Domain Registration x Trademark Registration: Everything you need to know

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You know how much domain registration and brand influence in their authority on the market? Your business is going well, you have won customers and think of expanding business, but before you take the next step, an important consideration: what you do to protect your assets ?

The issue should be taken seriously and care for the brand in this process is fundamental. The brand is the identification of your product or service and, often, it is the customer’s first contact with your company .

She is responsible for creating associations in the consumer’s head and you’ve been working for some time for these relations to be positive obviously do not want their credibility fall from grace in the hands of your competitors.

This is the time to think of the trademark registration and at this time, many questions may arise. Many people confuse trademark with domain registration and some even say it’s the same thing, however, this idea is very wrong. While the brand protects the company’s identity in all areas and is governed by the principle of specialty, the domain is the company’s identification on the Internet.

Have a record does not exclude the need of the other. Even the two together can ensure success on and offline brand. After all, with the registration mark, you have the protection of their business in both media; with the domain name registration, you have the alignment guarantee the identification of your company in one of the main channel search and your customer’s consumption .

After reading all this, you should already be thinking about starting to run after these processes. Learn how to proceed in each case and ensure the security of its assets.

Trademark – Step by step

Hostinger explains difference between domain registration and trademark registration

1) Look for an expert

Finding a trusted professional makes all the difference at this stage. Usually, people are not familiar with the procedures of trademark registration and information available online are very shallow. Therefore, it pays to find a specialized partner in the area to guide this task.

Thus, the journey of the trademark registration occurs without scares, because the entrepreneur will know exactly how much to invest and how long the process will be completed.

2) visual distinction

Make sure that your brand conveys the message you want to deliver to their customers in a clear and direct way, as it will distinguish their products and services. The consumer must realize the values ​​and what your company offers clearly. The brand is your business card and the gateway to many of its customers.

3) Registration at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

The National Industrial Property Institute is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, but has regional offices in various capitals. Before anything, check the search engine marks if you want to ask was not protected by someone else before.

Here it is also important to have the support of a consultant to guide the payment of the Union Payment Form. Rates are different for individuals and micro-enterprises and, in some cases, you can even get a discount.

4) Follow the procedure

The process will go through several stages and the agency may require sending some documents during the registration trajectory. Track the progress of requests not to miss the deadline. You can consult the Journal of Industrial Property (RPI), published on Tuesdays or access the search system of the INPI site marks.

The trademark registration also has an excellent ROI , you know?

Domain Registration – Step by step

1) Choose a domain

The domain is the virtual address, which will make people come to your business and can also be used in corporate e-mail. It is recommended that the site name is short, direct, easy to store and disseminate. Forget the fancy ideas and bet on something practical to spell to facilitate word of mouth.

2) Check availability

Access to check the availability of the address that you want for your company. If the desired name is free, make your personal registration. At this stage it is necessary to include personal data such as name, email, phone and address.

3) Register your domain

Enter your Social Security Number and the DNS server on which your site is hosted. Even the agency’s website has a DNS service, which can be selected at registration. 

4) Payment

The value of domain service costs on average $ 40.00 per year, an additional $ 27.00 per additional year. Some plans hosting sites include free domain registration .

Protect your assets

It does not help create a strong brand, solid and with products that consumers love, invest time, money and resources to just lose it from day to night. So, protect your brand! Do the registration marks correctly according to the INPI standards and guaranteeing the continuity of your business, and do not forget the domain registration.