Golden Tips for Using Instagram and WhatsApp Professionally: Interview with Ana Tex at Studio RD Summit

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If you use WhatsApp or Instagram as tools Digital Marketing for your business, this video is for you.

These are two of the social networks most used in Brazil , which makes them very fertile land relationship with the audience, brand building and business generation.

And, to speak in a practical way, showing use cases, trial and error, nothing better than a conversation with a specialist.

In Studio RD Summit 2017, we interviewed Ana Tex, Digital Marketing Specialist focused on innovations to leverage the Brazilian entrepreneurship.

During the conversation, Ana Tex, who also spoke at the event, told a bit about bad and good companies use practices in these two social networks .

There are many stores today that have Instagram and that the profile is practically a shop window. Addressing only sale, only product and not also address selling style, some hint, some content that has to do with the audience ends up burning the company because it’s just supply all the time. The ideal is to put content that helps the audience.

Ana Tex also made some Digital Marketing projections for 2018.

You want to know what she said? Then watch the interview:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented by Ana Tex were:

  • What are the biggest mistakes companies make in Instagram;
  • The best strategies for Instagram Stories;
  • Why work with very specific niches;
  • What the public is tired of seeing on Instagram;
  • Recommendations for companies to make good use of WhatsApp for business;
  • What is the bet for 2018 in social media.

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