Generating leads with Facebook: 7 techniques that convert

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Let’s start this post talking about something that, of course, you already know: the organic range of posts on Facebook is getting lower. The algorithm focuses increasingly updates from friends of users at the expense of fan pages.

Having this background in mind, it will be worth considering the largest social network in the world as an important source of customers for your business?

Yes it’s worth it! Of course, the ideal is that its strategy contemplates ads and impulsionamentos, but if the money is short or even absent, you should not give up seeking conversions of Mark Zuckerberg site.

So, we list seven ways to Lead Generation  on Facebook, favoring organic actions.

But what is generating Leads?

Lead Generation is creating business opportunities for your company. In eBooks , templates and tools, but can also be discount coupons or free trials).

These Leads  may be at different times of the buying journey , depending on the type of offer. That is, not necessarily they will be looking to close the deal . In common, they have an interest in issues related to your market and your business.

After this first contact, you should work out a strategy for nutrition and relationship at the right time, make a sales approach.

How to Generate Leads on Facebook

First of all, your company must have a site focused on generating Leads , and Landing Pages  optimized.

The conversion, most of the actions will take place outside of Facebook – there is no point you make posts killers with high engagement, if you have not worked your pages to capture information.

Now look at some actions that can help in generating Leads on Facebook:


Live broadcasts are the kind of publication that have more reach on Facebook. While present a webinar , for example, you can invite people who are watching to lower a support material, leaving a Pinned link at the top of the comments.

Through bots, you can also set up a keyword  that triggers an action in Facebook Messenger. There, you can start a dialogue or also make an offer of content.

facebook live - growth tv - digital results

Oh, and do not forget that live to be interesting and relevant – it does not help you use the tool just to be asking people to convert, right?

Read more: How to make a broadcast on Facebook Live: tutorial and best practices .


One of the secrets to increase engagement rates of your posts on Facebook is think about them from the perspective of followers. People are more satisfied when they receive complete information than just a link to learn more.

One of the best ways to do this is through infographics . Choose a theme and offer real knowledge of him, causing his followers feel more encouraged to enjoy and share the image.

The lead generation, accordingly, can come in the form of a support material. Offer in the post own copy or the first review material for the reader to go deeper in relation to what is in the infographic.

infographic facebook


We talk about the use of bots above, suggesting its use in lives. You can use them to generate Leads also offers direct with the Messenger. You can schedule an initial interaction, for example, when a user comes to talk with your company.

Follow the line of dialogue, creating friendly automations and especially relevant. If the person is contacting the first time with your fan page, it can be a good idea to offer a top content funnel.

Do not forget, however, to verify the interaction, it may be that the person is willing to talk to a human. In this case, be alone in automation can be a shot in the foot.

There are free tools chatbot  like Drift  and ChatFuel . In RD Station App Store , you can check out other options that integrate directly with the RD Station Marketing.

Conversations in the comments

Facebook offers a golden opportunity to personalized offers: the comments. When a company is concerned to establish true dialogue with their followers, the rewards can come in the form of Leads and customers.

Having a good library of rich materials medium and funnel fund can help literally enrich these conversations. Direct contact for comments can accelerate the journey to purchase this Lead, therefore, treat these interactions with attention and affection.


Dialogues can reach new heights in thematic groups of Facebook. Offer relevant content for people who already have an interest in the subject is a good way to generate new Leads for your company.

Remember, however, to actively participate in the discussions in the group, including the posts of others. This is well seen in the communities of the social network as it strengthens its status as a reference, and not just as someone who is interested in making propaganda.

And if there has not been a group about your market, what about creating one? It’s a great way to build authority for your company!

Instant Articles

You might have noticed that some posts to articles have a raiozinho, right? Are Instant Articles, which carry up to 10x faster and can be a good source of Lead generation.

If your company does not already have, it’s simple to install! Here ‘s how to post Facebook Instant Articles: what it is and how to set up your site .

In spite of being hosted on Facebook, posts can have CTAs  normally.

You can make actions such as inviting users to sign your newsletter , install an application or enjoy your page.

Facebook Ads Lead

This option is paid, yet the leads are generated within Facebook. It is very interesting for those who want to generate Leads via mobile, due to the streamlined interface and auto-complete data.

Although there are some limitations, the fields of customization options on the forms are quite satisfactory. Creating campaigns is simple and targeted only for the news feed.

In addition, you can integrate the forms Lead Ads directly to the RD Station Marketing, just doing some settings. See how in the post How to make an effective campaign and generate results with Facebook Ads Lead .

These are just some of the alternatives that your company can use to get results on Facebook.

For other strategies for free download our kit Marketing on Social Networks  and discover how to create and implement a strategy to generate concrete results for your company.