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As you know, our intention from the blog of Postcron  is give you tools and tips apply , so you can immediately implement and improve your work in social networks. To this end, we have created a Social Media Checklist, to help you target your campaigns easily .

The Social Media Checklist we prepared for you is intended to help implement the key steps in each stage of development of your campaigns on social networks. These consist of three basic steps: define your target audience, create relevant content to reach your audience and publish in Social Media .

In the document you will find a list of essential actions that you should perform at each stage to build a significant presence in Social Media. At the end of the post you will find the Social Media Checklist , to download it to your computer and use it in your own campaigns.

Social Media Checklist: the three basic steps you must carry out your campaigns

Social Media there are countless techniques and strategies you can take to connect with your audience, and increase the effectiveness of your communications. Faced with so much information, the purpose of this checklist is to gather the necessary actions that must implement to build your presence on social networks .

Social Media Checklist for brands and Negocios3 Detapas essential

To simplify the implementation of your strategy of Social Media, we ordain the Checklist in 3 general stages. These stages are in turn made up of items, you should make sure to perform to get the best results in each instance. Then I’ll explain each of the steps and how.

1- Define Your Target Audience Profile

This is the starting point for creating effective communications because knowing your partner is a key to choose the tone and types of content that you offer step . Thus, we propose to answer a series of questions to define the profile of your target audience, which are as follows:

  • What is the age range of your audience
  • How is the distribution by gender
  • What is your occupation primary and secondary?
  • What is the income level mean?
  • What is your educational level ?
  • How is your lifestyle ?
  • How is your value system ?
  • What is your position at home ?
  • How is your drinking behavior : when, where and why buy?

Once you have characterized your audience, you can start planning and creating relevant content for their interests. Then comes the time to move to the next stage.

2- Interesting generates content to share with your audience

The steps included in this instance involve pre and active definition of you, in terms of what are you going to share with your audience. Before turning to the items raised, I advise you to organize your publications on a calendar, to manage and plan them with a larger organization.

Now, let’s review the key points in this instance:

  • Check the overall quality of your content : It is to include a number of elements in your publications to promote their arrival to users. They are essential points that should be part of your content to provide added value to your audience and convinceto “follow” on social networks. For tools and tips related to this point, check out this article:  8 fundamental Tips to boost your digital marketing strategies . Remember that the contents of Social Media should : 1. Inform, entertain, educate move or r to your audience.

    respond to the interests and concerns of your target audience.

    Answering questions frequent customers and users of your industry.

    Clarify misunderstandings or misconceptions related to your industry or sector.


  • Optimize your Blog Posts : De More specifically, this section contains a list of items that have toincluded in all your blog posts, to foster their positioning in search results Google.Para optimize your articles for SEO , remember to: 1. Work each item for a specific keyword.

    2- Make items with a length of between
    300 and 1500 words.

    3- Include 
    illustrative images , whose Alt Text include the Keywords.

    4- Create a
    Meta description that includes your keywords.

    5- Conclude with a
    call to action simple and clear.

    Include 6- 
    subtitles H2 that include Keyword (at least once).
  • It offers added value in different formats and promotes dissemination : At this point actions to ensure the variety of offer in terms of content for Social Media are addressed. The aim isensure implement an effective plan for dissemination through different channels. Be sure to include in your content: 1- Useful information in the form of Webinars, Tutorials, videos, infographics and / or eBooks.

    2- A
    Landing Page or registration page for each commercial offer you make.

    3- Campaigns
    Email Marketing to disseminate news and promotions.

    4- Access to
    Social Buttons on all your pages to share on social networks.


3- Optimize your profiles and your publishing strategy on Social Networks

Finally, it’s time to put your editorial strategy launched in Social Media. To do this you have to optimize your profile for each of your social accounts , in order to make clear what your proposal is, to favor the arrival of new followers and retention of those who already are with you.

In this sense, our Social Media Checklist included in this final section optimization tips profiling and essential tips for publishing content on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.




  • Publishes twice a day.
  • Respond to comments on your posts.
  • It includes links to your website and a description of your proposal in the Information section.
  • Uses personalized ads to promote your web site and business deals.
  • Answers to queries via private message (help yourself with the function Response Saved).
  • Check the stats Facebook to know what your audience connects times and published in those hours.
  • Check the statistics to know what your Facebook content they have obtained more favorable reactions from the public are, and make more publications of this kind.
  • Create contests on Facebook to get emails from your fans and make your email marketing campaigns.




