E-commerce: 7 strategies to increase traffic, visibility and sales using social networks

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To stand out and attract customers is the great challenge of this market that is growing and has thousands of other e-commerces competing for the same audience.

In this post we point out the latest trends and strategies to increase the visibility of your business, the size of your online community and obviously the amount of traffic and sales.


1. Increase traffic: post at least 3 times a day on Facebook

It is essential that your e-commerce have continuously presence on social networks because it is essential to create and preserve the positioning of your brand to survive in the online world. That is: customer does not see, does not buy customer.

We understand that most entrepreneurs who opened their online store, are not experts in content generation, so we offer you 3 tips so you can apply this first point smoothly and take your business further:

Up daily valuable content for your followers

Sean promotions, news, images, phrases, data or just information, it is essential that should attract attention, mobilize and inspire your followers . This means that contact with your audience will be necessary to know your preferences and lifestyle, as publishing the right content will increase the chances that your post is shared and seen by more people, directly impacting the visibility of your site the number of followers and potential buyers.

We suggest a website which you’ll be able to get ideas or content ready to apply in your communities.


This site provides content aimed at the emotions and convictions, both of which are those that mobilize and generate participation in social networks. He was qualified and recognized as one of the best web designed for this purpose receiving more than 10.4 million visits. Something good must tener..¿No?

Know and analyze what your competitors are doing

Do not let investigate and check what they come up, what works for them and not for you also apply it to your business. Analyzes how many posts per day published, what are the issues that mobilize your audience, how many and what kind of offers published, on what schedule have as many interactions are.

Choose the best time to post

Previously we conclude that the content is important, but is even more sure to be seen.

We show below what times and days are ideal for posting on every social network. However we recommend that you make your own poll since according to the type of business and lifestyle of your followers, interactions can be generated located outside the suggested time window.

According to a research conducted by Dan Zarella (Scientific Social Media – HubSpot), times and days that work are the following:

  • 12AM: lunch is the best time to share things.
  • 11AM – 4PM: is the time window indicated to post a news or feature story
  • Saturday: Best day to share things and get feedback
  • 7pm>: higher participation rate after the workday.


  • 5pm: best time to post for being retweets rush hour.
  • 12 PM and 6 PM: Lunch and end of working day, have a high rate of CTR.
  • M – S – D: Wednesdays and weekends, are the days that recorded higher volume and percentage share CTR.


Note: The aforementioned study recommends posting every other day on Facebook. As specialists in management and publishing posts, we had permission to disagree with only one previous point: post every two days is not what we recommend.

According to the results we get from the analysis of thousands of accounts, we conclude there is to post several times a day: between 3 and 10. The more times you get on content in the day, we get more people talking about our brand since likes accumulated product which meets every post, is greater than what you get published only 2 times a week.

We invite you to review different examples, and serves your own conclusions:

ShopSimple – Wedding.
Blue Nile
Claro Argentina .


Postcron is an excellent alternative to not spend hours and hours behind your account for updates. With these tools you can schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter saving time and keeping your constant presence on social networks.


2. Use images for posting on Facebook.

There is no doubt that we are and will be a “visual” generation. People consume more images, not only because it is a trend, but because it is scientifically proven that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, which 60.000x is processed faster than a text.

Without going further to give a simple example, today phones and their applications are geared up and running in order to make everything more visually friendly and easy to digest, even for several years the architecture of the sites changed and now the spaces more they are reserved for large images.

Result: This trend reached social networks, and how to make marketing them.

A study by
HubSpot indicates that:

  • 50% more likes is obtained from a photo on the ordinary post on Facebook.
  • 104% more comments generated a posting that includes an image
  • 84% more clicks received by post including a photo accompanied a link to expand the content, with respect to those who show a Link and a great texto.-


Obama and his wife

4.4 million likes on Facebook.
This was the most viralised 2012, becoming the retwitteada photo to Date.-


We conclude that with a good photo or image must accompany a relevant link that redirects traffic to your site, to a blog or news that you want your followers to read. This will give you back a lot more likes, readers and of course buyers.

Anyway, it is not good to abuse the resource, so it is suggested to interject with questions including postings, news and phrases.

Need more statistics? Do not forget to click here for more information.


3. Place buttons of social networks in which you are present.

teapot buttons

This way your followers are encouraged to share your posts, increasing the chances of it being seen by other people and earn more “Likes”.

Podes place buttons on your website, on your blog, in newsletters you send in your email signature and on specific items on your blog, if they so deem.


4. Include “Call To Action” on each post!

In addition to the tips you spent with strategy number one, we consider making a small section to this point that is related to the action of posting.

After analyzing and observing several brands, we can conclude that the post that encourage users to participate in a sweepstakes, taking advantage of a promotion, leave an opinion, tell a story or simply answer a question, get a lot more participation than those without.

