you willing to work your channel (Blog, website or YouTube) to bring enough traffic?

If so, Google AdSense is worthwhile, if only to have an extra income.

For this strategy to work, you need to take some care not to affect the experience of its members and lose access because of the amount of ads on your page.

Remember that is not why you became a partner of AdSense that can abandon production of content, because it is fundamental for the construction of authority and even to sell products if you want to sponsored posts or work with online sales in the future .

Many YouTubers and bloggers work with more than one source of income in parallel: Google, partnering with brands in exchange for commissions or products, product recommendation (Affiliates) and selling digital products ( online courses ).

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