Facebook announces Mobile Studio and other news for small and medium advertisers

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To celebrate the milestone of 5 million active advertisers, Facebook announced on April 10, 2017 the launch of a number of features aimed at small and medium businesses that use the platform to promote their products and services.

New features include a website with tips for making better ads, an analysis tool, courses, among others.

According to the statement, “the more people use mobile phones to discover new things, smaller businesses need a strong digital strategy” .

The company claims to be the mobile solution for 65 million businesses that use Facebook fanpages and 8 million business profiles on Instagram.

See more details about each of the new features:

Mobile Studio

“The mobile economy expanded the possibilities of creativity, giving every business the ability to deliver amazing ads to people around the world,” says the ad.

In this context, Facebook launches in Brazil and Latin America , the Mobile Studio , a website with tips to create ads using the phone only.

The idea is to improve the mobile ads, expanding the result of business.

facebook mobile studio

Ads Manager

If the Mobile Studio you can create ads in the Ads Manager application you can analyze them and gain insight into the campaign.

According to Facebook, Ads Manager has been updated to optimize advertisers’ time.

With the improvement in navigation, “you can see how the ads are performing or analyzing a comparison between weeks”, and change accounts and pages. You can also choose five ads and compare the results by placing one next to each other in the application itself.

The application also offers recommendations to improve performance, warning, for example, when an ad that is getting above average results are at the end and the possibility of extending the campaign to another day, three days or a week.

“It will be also possible to receive notifications of relevant interests to add the target or request the improvement of performance in one click to include similar interests considering the criteria of target. We will send notifications about ads that were good, and the ability to duplicate it after the campaign is over, “says the text.

facebook mobile studio


Facebook has a platform for e-learning, the Blueprint , which has courses that teach best practices for advertising on the company’s family of applications.

The platform is available in 10 languages, including Portuguese and Spanish and already has over 1 million users. Nearly 2.5 million courses have been made in more than 150 countries and of this total 50% are small businesses that use the tool to develop.

facebook mobile studio

single mailbox

In November 2016, it was announced a single message box within the page management application, to facilitate communication between business customers unifying messages received by Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Now, the tool has also been expanded to the desktop.

facebook mobile studio

5 Mobile Studio tips for ads

Facebook still separated the Mobile Studio 5 tips for creating more effective ads:

1. Set a goal

Define what you want to achieve with the ad. As simple as the structure of the campaign is, always keep in mind an end and a purpose. Do not let the creativity overlap the goal of the campaign.

2. Applications to create

The app stores the cell have several innovative and creative options for creating different images with filters, shapes, frames, among others. Try the news and always choose those with higher affinity to the product or your service.

3. Combine ideas

More to choose a legal application is not be restricted to only him. Combine several of them, with their features and formats, to achieve more creative results.

4. Stability in pictures

A smartphone is small, and handle it without a support can generate images and shaky videos. So always prefer working with a tripod for more stability.

5. Lights, camera, action

Prefer an environment with natural light or use a clear surface to bounce light to the result of the picture is even better.