Fostering a community through content: Alex Theuma’s tips from Studio RD Summit

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After years of working in sales, Alex Theuma was enchanted by the software market as a service (SaaS).

Even without experience with content production to begin he created a blog on the subject, then a podcast, to arrive at his best – known project: SaaStock , a major conference on the subject in the world.

The success, however, did not come from one day to the other, nor was the work of one person. He says he enlisted the help of the SaaS community, group of people interested in this segment.

“From the beginning, I always believed that if we were to make the SaaStock and make it a success, we would need an active community and see it as our success engine,” he says.

So from the beginning of the blog, he was already trying to attract, meet and engage with those people. They were also called for interview in the podcast, for example, strengthening ties.

Think long-term, by the way, is a tip that Alex gives Theuma for those who want to gather a group of people interested in its segment. For him, building a community of the night for the day is impossible.

You have to engage in multiple channels, then do some things online, which can be write on a blog or create a Facebook group about a specific subject. (…) And do things offline too, promote meetings, dinners or whatever.

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