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It is common to find franchisors and franchisees in social networks with the same question: have a central page on social networks or split according to each store? The Digital Marketing franchise is one of the most complex, as it involves many players, regions and habits.

A classic example is the difference in the presence of a brand in small cities and megacities. As digital communication will be effective at the same time to people living in such different realities?

It happens quite in franchises that take care of Digital Marketing, see that even in nearby cities the result of the content is different. It is common where a more commercial post, focusing on price and product, gives more results, while in another what works is more institutional, focusing on reinforcing brand.


Divide and conquer?

Create multiple Facebook pages, one for each franchise, we have had better effect a few years ago but is no longer recommended. Until mid-2013, Facebook allowed pages had a good organic range (without paying ads) and at the time, had only a basic content and targeting to have some success.

Some studies indicated that the average market was 16% until 2012. Then it was reduced to reach 1% thereafter. That is, for every 1,000 fans, before you impacted about 160 organically. Now, in 1000, only 10 would see your ad without money. Although the numbers are only an average – in fact, well-managed pages can better numbers – the reduced range scenario reached all.

From there, it began to make more sense to use sponsored ads to boost content. This required a higher charge for ROI on social networks – now it was no longer “free.” And how to put together content and ads is not a simple task, the management of social networks needed to be more professional.

Currently, a manager of pages need to have knowledge in content, design and ad techniques to be successful. The franchise started having major problems from the moment the majority of franchisees are not trained in Digital Marketing. If before, some sites could result, it has become the exception.

By having a single point of reference for consumers, the franchisor has better sense of any local problems and can also structure the service in the speed and tone you want. This also implies a reduction of costs as monitor 1 page is much simpler than tens or hundreds.

Even in legal terms it is more desirable, since it facilitates control of the answers and possible crises.

Tip: target a single page for the franchise region

A major problem in time to centralize everything in one page is the loss of contact with local issues. In E-Dialog we serve a franking that held exclusive promotions in certain cities. The solution to do it in one glance was targeting paid and organic posts.

Social networks have advanced targeting systems. On Facebook you can choose which region the post can be directed, reaching the level of a certain street.

One thing that few know is that targeting is available at the time of direct post on the page to the followers. That is, you can segment and the tools of sponsored ads from Facebook.

This is ideal for when the franchisor wants to direct a post only for a particular region of a franchisee. The segmentation function between the followers is available for all pages.

To use it, see if the page is shown the target icon when you will create a post, as the image below.

If not, go to Settings (top right) and make sure to leave the box checked under “news feed from the public and visibility of publications.”

This option only appears when you are the webmaster.

Once the “Target” is selected in the post, there are two options: restrict or direct the publication.

The “news feed direction” option is ideal for pointing a location or a specific audience that needs to receive the information – but it does not limit what others can see, just give priority to certain people.

The “audience restrictions” limit the publication only for those who are in targeting.

Thus, people out of that profile will not know that the publication exists – is ideal for a type of unique content for a particular region, for example.

With this solution, it becomes easier to take care of Facebook and remedy a major problem franchises, which is the regionalization of content. Still can not do the same procedure on other social networks organically, ie without using ads.

The ideal – not only to franchises but for any company – is to understand that social networks should be available to the brand and not the opposite. Be present only because it does not work.

Use particular social network should be part of a consistent Digital Marketing Strategy, with return clear purpose for the brand.

This entry was written by Renan Clerk, the E-Dialog Digital Communication .