Facebook Polls: know the news that lets you do surveys using GIFs and photos

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For Facebook, 2017 has been a year of investment in polls format. Recently, for example, the company released adhesives format questionnaire that can be used in the Instagram Stories publications .

The latest addition is Facebook Polls. The social network has allowed pages would create polls, but now resurfaced tool in repackaged format.

Now you can add photos and GIFs as answers. Publications can be made either by people or by pages on iOS, Android and desktop.

Facebook has tested the new polls since September, but now all users have access.

To create your own, just open a text box in which to put the status and click Surveys (Polls or if you use this website in English).

Then you write the question and two options, which can be illustrated with photos or animations.

Choose an expiration date (in a day, a week, never or custom range) for the poll to stay in the air and click Publish.

create a poll on facebook facebook polls

Other possibilities of new functionality are: attach a link to each of the responses, tag friends, add a sentiment to the post and other settings for a normal publishing Facebook status.

Your friends or followers can vote, and after that, they will have access to the results and who chose that option.

As the polls Instagram Stories, this new functionality is a good opportunity for your company interact with followers on the social network, receive feedback and ask questions. And all this in a fun way, after all, who does not love GIFs?

And you, how you want to use polls on your page? Leave your opinion.🙂