First steps to define a digital marketing strategy

If yours is an online business, surely define a digital marketing strategy is of the first things done. However, if your business is more traditional maybe the world of internet marketing you new or strange result. If so , this article will help you to better understand how to channel your ideas and opportunities of online marketing .

What results are expected from digital marketing strategy?

Objectives of digital marketing strategy

Without even still venture into social networks , PPC advertising or email marketing, one of the first points to be covered is the result you expect. Most common is that they try to increase sales or reduce care costs, but may be other targets. This is crucial to have clear item to ensure we have a direction and actions taken always contribute to these objectives are achieved.

Depending on the desired objectives, what can allocate resources?

To this point the aim is to have an idea of the amount you could invest, even an approximation. Obviously it’s not the same to have $ 20,000 to $ 500, so it will be useful to keep in mind about how far we get. However, it is very likely that when conversing with an expert in digital marketing new ideas emerge.

Defining Internet presence

Historically, the major presence on the Internet has been based on  having a website . Today this is still in force, but they have also been some complementary and even alternatives as options Facebook pages . While they are very different things, there are businesses (small, mostly), which for the first stage prefer to rely solely on their Facebook page. This may be correct or not depending on what you hope to achieve: the Facebook page is a good place to interact with a fan base (which we must build!) While a website can be exploited much better for achieve large – scale sales.

Those are just some of the differences. Generally speaking, the ideal is to have a professional website and that’s the pillar for the remaining shares.

Is it urgent to launch a website?

Yes. The first thing to happen to any digital strategy is that the website (or other form of presence, as mentioned in the previous point) exists and can be accessed. This sounds obvious, but it is important to emphasize that many believe should have nothing to achieve that ideal online site, Eden made web, where the fantastic faithfully reflect your brand. This is fine if the website is fast gun, but if looking for that Shangri-La digitally takes 10 months out website, there is a problem. A good site today is better than a perfect place tomorrow  (when you need this job, remember the questions you should ask yourself when ordering a website) .

Exploring social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr … is it worth investing resources in them? As a general rule, yes. How to do or how to invest will depend on the nature of the business and what you expect to get, but it is often useful to be present in social networks. As it is precisely social media, they are spaces where many direct and immediate interaction with the public is given, so it is crucial to stay active (remember our article “Techniques to create conversation with your fans” ). If you were to create a Facebook page but only publish something new once a month, it may be best not to have the page, at least in the early stages.

Moreover, it is important to note that the presence in social networks bring in many cases, intermediate or indirect results . In other words, we can generate many likes or + 1’s, hundreds of retweets or thousands of comments on a photo, but none of this is a result that meets the main objectives conversados at the first point (sell more, for example). However, all these intermediate results they can collaborate with such actions advertising, getting more people enter the online store or the customer team receives fewer complaints . And there indeed is where we are meeting the main goals.

With all this in mind, remember that you can find in Workana an excellent community manager to keep your community active.

Online advertising

Unlike social networks, advertising campaigns tend to be more closely linked with strategic business results, since we can target an ad campaign to generate sales directly or at least interested to then attack with the sales team.

At this point there are plenty of possibilities, including advertising in Google AdWords or Facebook Ads , two very popular choices among small businesses because they allow start with low budgets and close follow – up. If immediate results are needed, these options are usually recommended (always in the hands of an expert, as these platforms have many features and for a beginner can be a bit overwhelming).

email marketing

Not Spam . This is the first thing to consider: do email marketing is not spamming . Well done, email marketing can bring excellent results and not at all invasive. That is “well done” involves working with databases of people who have given their consent to receive offers or promotions, have a well written and designed piece and also an optimized landing page.

other tactics

There are several other possibilities that were not mentioned (affiliate programs, SEO). There are for different budgets, business types, expected results … it is advisable to always be willing to listen to new ideas, since you can always come something interesting.

ordering all

In the first point of this article is defined macro objectives to fulfill. This is what will give direction to the entire online marketing strategy .

Of course, factors such as social networking, advertising, emailing, etc. are tactics which seek to meet those goals. These tactics can be addressed and go to activating them as the budget allows. It is very useful to have a spreadsheet where do monitoring of the actions carried out, the resources they consume and the results they bring. Thus, we can clearly see how it is functioning digital marketing strategy and making learning.

The costs

Do online marketing is not free. Even if you do not pay Twitter to create a profile or emailing tool provides up to 1000 free shipping, all these actions have cost. Time consuming and require knowledge, both valuable and finite resources.

Working with an outsourced team will let you quickly begin to experience this world and find the best way to make it work for your business.

How was your experience making your business grow thanks to digital marketing?