[Free Guide] How to use AdWords for your PPC campaigns

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In 2016,  96% of Google’s revenue  came from advertising pay per click (PPC). Clearly marketers are leveraging the advantages AdWords them, but how do we know that a PPC campaign is effective? How do you guarantee that will generate the return on investment (ROI) right for your business? And what about good practices to manage the associated costs? Ultimately, how a campaign is created in Google AdWords?

<< Free download the complete kit to learn how to use AdWords on your next PPC campaign >>

HubSpot and SEMrush have joined forces to create a free package for Google AdWords, with everything you need to succeed with your PPC strategies and marketing in search engines (SEM) in 2017. The package, which includes an ebook, a template and a checklist, contains everything you need to easily manage keywords, campaigns and ad groups. 

With this kit you will learn to:

  • Organize your Google AdWords campaigns at every stage of the marketing funnel.
  • easily record all variations of ads, keywords, and destination URLs.
  • Manage all of your Google AdWords campaigns through an easy-to-use template.