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A common problem for anyone starting a blog is to find ways to gain traction, to get together the first readers to spread the message. For this, we list 27 simple ways to publicize your blog.

1. Promote your site

Many small and medium businesses to have a blog, but do not show it on the main page. It is important to show your customer that you have content.

It is also important to integrate your website with your blog. You can do this in several ways. The most common and traditional way is by inserting a link to your blog on a menu at the top of your website. There are other possibilities as well, inserting the link to the blog in the footer or sidebar, for example.

2. Include the address of your blog in the email signature

The email sent by each of your employees can also be a good tactic disclosure of your blog.

Use your signature to promote the blog of your company along with their business information and make your customers and professional contacts to see the link to your blog frequently.

3. Use your printed material

Put the address on your business card, in direct mail or flyers. Even in offline material, it is interesting to emphasize that your company has a blog through these materials. Perhaps it is something that will be remembered by all who view the print.

4. Use the company itself

Ask your employees follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. Also request that they indicate the content to friends and even to share posts publicly.

They are the starting point so that more people know your business, and create that engagement with the blog through social networks is a powerful starting gun.

Learn also “Engaging the entire company in the production of content” .

5. Publicize through the media buying

Have a specific budget for ads on the internet. You can achieve excellent results using platforms like Google Adwords and Facebooks ads to publicize your blog, just use them consciously.

We have in our page of educational materials, a lot of content on the topic. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Kit “Generating Leads with Google Adwords”
  • eBook “Facebook Ads”
  • Webinar “Introduction to Google Adwords”

Also, here on the blog also prepared a post called “8 Myths about Sponsored and Paid Media Links”  to clarify some rather questionable topics and practices on the subject.

6. Include the address in press-releases

Including your blog in their press releases you can enjoy more of the efforts of its press.

Incidentally, on this issue, we recommend reading the post “A press office is essential in the online world?” .

7. Post often

Regularity and consistency are essential components of a successful blog. You do not necessarily need to post every day. There are several content publishing strategies, and many of them do not require daily publications.

However, as already said, regularity is essential. In the post “What is the best frequency for posting on a blog?”  Explain better about it.

8. Write as guest

Discover blogs accessed by your audience and to volunteer to write as a guest. It’s an interesting way to reach new people.

Read the post “How and why write Guest Posts” to understand what are the benefits of practice and how to find other sites that are similar to your business.

9. Interview

Usually people like to be interviewed. Write about someone and it will help spread the message.

Blogging the Digital results already published some interviews. As an example, two interviews made with specialists Growth Hacking  and you can read the links below:

  • Interview with Sean Ellis
  • Interview with Sean Sheppard

10. Submit your site to Google

It should already be indexed, but it is better guarantee. A simple and quick way to do this is by creating a sitemap.

In the post “What are the benefits of an XML Sitemap and how to create one for your business” , we explain how you can quickly create a Sitemap.

11. Display your blog on company invoices

It’s a material that goes to the client and has a space that can be used to publicize your blog.

12. Promote events

If you give talks or talk to others in any event, talk about your blog. One tip is to put the address of your blog in your presentation and then deliver the presentation on SlideShare .

13. Share the content in social networks

His company already has profiles on social networks? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google+? Youtube? Instagram? Pinterest?

How easy to see the number of different social networks has grown over the years. With this increase the range of options you have to choose and know which social networks are more advantageous for your type of business and know how best to use each one.

In the post “Social networks: why use each differently (and how does RD)” , we give some examples of good practice for different types of social media.

14. Make a FAQ

Use your blog and to publish the most frequently asked questions of your business to generate content, and build audience.

15. Focus on information that your customers really need

If you generate a valuable, relevant and compelling content, the chances of success increase greatly. As reported in another post, the content production remains the best bet in Digital Marketing .

Knowing this importance, we have some educational materials that can be quite useful for your company on the subject. We recommend:

  • eBook: Content Marketing Results
  • Hangout: Content Creation with Henrique Carvalho
  • Hangout: Content Marketing in Practice with Rafael Rez
  • Hangout: Revealing the production of content in Digital Marketing with Cássio Politi

16. Use the right keywords

We talked about the blog on choosing the best keywords. If you want people to find your content, and this content is quality, it also needs to be optimized for the keywords that are relevant to the subject.

Read the eBook  “10 myths about SEO”  to meet some topics and practices rather questionable about it.

17. Do not hide subscription options

If people like your blog, they will want to subscribe. Let the signature buttons visible by email or RSS.

Enter the email entry field in places like sidebar, top menu, footer, below the posts or even create popups to try to collect as many emails.

18. Create a list of blogs

Tell some interesting blogs in your market and communicate bloggers. If the list is good, they will comment and to publicize your blog back.

19. Use numbers in the title

Titles like “9 steps” or “the five ways” often do succeed and have more chance to become popular.

In the post “How to write titles of posts that attract clicks and visitors win” , we show some extra tips that can be combined for you to increase the number of visits to your blog.

20. Comment on other blogs

Create relationships, share knowledge and show value.

21. Use links to old posts

Place signs of old posts in current posts causes the content to remain revitalized.

As you may have noticed, right here in this post we use internal links to integrate rich materials and other posts that are relevant or complementary to it.

22. Do not over complicate your site

Keep it simple for people to share. The cleaner your site, the better!

23. Have a contest

This type of action usually generate enough impact.

24. Invite for Guest Posts

Just as it is interesting to write on other blogs and portals related to your market, the reverse is also true.

Bring other reference names in the subject can be quite a rewarding strategy for the content of your blog.

25. Monitor social networks

In addition to using social networks to disseminate content. It is valid also know what your audience is talking about.

Look for some questions users and enter your blog’s content to serve as a response. Social networks are very important channel not only as interaction with users, but also as a source of ideas for new content.

Read the post “How to find out what your audience wants to read on your site (and gather ideas for new posts)” to learn how you can have content insights from the readers of your blog look.

26. Use marketing automation for sending emails

Email marketing is still a strategy that can yield excellent results within the Digital Marketing. Use a marketing automation software is a way to send content on a large scale, with high possibility of audience segmentation.

To learn more about it, download the free eBook “Marketing Automation – from theory to practice” .

27. Never stop release

Your blog is a commitment to its customers. Often the beginning is difficult, but those who do not give up usually reap the benefits.

Continue updating and disseminating the blog to your customers and readers. Maintain regularity is a key action to follow your blog grow.

So, we missed any?

Post originally published in October 2010 and revised and updated in January 2016.