Facebook makes it easy to create ads for audiences from other countries by releasing 4 new tools

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Facebook has news to businesses wishing to make announcements to the public from other countries.

In last Tuesday, November 14, 2017, the company internationalization ad are available.

The news possible to create targeted campaigns to audiences who speak different languages, find a target audience that is in another location, among other possibilities.

Learn more about each of the 4 tools released:

1. Dynamic Language Optimization

Advertisers want to communicate with people from other countries in the mother tongue, but this can be difficult as a campaign for football lovers in the United States made by a company in Spain, for example, would need to be done twice – in Spanish and English .

Before, the advertiser would need to create two versions because of the two languages. Now, through the dynamic language optimization tool, companies can set up a single campaign to appear with different texts.

Facebook will show the corresponding version for each person according to the language set in their personal profiles.


2. Similar audiences in other countries

Last year, Facebook released the possibility of companies to define an audience and find an audience like that, but you live in another country. However, it was necessary to repeat the process for each desired country.

Now Facebook has eliminated the need to do this action, which could be pretty boring. It has been replaced by the possibility of creating similar audiences at once to several countries.


3. Target in several cities

Sometimes companies do not know how to specify in which cities want to advertise, the only idea I have is the size of the city.

Now, through the tool it calls multicity targeting, Facebook allows you to specify the minimum and maximum population of the cities that a company wants to achieve, including cities that fit that parameter automatically.


4. Finder international audience

The above tools are good for companies that have at least an idea of ​​the international audience looking for impact. But some businesses still do not have it so clear, however basic it is.

The idea of Facebook to solve the problem is the Cross Border Insights Finder , a tool used to compare data from campaigns made in different countries and explore new opportunities. Through it, you can choose a country where you have announced and determine campaign objectives and business segment.

The tool then shows a list of countries where similar advertisers succeed. You can compare your campaign with them in up to 11 countries.

Cross Border Insights Finder example

These are exciting news for companies that invest in Digital Marketing as make available to them an audience of more than 2 billion people distributed around the globe.

And you, as do ads for other countries? What are your learning? You think these tools will help?