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Make your business has a significant presence on the internet is essential for success in a connected world, regardless of its segment. Thus, many agribusiness companies have reshaped their websites and led the revolution that are in the field for the digital world.

In the study, TerraForum consultancy reported that there is a large space for the use of web tools growth within the agribusiness chain and the result is felt at the other end, where are included all persons connected with the agricultural chain – students, producers, businessmen etc.

In order to know the reality of this chain, the social networks . And the trend is that this number will increase more and more.

farmers on the Internet

Source: ABMR & A

As the graph above shows, the field of man’s profile is changing. The computer and so many other new technologies conquered producers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, and they have realized that without the internet, you lose money, market and important information.

In the current scenario, which demands more efficiency in decision making for the acquisition of goods and services, the internet is a useful network for farmers and serves as a search tool to find partners, business, quotes, weather and of course, news of this environment. Therefore, those who invest in communication and provides information consolidates and gains space.

But as producers, startups and agribusiness companies can use the content marketing , social media, and other possibilities of Digital Marketing to generate business? I separated some relevant stock tips that can help!


A well structured site according to information architecture techniques and optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can improve the positioning of your brand in search engines and the user experience to enter the page for your business, making it easy to find some product or service offered.

An important tip is how people look for their services and products in search engines and understand how is the placement of your site to these words, after all it is through them that the public may know your company.

For example, for a company that works with genetics, it would be interesting to optimize your website for terms such as: artificial insemination, breeding, reproduction, insemination protocol etc.

Content production

Most companies in this sector are technical and producing content, but do not disclose as they should. Many do not realize that they can and should broaden the channels of dissemination such as rich content.

It takes strategy to target the technical content to the audience, his attention constantly educate you to create trust, convert to sales and loyalty. And this whole process can run in the digital world for the dissemination of such content, arousing the interest of users, promoting interaction and thereby generating business opportunities.

For example, if your company is linked to livestock, talk about quality control of meat and milk makes clear the concern of your organization with the end consumer. Let us quote the Monsanto , which holds daily updates and content production and aims to discuss the GM issue, clarifying the negative arguments and spreading the positive. This strategic behavior generates engagement to encourage constructive discussions on social networks, attracts visitors to the site and position your brand as a benchmark in the industry.

The trick is to send content which is linked to management tips, the economic impact of the activity, relevant current guidelines of the sector and also the use of videos and infographics.

largest herds in the world

Source: Journal In Discussion

Social media

Social media is media that anyone can publish content, facilitating the spread of information. Facebook, Twitter and blogs are examples of digital tools accessed by the public.

With the new profile of the producer, 4 out of 10 professionals access the internet and relationships or social networking sites, Facebook being the most cited by them. A point that may have contributed to this new profile is the fact that social media interaction mix, instant communication, information sharing, photos, and sometimes even customer service.

An interesting example is the movement #AquiTemAgro , which shows an approach in the market about how the member companies of the agribusiness chain are adding value to their services through digital facilities, such as interactivity and sharing.


Build relationships with industry influencers, such as veterinarians, agronomists, animal scientists, producers and customers is extremely valuable suggestion and indication of products and services. The strengthening of the relationship between companies and people involved in the various business networks already promotes benefits, whether these actions pre or post sale.

It is known that, in this sector, most of the products or have high added value or it is necessary to build trust to facilitate the purchase. This directly impacts the company’s sales cycle, which ends up being long and too costly, as the technical and sellers make long and many visits.

Thinking about it, the ongoing relationship strategy that enables Digital Marketing can help in part in the prospecting process. The goal here is to gain authority through relationship building, educating producers through their purchase journey, helping in decision making and making it more prepared for the business contact efficiently.

One tip is to segment your email list , respecting activity, production capacity, position and region. This strategy aims to achieve more easily their prospects with certain types of content. To stock up with your specific needs, you can better capture your attention and retain customers for long periods of time.

Strategies like segmentation and nutrition flows at this stage can impact on scalable gains for companies such as engagement with the brand, increase sales and revenues, decreased sales cycle, reduced customer acquisition costs and the sales team efficiency.

Events and fairs

Another strong feature of the sector is the presence at fairs and field days, which provides contacts and networking . We understand that being close, coffee and shake hands of prospects and customers is critical.

An interesting tip is offline combine marketing with online , through actions that can publicize the event, optimize the process to capture contacts, maintain a continuous further relationship automatically and increase the visibility of these actions, you know, they have high investment cost!

Post-event, it is common for sellers get stuck to business cards and manual filling of spreadsheets in order to centralize data and account for the balance of possible business opportunities. In these cases, there may be loss of information and even timing of the loss of resumption of these contacts. One strategy is to use Landing Pages for entries in these events and subsequently automatic contact, since the same day it can receive contact the company thanking visit the booth and inviting him to access the site, among many other actions.

As for field days, one can increase the dissemination of information and rich debates that this event generates through compiling footage or files that may be disclosed or made available for download to those who could not attend.

So draw the actions offline and complementary way online can impact and ensure the success of the marketing strategy and sales company.

And Solutions

This increased access to the internet and digital networks all over the field promotes a new business environment. Even being a sector with traditional patterns, the opportunity is to (re) discover the power of marketing for industry education, strengthen the brand and its products and increase sales.

To disseminate messages and take advantage of the best opportunities of the agricultural market in Brazil is need to align strategies with innovative tools. The communication between the marketing and sales areas.

You have to think outside the box and invest in digital communication to stand out from the competition. Within a market as vast as the agricultural sector, wins who are better prepared. You’re?