  • Post at least 3 tweets per day (one morning, one at noon and another at dusk).
  • Ingeniously describes your proposal in your Bio and includes links to your website.
  • Define your hashtags effective campaigns and use them in your publications.
  • Answers your private messages.
  • Follow your accounts influential sector and retweet interesting content.
  • Check your accounts and recommended follow new accounts at least twice a week.
  • It Includes Calls to Action in your tweets.
  • Ask to retuiteen ( “RT”) every few tweets, or when the publication warrants (for example by announcing a Webinar).

g +



  • Post at least twice a day (morning and nap).
  • Check that your profile images are in the site recommended by the resolution.
  • Share high-quality images in your posts.
  • From time to time, share posts that include calls to action and links to your site.
  • Add new people to your circles at least twice a week.
  • It provides informative or educational video conferences via Google Hangouts on Air.
  • Add links to your site and social networks in your profile.
  • Google uses your conferences Events to promote online.




  • Create a page for your company and to your other main products.
  • Send invitations to people related to your industry and at least twice a week companies.
  • Post at least once a day, preferably in the morning.
  • Share updates related to your business, news from your industry or sector, offers your business and your blog posts.
  • Optimize your profile with information about your brand or business and includes links to your site.
  • LinkedIn consult your statistics to find out who saw your posts and at what times.
  • Validates skills influencers in your industry that are not direct competitors.




  • Optimize your profile with a description of your proposal and links to your site.
  • always publishes high-resolution images.
  • Create panels to show your different product lines.
  • Post at least twice a day (once in the morning and one in the afternoon).
  • Share Pins from other accounts that may be relevant to your audience.
  • It includes hashtags accurate in all your publications.
  • Follow new people at least twice a week.
  • It includes links to your Landing Page in your product boards




  • Add a witty short description of your brand or business and place a link to your website.
  • Post between one and three times per day.
  • It includes all relevant hashtags in your posts (allowed up to 15 post).
  • Follow new people at least twice a week.
  • It includes calls to action in your publications.
  • Alterna promotional posts with interesting, entertaining, educational or moving pictures, at the rate of a promotional post every 4 non-promotional posts.
  • Shares attractive, original and condigan that the identity of your brand or business photos.




  • Optimize your YouTube channel with high resolution images.
  • Add a description of your company or brand in the “About”.
  • It includes links to your site and social networks.
  • Share videos at least twice a week, alternating useful information about your products, your industry news, tutorials and entertainment.
  • Create playlists to organize your content by category (eg “Our Products”, “Tutorials”, etc.).
  • Subscribe to influential channels in your industry and analyzes its most popular content to inspire your own productions.
  • Add boxes with calls for action to be displayed during playback your videos to promote your social channels, web sites or landing pages.
  • Leave always enabled the Discussion section in your publications, to encourage user interaction with your content.


Download your Social Media Checklist!

Now that you know what it is for our Social Media Checklist , it’s time to download your own copy on your computer to use in your campaigns. To get it , simply click on the image below:

After downloading, you get a PDF that you can print to guide you in implementing your campaigns or guide your Community Manager in carrying out their tasks. There you can enter the details of your audience and check the boxes of Social Media Checklist , as the you’re developing.

If you prefer, you can get a version of Social Media Checklist in Google Docs by clicking here . That way you have the possibility to work online. For this you just copy and paste our model into a new Google Docs document, and complete or modify the information of your brand or business.

Annex: Additional to help implement the Social Media Checklist with the best results Tools

To help you in implementing your Social Media Checklist , I share with you a number of useful tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner: helps you determine the best keywords to include in your content words.
  • Postcron: lets you schedule publications to automatically share on your social networks in the days and times you specify.
  • RiteTag: offers the possibility of finding the best hashtags to spread your tweets.
  • SocialTools: it allows youcreate contests and promotions on Facebook, to generate databases with emails from your fans.
  • BuzzSumo: helps you find the topics that interest users in social networks.
  • Yoast plugin for WordPress: add a section on your blog to help you optimize the inclusion of keywords in your posts.
  • Google Analytics gives you metrics about the impact of your content onInternet.
  • gives you online tools to easily create infographics and charts.
  • FromDoppler: helps you create and manage your email marketing campaigns.


I hope you can take advantage of our Checklist for the best results in your campaigns! Then tell us.

What did you think of this article? Do you find useful the possibility of working with a Social Media Checklist ? Tell us your opinion! And please remember to share this blog post with all your contacts. Until next time!🙂