Perhaps with so much information on how to post, what strategies or techniques used, we forget that the simplest solution is: if you want to leave comments, please request. If you want a comment like, then make your fans know you want to hear your opinion and whether they support what you share. It is not the same as saying:

“Again I could not start the car. Another day I’m late for work “over a photo.

“Again I could not start the car. Another day I’m late for work. Click like if you spent the same “plus a photo and a link to a product that is relevant to what you’re telling.

And if you want to sell your e-commerce, encourages your customers with a good call to action and put a link to your product in the post so they can buy. Yes sir, social networks do serve to sell! But remember, ADD A CALL TO ACTION AND A LINK to each post. 

In a very simple and basic example, we show a way to call action your fans, get feedback and sell more!




5. The power of the “Word of Mouth Marketing (word of mouth)

Lately, social networks became valid platforms that customers use to check product reviews before making a purchase decision, even more than the price or promotions.

Incorporate an application that allows your followers to leave comments and rate the shopping experience, it functions as an extremely powerful factor to consolidate the credibility and confidence of your customers.  Add this service will return more traffic to your online store, more visibility, and inescapably many more sales.

We show you the statistics obtained by: “Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising survey 2012”

  • 92% of consumers around the world rely more on recommendations from friends and family over any other form of advertising.
  • 70% of respondents rely on reading comments and reviews on social networks.
  • 58% of people believe are valid and in advertisements that featured on the website of the brand.

To carry out this strategy, we leave the presentation of one of the “social free app review” score more and more used in the world: Yotpo.

The best thing about this application is that besides being free, is very easy to use, and allows sharing of customer feedbacks on your account Tiwtter or Facebook. Yotpo tells us has been found that the conversion rate can pass the USA, since 14% to 76% in some cases.

I share with you what Jacob Hurwith analyzed for Baby:

“The word of mouth marketing (Word of Mouth Marketing), is more powerful than ever before. The amount and ways to share on social networks, using and find information and brands have significantly changed dramatically in recent times, but consumers have always relied more on the recommendations and advice from friends and peers, who in advertisements brands, so they have to harness the power of supporters and advocates of your brand to speak in favor of it (…) ”  (Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, WOMMA)


6. Use options

It has 48.7 million users and ranked as the fastest growing socialnetwork because brands can showcase their products to a large community of eager buyers hoping to find the perfect product.

Argentina is the third country in Latin America with the largest number of people actively use this platform, therefore I advise you to take advantage of this new data.

Why use it?

  • What you posted today it serves and attracts in six months . This means that the content is “re-usable”. In social networks the big focus is put on fresh and updated content. What was news or news it was. Pinterest also occurs with the difference that this also admits you can “repin” (Repin) a photo of a product a while back and get the same amount of attention today. Example: A fantastic chair for “X” reason went unnoticed at a time, at 3 months to Repin this time your photo can get attention and someone purchase.
  • On page of your account, you can organize what you sell on product families or groups according to your preference, using different boards to your followers understand your brand the way you want to see. We had an example this link account of a successful e-commerce to guarantee you a complete idea of what you just mentioned:

Crate and Barrel.


  • Share things from other brands: security and this shows that you can see what other people also repinean.
  • Display the personality and tastes as a user or as a brand. In other words, creating a board based on personal interests suggests your personality and descontractura the relationship with your followers, which in turn may know you and understand you more.


7. Run a Campaign Questions and Answers.


Generate participation in social networks is critical to keep your loyal fans, assets and your communities in good condition.
We present another option to ensure increased participation by organizing a weekly day on Twitter or Facebook Questions and Answers (Q & A).

The idea is to choose a day and encourage your community to post questions regarding your products, your business, your hobby or what fits your scenario.

For example: “Have you used the new XXXX application? If you have any questions, Wednesday we are prepared to answer your questions on our Twitter account. “

This strategy not only an action for customer care and loyalty of your audience is generated, but also produces more traffic, more involvement and therefore more visibility of your brand. Questions stimulate comments, and comments increase the EdgeRank your page . Your customers will be satisfied not only because their inquiries are evacuated, but because there is someone who listens


EXAMPLES OF E-COMMERCE most successful

To finish we recommend that you review these webs, in which social networks are involved and what strategies used in each community. Most of these stores take advantage of every resource we mentioned above and runs each of the strategies proposed.


Blue Nile

American Eagle Outfitters



El Secreto de Victoria

Williams Sonoma

Wal Greens

Do not stop studying these strategies and apply them in your e-commerce. Do not forget that each of the above points are issues that are trend right now and so far the big brands, they work perfectly.

And remember:

  • Postea every day, at least 3 times per day: interesting content for your audience, promotions, quotes, contests, etc.
  • Uses a  tool to schedule Facebook posts and Twitter to save time .
  • If you want to sell an item, it includes a good call to action, a good photo and a link to your product in each post!