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Facebook is with the novelty of the buttons Call to Action . The news is still in the implementation phase and still getting the Fan Pages . Calls to action are intended to encourage people to undertake important actions on your Fan Page as: download an application, generate a lead or make a purchase on your site. Even better, you can add a call to action at no cost.

Adding a button?

First make sure that your Fan Page has this feature. At the moment, still a novelty, Facebook is updating your pages and so may have to wait a little to get the button.

To add a call to action button that leads to your website you need to follow these steps:

1 – Go to the cover photo of your page and click “Create a call to action.”


2 – Choose the call and enter the desired URL.

3 – Click “Create.”

Application Cases

To add a call to action button on your page that leads people to your application:

1 – Go to the cover photo of your page and click “ Create a call to action” .

2 – Choose the call to action, add the URL of the website and click the option below. If you want to drive for an application link you can have two options:

Configuration for IOS


If you’re on a direction for the installation of iPhone or iPad use application, click the drop-down and select “Application” menu. Add “link to the application.” You also have the option to add a “Link to the App Store or the site.”

Configuration for Android

To direct people who use Android for your application, click the drop-down and select “Application” menu. Insert a “link to the application.” You also have the option of adding a “package name” and a “link to the Play Store or the site.”

3 – After you click “Create” your button is ready and you have a new call to action. With the set button you can track the number of people who clicked, as we shall see later in the post.

Editing your ad

If your campaign needs change, the date of your event or even spent it’s time to stop promoting it, you can edit or remove the call to action at any time:

1 – Go to your page and hover over the “Create call to action.”

2 – Choose “Edit call to action” or “Delete call to action.” If you are editing a call to action, choose a new call and update the destination URLs that want to target if this is necessary ..

3 – Click “Save Changes” and you’re done! Your ad will be edited.

call buttons for Fan Page

For each goal Facebook offers a different action. See which one is best for your strategy.

book now

This is another point of contact for event conversion. Currently this is the button that we are using the Fan Page of Digital results, we pointed to our next event, the RD Summit 2015 .

Contact us

For companies that work with SAC 2.0 is another great opportunity to expand your contact channel. In addition to meeting the social networks, you can point to a page on the site dedicated to meet the coming demands via Facebook.

If your service is not 24/7 is important to clarify what their schedules for the consumer to access your site and stay in a long wait, or even find your inefficient support.

use application

More than 30% of users access social network exclusively for the mobile phone and 86% of total users, or about 1.19 billion, using mobile Facebook at least once a month. So, make use of call – to – action button to install the application is more than an opportunity, it is an excellent resource for new conversions.


This function takes the link to a game page. The market is promising, according to the survey Game Brazil in 2015 , about 74.5% of respondents fall games to their phones. When thinking about the strategy you need to focus on how it can be adapted for the mobile platform. Do not just download only and not think about usability, behavior and engagement. According also to the same survey, about 80% play by mobile phone during the shifts in traffic.

Buy now encourage a purchase is key to increasing your conversion on the site. The button in this case is another channel for sales. Facebook also warns in its recommendations it is   necessary to clarify any restrictions on your offer (such as expiration date or limitations on redemption). Being transparent is one of the keys to success.


One way to capture data and generate qualified leads. The call to action to register means that you have relevant information of your audience and creates opportunities for future action and increased their conversion.

watch video

You want to increase your audience? Insert the button “Watch Video” can be a very interesting way to increase the number of views. Having a cover to help the interactivity is also a valuable tip for his conversion. But be careful, be emphatic on its cover as “watch now” or “click here” is not well seen by the social networking policy and your page may be penalized.

How to measure the clicks?

There are two ways via Facebook to see how many people clicked the call button for your page action, and a third via Google Analytics.

1 – View information

Hover the cursor over the button “Create call to action” page and on “info” to find out how many clicks were received in the last seven days.

2 – This week

Go to the “This week” option on the right page, and hover over the box that shows the call name for action to see how many people clicked on your call this week.

Third Way: URL builder

Much of the data you need to analyze the performance of your digital strategy is automatically captured if it is aligned with Google Analytics (GA). However, some more specific measurements or requiring precision are not identified by the GA, they can be addressed via URL builder.

The Google URL Builder adds to your links parameters that force the GA to identify clicks as coming from the call to action. Here ‘s how to set up here .


Being a novelty not all people have this feature yet (the obtão ​​to the page focusing on social and charitable organizations still present in the implementation phase, for example).

The focus on a responsive page should be one of the key points for success in the campaign. Focus on the content and the relevance of conversion close the compound to use the Call to Action buttons for Facebook.