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We all know that social networks are constantly changing. These changes are not only in the emergence of new networks, but also in adding or deleting features. And with these updates also appear several new terms that were previously not part of our “digital dictionary”.

To facilitate the understanding and interpretation of many terms (new and old) present in social media, we created this glossary of 78 terms that you will one day come across social networks.


It is a company that uses trackeamento technology and provides tools for social media like sharing buttons and followers, and content tools. The company’s service helps to promote your website and your social networks through these tools.

Range of publications

It is a metric that Facebook is the number of people for whom each of his publications was displayed. Facebook allows you to see the average range of publications or the scope of each publication separately.

Organic range

It represents the number of people who have been affected by publication or organically Facebook page without the involvement of paid media. This number tends to be smaller and smaller as the Facebook is encouraging more and more paid media. Learn more in this post .

reach Pay

The number of people who have been affected by publication or by the company’s Facebook page with the involvement of paid media. See more here .

full scope

This metric Facebook shows the number of people who received some page of the activity, including publications, publications of other people on your page, ads for tanning page, mentions and check-ins.


It is a set of formulas used to filter the contents that appear in your News Feed or Google search with bases in profile variables and interest.


Google tool that monitors traffic to your site. From the tool you can identify the visitor source content, as well as the channel and other very valuable information for analysis.


This functionality is present in various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and allows advertising products and / or content targeted public paid basis. A campaign can have more than one ad for different audiences.


It is short for Application Programming Interface, or Application Programming Interface. Software companies develop APIs so that other companies can develop products that are triggered by this service. With the Facebook API, for example, you can create a program that captures data directly from the social network.


On Facebook, you can evaluate the pages. This assessment contains necessarily a score ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. You can also evaluate the page with a comment. This functionality allows people who do not know your company to see what people who already know about her comment.


It is a description of your company in Instagram. It is located under the company name and some use it to promote links pointing to material for being the only place where the social network allows you to place links.


It is a link shortener that allows you to make a series of analyzes from the generated links. The short links increase the chance of click and decrease the use of characters in social networks like Twitter, for example, limiting the number of characters in the text.


Blogs are channels used by companies to disclose their contents.


It is a platform offered by Google for managing and editing blogs. It is designed for users who have never had a blog or have little familiarity with this channel.


The easiest way to explain what a campaign is through example. You might consider launching a rich material as a campaign. In this campaign, there will be post on social media, email marketing and firing blog post. The communication of a Black Friday can also be understood as a campaign.


It is a free tool that enables the creation of graphic arts without the need for a designer. The tool provides templates and editing zero possibility. You’ve also shows the Facebook post option, for example, with standardized measures by Facebook.


It is a form of customization of social networking. More specifically, it is the image that is behind the profile picture. The cover photo must have elements that identify the company.

Facebook cover

Here at Digital results, for example, we use elements that refer to Digital Marketing , as the symbol of social networks, connections elements forming a network, among others.

Check in

Functionality that enables the user to share the place where it is right now.


Contacts network created on the social network Google+.

Community Manager

The responsibilities of a Community Manager can be summarized in internal and external communication management. It is the Community Manager responsibility to manage relationships on social networks. Through strategies such as creating events, this person seeks to create and increase the company’s presence on social networks and other channels.


It is the LinkedIn networking. Instead of you having friends, LinkedIn connections you own. This is because the social network has a professional character, so not all your network consists of your friends. See more in this webinar .


Cost per Click to follow. It is a form of collection services as paid ads (Adwords and Facebook Ads, for example), in which the payment is made by the number of clicks performed.


Which stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It is a cost related to paid media spending and is generated every thousand ad impressions.

URL Builder

Tool provided by Google to create URLs with parameters that facilitate trackeamento at the time of analysis.


Acronym for Click Through Rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions (views) of an ad displayed, for example, services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads . This rate is extremely important to evaluate the performance of ads because an ad with low CTR has few clicks over the views and generally cost more and must be optimized.


user approval indication for a post and is present in most social networks like Facebook and Twitter, for example.

Report as Spam

Functionality that some social networks make available to users to report inappropriate or insulting messages.


The number of people to follow your page on Facebook.


