Facebook Ads with less segmentation: data from third parties, such as Serasa, can no longer be used

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In a brief statement on its news blog , Facebook announced that it will cut the Partner Categories of ad possibilities.

The measure is a response from the social network to harsh criticism that comes after receiving complaints involving the company Cambridge Analytics and the alleged manipulation of voters in the United States and the United Kingdom. Read what the text says:

We want advertisers to know that we will terminate the Partner Categories. This product allows third-party data providers to offer their targets directly on Facebook. Despite being a common practice in the market, we believe that this measure, which will be put into practice in the next six months will increase people’s privacy on Facebook.

In practice, this means that advertisers can no longer use data collected by specialized companies to direct their Facebook Ads.

In Brazil, the best known provider is the Serasa Experian, which provides information shopping habits of consumers on the Internet.

Facebook image crisis

Facebook is facing a major image crisis in recent months, accused of interfering indirectly in the course of elections around the world.

The case of Cambridge Analytica ended up throwing light on its business model, which is based precisely on selling highly targeted ads so that companies can talk to your customers and potential customers.

Thus, some measures are being taken to mitigate these charges and improve the image of Facebook before world public opinion.

Also this week, the social network started to leave more accessible privacy control options for its users . Users can now also access – and even delete – more easily the personal information you have provided.

Can I still advertise on Facebook?

Even with the changes, Facebook continues to offer excellent possibilities for businesses that want to reach, talk and develop lasting relationships with users. Ads allow us to offer products and services that people are looking for or even did not even know existed.

The use of third-party data providers, the Partner Categories, was very useful for small businesses that had not yet achieved enough information to make more effective ads. We can conclude that the social network has assessed that at the time, it is more important to improve the impression that your users have it.

Compliance with good practice, however, there is no reason for you to stop using Facebook Ads. Take a look at eBook Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide , which shows how to get the best results with the use of the tool.