Email Marketing Tip # 8: Do not Buy Email Lists

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When we talk about doing Email Marketing, we can not forget to buy a list is to have a recipient base “dirty” and disqualified, ie with very small chances of an effective return on investment.

Not to talk about the ethical issue.

There are a number of reasons why buying lists do not work:

  • Any unauthorized message is frowned upon interruption;
  • The user identifies the company as spammer and may disclose it in social networks ;
  • Your message can be marked as spam , losing touch with the sender and tarnishing the reputation of the server, damaging deliverability .

Ok, how then get contacts?

The fact of not being recommended to buy mailing lists makes many people wonder how to create a list of emails from scratch.

The surest way to get the contact people actually interested in your business is to offer them something they want.

As there are endless possibilities of offers to attract Leads up to you to identify what is most attractive to your audience.

We separate the possible types into four major groups, to make it easier to create the initial hypothesis of the cost-benefit and the indication of use of each of them:

  • content ( eBooks, webinars , short courses etc.);
  • tools (spreadsheets, templates, calculators etc.);
  • promotions (discount coupons, sweepstakes, etc.);
  • Contact offers (budget requests, surveys, consultant conversation etc.).

To know further, download our free eBook: 28 types of offer to generate Leads .

After choosing the type, create a Landing Page with a form on which you will publish the offer and get the contacts of the Lead.

Do not forget to optimize the landing page to encourage conversion, and to promote it in social, blog networks, with paid media and also to co-marketing , so that it arrives in fact your audience and you can generate Leads.

Want more tips 20 Email Marketing?

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