On Facebook, you have the option to direct your publication to a group of people. Your ads can be targeted according to data such as geographic location, age, language, gender, relationship status, educational level and and interests. This strategy helps your business to focus on the audience that really matters and ultimately optimizing the CTR.


Instagram functionality that allows the user to send private messages to the page of a company. Messages from people that your company does not follow the messages are separated from people who follow your business.


It is a platform that allows to insert discussions and posting comments on any website.


It is a kind of HTML tag that allows you to insert media files such as audio and video on a particular page.


Emoji are defined as ideograms and smileys present in electronic messages. They may appear in the form of facial expressions, objects, places, animals, climate, symbols, signs, etc. See how you can apply this feature in Digital Marketing Strategy in the post  Inserting emjois in the subject.



Metric used on Twitter and LinkedIn. On Twitter, this metric is the total number of times a user interacted with a Tweet. This interaction can be through a click on the publication, retweet, reply to a tweet, followers and favorites. Already on LinkedIn, this metric is the number of interactions, clicks or followers divided by the number of impressions publication.


This metric Facebook encompasses the number of clicks in a publication and the number of reactions, comments, and publication of the shares.

News feed

The News Feed is, according to Facebook, a constantly updated list of stories of people and pages you follow on Facebook. This list can contain photos, links, videos, status, tanned, among others.


Are the effects applied to images that change colors and intensities of the photos. It is widely used on Instagram.

fix publication

It is a feature of some social networks, which allows the user highlight a publication leaving it on top of the other, regardless of new updates.


It is a social networking photos that functions as a gallery. In it, you can chat, form groups, rankear photos, among other features.


It is a web space that allows the discussion of such topics.

Page functions

It’s a Facebook feature that allows administrators to assign roles to other people (employees or not the company). Functions can be divided into Administrator, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst.


It allows you to find people who have undergone certain location, and images of this site. It works via your device’s GPS and is a field that still has much room to grow.


Short for Graphic Interchange Format. It is an image file that has frames inside it and therefore gives a sense that there is movement in the image. It is widely used on the Internet and recently even Facebook has changed the way of appearance of this format in the timeline.

GIF Facebook

Hashtag (#)

It is an element present in social networks and internet in general subjects that facilitates filter. People use as a pin for the content you share on social networks. You can group content through hashtags , facilitating the research.


It represents the number of times users saw particular publication. It is a metric used in each post and is present in most social networks. It differs from the range as this shows the number of users who saw given publication, and the impression is the number of times users saw the publication. A publication can have more prints than reach because a person can see more of the publication.


It is a feature of some social networks like Facebook and Instagram that allows the user to enhance the scope of the publication through an investment.

boost publication


It is the Inbox private messages present on Facebook. Not only have profiles inbox, the pages too.

page information

It is a visible tab for any user who has a role on the page. This tab has all the relevant information of the page. It is a widely used analysis results flap since it shows, for example, the performance of each post separately.

shortened link

The posts need to please users for these click and access the content. The links often are very long and end up polluting the publication. In addition, Twitter limits the number of characters of each publication, so save on everything is crucial. For this, there are the link shorteners like With them, you can make a link with many characters on a link to a short code.

Content Marketing

The internet has enabled the rapid spread of information and content and was from this that companies identified that could generate business opportunities with this strategy. Social networks today become the major channel for the dissemination of mass content. This material shows in detail this issue .


It is an image or video generated from a funny situation on the internet. It is widely used in social networks humorous way. An example is the recent case in which Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar for the first time. This has raised many memes on the internet, like the example below.

Meme Leonardo DiCaprio


You can view Facebook publications in which other pages or people mentioned the name of your company. There are several software programs that monitor the statements made to your company on social networks. To view the notice on Facebook, go to Notifications> Activity> Mentions.

Instant message

It is an application that lets you send and receive messages in real time. The Facebook Messenger, for example, is a type of instant messaging.

Facebook Messenger


This expression means that you are using the social network itself and not another management social media software. For example, when you hear “Use native software to the publication,” that you will make the publication directly on the social network.


Are the alerts you receive when there is a record of some activity that involves your profile or page. When a person enjoys their publication, for example, you receive a notification (if this function is not disabled in the social network).


Facebook allows you to hide publications. These publications, when hidden, are seen only by the user who made the publication and friends of that user. This is important if you manage a page, since often their publications receive comments with unwanted promotions that just pollute the publication.


