Generating results with social networks without investing in ads

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Betting on organic traffic ( the one generated without the use of paid media ) is one of the strategies landing pages .

If the focus of this strategy is the use of SEO and Content Marketing , does not mean you should not also use social media to it.

We selected four of the most used social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – and spent a few tips on how to use them without investing in ads.

How to leverage social networks without investing in ads

Importantly, their efforts are not restricted only to the publication but also the time used to create the texts, do the arts of images that illustrate your posts, research topics and keywords , among other activities.

So a tip for those who want to know how to use social networks optimally is knowing reuse your content in a manner suited to each of them.

Tips to make the most of your content

If you already have a blog, is based on the content and the keywords that developed for it and invest in these materials, duly adapted, in other social networks.

Keep in mind that the public of each of these media have different profiles, but creatively it is possible to achieve impact all of them the economically you are seeking.


The first step is to perfect the creation of the post of the cover image of the layout of your blog posts. Yes, of course she must accompany the visual identity of your blog, but I do creating this cover thinking about how it can behave in social networks commented.


Since the goal is to maximize the most use of social media, the more relevant that content, the better.

So the tip here is: think about which of the social media are the most interesting for your business and create an ever more specific content for them.

For example, if your business is B2B, it may already prepare something interesting that makes enough sense on LinkedIn.

Another balcony is to include a button to share on social media in their Leads and customers help you to disclose such posts on social networks.

Using the four major social networks

1. Instagram


As we said the secret here is a striking image.

But this is not enough. The use of hashtags (the “hash mark” entered before a word) is the tactic most often used to boost publications in social media, because many users click on them to find posts about your favorite subjects.

To find out which hashtags use a single output is to click the search (magnifying glass at the bottom of the application left) and type something related to your business, such as “wedding” and then click #.

Several hashtags suggestions will appear, things like #casamentodoano, #casamentotop, # casamento2017 etc.

Also remember to follow interesting profiles, interact with your followers and not to publish too much.

To know more:

  • Free eBook: Introduction to Marketing on Instagram

2. Twitter


Texts on Twitter should be short and objectives, with a maximum of 140 characters, and use an image can highlight its publication in the timeline of his followers.

Post on Twitter at different times of the other social media, especially Facebook. On Twitter, just like on Instagram, hashtags make sense and should be used. # Type and start typing a word related to your business that hashtags suggestions emerge.

The truth is that Twitter is a very dynamic and interactive social media, so if you can not devote intensely to it, with several posts and daily interactions with their followers, as in a chat, it might be better just keep your presence there without large investments of time.

Everything will depend on how relevant it is to your strategy. Tourism, entertainment, bars, restaurants, sports, music and others can benefit a lot from Twitter when properly employed.

Follow influencers, retweet interesting posts and interact with your followers is crucial, especially when events occur related to your area, commenting “live”.

3- LinkedIn


Just to have a highly qualified audience for those who make Digital Marketing B2B, LinkedIn is well salted to invest.

The tip here is to publicize your blog posts on your company’s profile on a regular basis and go a bit further with some special posts.

Use the Pulse a platform created for you to post items within LinkedIn to become an influencer own. In this case, you must use the personal profile of the CEO, the Marketing Director or other company executives.

What you can do by following our content reuse line, create your articles on Pulse based on posts from your blog who are having better performance, write a brief summary of 300 words and end with a link to them, with the phrase : Learn more about this by reading the full article on our blog.

To know more:

  • eBook + free audiobook: Introduction to Digital Marketing on LinkedIn

4- Facebook


Leave Facebook to the end for a very simple reason: It’s been some time that EdgeRank – Facebook algorithm created to define who will see your posts in his timeline – has very restricted range this organic social media.

So here, rely solely on organic interactions may be more risky and may need to make some investment on ads.

And since it is to invest, our tip is a very effective ad format, Facebook Lead Ads , which already opens a form on the App itself, with great viewing on smartphones, and automatically fills in some user data that are stored on Facebook. He has been an excellent tool for capturing Leads.

Also, keep the regularity of its publications, interact with visitors who manifest and make comments and fanpage less dull and more in line with what is happening at the moment, as anniversaries or upcoming events related to your business.

To know more:

  • Free eBook: Introduction to Marketing on Facebook

These were some quick tips on how social media without making large investments.

Remember, repurpose content, if done in a proper manner and well suited to each platform profile, it is just the beginning. This practice may even render you an eBook, with the collection of your best posts. Think about it.