Facebook announces change in algorithm: less relevancy for fanpages and more for friends and family

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The year 2018 began with bad news for companies that publish content on Facebook.

As announced Mark Zuckerberg in his personal profile yesterday, January 11, in the coming months the social network algorithm will prioritize further posts from friends and family at the expense of the publications made by pages.

According to the CEO, Facebook users have complained about the amount of posts of companies, brands and media in their news feeds. “Since there is more content than public posts from friends and family, the feed turned away from the most important thing that Facebook can do: help us connect with each other,” he argued.

He also said that the social network did a survey and found that, when used for connections with important people, social media can contribute to the well-being. “We feel more connected and less alone, and this is related to happiness and health in the long run,” he wrote.

On the other hand, it says that may not be as beneficial what it calls passive consumption of content – which includes watching videos or reading articles.

How will the news feed from 2018

Before, Facebook wore signs as how people react, comment or share posts to determine how the top of the news feed they appear. We talked about it in the post How the Facebook algorithm, according to Facebook , published in October last year.

Now, according to the statement posted on the company’s blog by Adam Mosseri, who looks after the news feed, Facebook tries to predict which posts you will want to interact, showing them closer to the top of the feed. The justification is that these are publications that inspire discussion in the comments. In addition, friends and family posts will be prioritized at the expense of page posts.

Impact on user experience

The CEO said that will change the focus of the product teams who once sought to show relevant content for people and now must focus on “help you to have more meaningful social interactions.”

For users, the change is simple: more posts from friends, family and groups and fewer companies, brands and media.

Facebook was already implementing such changes since last year, but this seems to be the most radical of them. If you want your posts to appear in the news feed of users probably need to invest more money in boosting and announcements.

“Some news help start discussions on important issues. But too often, watching a video, reading a news story or page refresh is just a passive experience, “he says.

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What changes to pages

Pages should see its reach, time people spend watching videos and decrease traffic. The impact should vary from page to page, depending on factors such as the type of content produced and how people interact with it. Pages making posts to which people do not interact or comment should see declines in distribution.

A Facebook tip is to place as “first see” the pages you want to receive updates. Influence their followers to do this can help your page to be less affected.

Fanpages that generate conversations between people will also show up in the feed. “For example, live broadcasts often lead to discussions between those who watch them on Facebook – in fact, live videos generate 6 times more than regular interactions videos,” says Adam Mosseri. However, Facebook will continue to fight posts fighter-engagement , as announced here on the blog in 2017.

Adam Mosseri reinforced the idea that the page posts will still appear, though less.

Conclusion: do not rely only on Facebook, build your base Leads

This tip may seem too introductory, yet is especially useful at the moment. Keep in mind that your audience on Facebook is not exactly yours and that a slight change in the algorithm can compromise all your results.

Already a base Leads not. This list is yours and it are people who left their emails to be contacted later. It is your greatest asset Digital Marketing .

The same applies to the content. So it is important to produce it for your website and blog, and not only for social networks.

Have you ever noticed the impact of this upgrade on your results? Share in the comments.