Facebook allows you to create targeted offers. The format creates a Call-to-Action in the publication which facilitates the user click. To create an offer, you must click Offer, + Event at the place where you write the publication. By clicking, a screen like below will appear.


The social network Pinterest, you can divide your Pins Folders. The organization facilitates searching in folders on a particular subject. For example, a profile on Pinterest whose central theme Digital Marketing can have multiple folders that represent the sub-topics such as SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation, among others.


It is a social network that allows the transmission of live video. During the live broadcast, it is possible for users to interact with the streaming. You can view videos from around the world from that social network.


It is equivalent to a tweet, that is, the act of publishing a picture in your frame of Pinterest.

post sponsored

When a posting is made through paid media, we can rate this post as a Sponsored Post. It is another function that Facebook pays created to increase the range of publications.

Power Editor

According to Facebook, “the Power Editor is a tool for larger advertisers who need to create many ads at once and control campaigns precisely.” We can say that the Power Editor is the advanced version of Ad Builder tool.

Program / Schedule

It is a fairly common practice in the life of a manager of social media. It is not feasible for a company that makes many publications a day, making these publications “right on time”. There are several tools, including natively on Facebook, which enable the scheduling of threads. The recommendation would be that if you have more than 3 post to do in a day, you should use a publishing tool that allows for the scheduling.

Social proof

Translation of the word American Social Proof. It is a psychological phenomenon that occurs beyond social networks and results in actions that people take on the basis of majority shares. Applied to social networks, we can say the number of likes, shares and comments are the social evidence of a post because they influence people’s actions.

custom public

Some social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target the audience of a post in order to increase the reach and engagement of publication.

personalized public facebook

In this publication, for example, it makes sense to segment the audience. The public of our Facebook page is made up of people who are interested in Digital Marketing, but not necessarily interested in agribusiness. So if segmentarmos this publication to the public that is interested in agribusiness (and this is done according to the pages that people like), we could reach more people and have more involvement in the publication.

Activity record

This functionality of Facebook stores all the activities you did in the social network, including comments, reactions, publications, new friendships, among others.


They are applications that allow photo sharing between users on Instagram in a few clicks.


It is a feature of Twitter that allows users to share publications of different users in your profile. It can be said that the retweet is equivalent to forwarding an email.


Short for Return on Investment. Is the resulting monetary amount of an investment. The ROI can be positive, representing a gain on investment, or negative, representing a loss. For example, if you invest 50 reais in a campaign and their return with this campaign is 150 reias your ROI is 2. For this we use the ROI formula = (Profit or Loss – Investment Cost) / Cost of Investment. Learn more in this article .


It represents the number of people who follow your profile. That number – which is present on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – is different from the number of friends as to become friends, both parties need to accept and become a follower accepted this is not necessary.


The only difference to the number of followers is that this is the number of people you follow. As noted above, these two numbers are not necessarily equal because not all follow you follow you back.


It is a social network sharing photos and videos that does not allow the user to save any type of content. All photos, videos and comments generated there are momentary and is used by companies to show their everyday life.


It is a form of participation in Facebook in which the user shares a situation, feeling, thought or even content.

Facebook status


Every profile has a timeline. The timelime shows the events ordered by date that the user has shared on the social network.

Total Net Likes

This number represents the difference between the total number of page tanned and the total number of descurtidas the same page.

trending Topics

Is the most talked about issues of the day on Twitter at particular location you define. It may be useful for a company to monitor the Trending Topics to enjoy and take actions based on the most talked about topics of the moment.


Is the publication which appeared on Twitter. It may have several objectives such as generating Leads to the dissemination of content, building a brand and to promote products and services.

Twitter Card – are cards that carry extra information about a particular tweet and are shown to the public in its network, without requiring the user exits Twitter to find out what really is this link.
This post talks more about the subject.


This metric is very much in the YouTube videos and is an excellent example of Social Proof. The more views a video has, the greater the probablidade that number increase. Instagram started using this count for the videos that are published on a page.


Certainly not cover absolutely all terms present in social networks, but we try to cover in general terms that are very likely that you encounter when moving in your profile or social networking page.

If you missed any term that could be explored, leave a comment with the term so we can add in a future update of this glossary.