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Update: In July 2016, the new Facebook pages have been modified again. We did this new post on the subject so that you stay up to date on the subject.

One of the main challenges of Facebook is to keep your channel easy to use and allow users to find the information they are seeking, in addition to continuing attractive for companies that use it as a sales channel and relationship with their audience. One of the actions to fulfill this goal, as you may have noticed, was the new layout for the pages recently launched by Facebook.

According to Facebook’s own team, the main objectives of this new layout were just facilitate how people find the information they want and also administrators Page tools that meet the most use a simpler and faster way.

We list the main news on the Facebook pages for you to stay inside. Check out:


The most clear and easy to identify change in design is now on the right side of the page will show all of your posts, one below the other. This way of presenting publications in only one column causes all appear consistently in your page and news feed.

The left column of the timeline now displays information about your business, including a map, hours of operation, phone and url of your site, as well as photos and videos. This information may vary from business to business.

Ease of access to administrative tools

No matter where you are on the page, you can now view information about your ads that are running and new Likes on your Page, as well as unread notifications and messages. You can access any of these sections by clicking on the sidebar called “This Week” for more details.

Also navigation options have been added at the top of the page for easy access to their activities, information and settings. The Public Create menu at the top of the page offers a direct access to your Ads Manager.

Do not let your fans unanswered, is always attentive to new messages that can be accessed in two places, if they are enabled on your page: the Activity tab at the top (above the cover photo) or in the “This Week” as already quoted.

Another important tip is to use the correct size of the profile picture and cover to maintain a good image of your business, without distorted images or low quality. Standard sizes of the images are of 160x160px to 851x315px and profile picture for the cover photo.

We prepare a free template in Photoshop to create cover and profile picture in the correct proportions, download now .

Pages to follow

Another tool now available for all administrators Page is the “Pages to Follow.” It allows the administrator to create a list of similar pages to your to compare the performance.

On the “Overview” tab Information administrators can see some key statistics pages that are following. In the “Publications” tab, also on the tab information, there is a feature to see the publication that had more engagement in the week, between the pages being tracked.

Question: Does the other pages will know that I added to my list of to accompany them?

No, you can rest assured your privacy! Administrators receive a notification every time your page is added to a watch list of other pages, but the name of the page that is monitoring is not displayed.

We like a lot of news and wait for more! And you, what do you think of the changes?