From Targeting to Shooting: 9 Killer Tips on How to Make Email Marketing

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The email marketing is an excellent channel to generate relationships and conversions. Having a qualified base is the starting point of the success of a campaign.

9 separate efficient tips to get you started your new campaign and have even more results in their shots.

1 – Do not buy mailing lists

When we talk about doing email marketing, we can not forget to buy a list is to have a recipient base “dirty”, ie disqualified with very small chances of an effective return on investment. Not to talk about the ethical issue. There are a number of reasons to buy lists do not work:

  • Any unauthorized message is frowned upon interruption;
  • The user identifies the company as spammer and may disclose it on social networks;
  • Your message can be marked as spam, losing touch with the sender and tarnishing the reputation of the server, affecting deliverability.

To learn more about shopping lists please visit our post

2 – Make targeting your shooting

To make email marketing targets the your shot to thus gain in quality shots, increase the message accurately to your target audience and ensure more results you need to target. There are several ways to do this, you need to focus on your user behavior and use that information to their advantage. Here are some interesting ideas segmentation.

  • Personas (learn more about it at this link );
  • management positions (decision makers) or technicians;
  • Sales professionals, HR, Marketing, etc .;
  • operating area of ​​the company’s Lead (Technology, e-commerce, health, etc.);
  • Company size;
  • click the source (send an e-mail from a link that Lead clicked).

There are still many other types of targeting that you can meet this link

3 – Watch the images in time to make your email marketing

You can even can use images in time to make your email marketing, but never send just a picture as e-mail body. Most services will, by default, block this image and shooting efficiency tends to decrease greatly. You can still take other precautions such as:

  • Do email marketing in HTML format and distribute the content of text and images;
  • Use alt tags on images, inserting text that describes the image;
  • Also put links on pictures (if they are not displayed, they are still clickable);
  • Image size: avoid too heavy images, they will take to load.

We have a post that talks more about it here.

4 – Make Email Marketing without SPAM face

Avoid emails written with the red color or features normally associated with SPAM. There are some details that can be followed so that your email does not seem undesirable.

  • Limit the subject about 50 characters and no ALL CAPS;
  • Avoid using too terms like promotion, free, click here for free, credit, etc;
  • Do not overdo the use of accent marks (!,?, !!!).

There are several other details that are characterized as spam, but by following these basics is a good step to good practice.

5 – More types of emails, most likely results

Make different types of email marketing to reach the various moments of purchase, you choose, for example:

  • Newsletters: relevant information or news;
  • Promotional: advertising offers, but be careful not to overdo it;
  • Nutrition Leads: content for each point of purchase journey.

But be careful, be moderate and do not forget the relevance of shipping, otherwise the excess shipping can turn a SPAM.

6 – right frequency is essential

The frequency of submission is an important part of the engagement of your list. Excess emails bothers and causes many people cancel or ignore the emails. The lack of them does not generate proximity and it is strange when a message arrives. Try to have at least one shipment per month.

Please also send an email to calendar and make sure that the shots are well distributed throughout the month.

7 – Learn the right time to shoot the marketing email

The day and send time make an incredible difference in the results. there are rare cases where the timing gives a difference of over 100% in clicks and conversions. Choose a time that your audience has an open box and can act on the message.

8 – Never send email if you have not authorized

Also do not send if the message is not highly relevant. Also look always sanitize your list and delete the emails that have canceled subscription.

9 – Track metrics

They are key to diagnosing improvement opportunities. The opening rate can indicate problems in time, subject or shipping history. The click rate may indicate problems in the quality of the content or message of segmentation.

  • list growth rate: Percentage of new emails in relation to the total list.
  • List inactivation factor represents the percentage of emails stopped interacting or invalid.
  • opening rate: generally considered when the recipient allows the display of images.
  • clickthrough rate shows how many emails were clicked by comparing how many were delivered.
  • CTR: the division result between press opening.
  • Effectiveness of the campaign: suitable for complex sales, is the effectiveness of a campaign in the process.


Before you even think about doing email marketing is to keep in mind what their main campaign objectives and how it can get effectively.

Think of the content, and if your page is prepared for generating Leads or conversion.

Do not forget to also focus on the format for mobile devices in order to increase the effectiveness of their results. It’s all part of the process for the results to be even bigger and better.

And as they walk their campaigns? Leave your questions or cases in the comments.