Do you take advantage of all the business opportunities generated by a blog?

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Many companies already understand the importance of being relevant and make a great effort in producing content can realize that they are actually attracting more visitors and gaining credibility. However, many fail to clearly see how much these visits and the most credibility are really making a difference in sales.

It is possible that some of the people who already know your company is not buying the simple mistake of your blog does not rely on efficient conversion techniques.

Remember our model to understand the digital marketing ? Converter is an essential step after attracting.

The definition of goals in a blog

In a physical store, there is a very clear expectation when the client enters the establishment. The goal is that it buy. Sellers can even get information, present products, but the sale is always in mind.

The problem with many of the blogs and websites is that there is a path well defined for the user. What is the purpose of the page? The intention is that the visitor just read a post? As this contributes to sales? It is expected that after reading a post he has contact and make the purchase?

We need to develop a strategy where the Digital Marketing make a difference in sales and then the conversions gain importance. Putting this way, it is clear that without goals the potential generated is not all availed by the company.

One must always bear in mind that the purpose of a blog is to convert. This conversion can be performed, in general, into two major types of conversions, we talked about below.

Converting known in unknown

You know what kind of visitor is coming into your site? That visitor is part of your target audience? Do you have any way to trigger a contact with this visitor?

The answers to these questions are of great value to many of the companies that are already working with digital marketing and yet very little is done to try to discover them.

The secret here is to offer a differentiated content, higher value, by which people believe worthwhile exchange for your personal information. If you seem strange, many people leave the data in them every day in exchange for our eBooks.

All this information is a great guide to conduct the type of content on your blog and make it better to approach your target audience.

Knowing the name, title and company of the potential target, knowing he has shown at least minimal interest in the topic and who are already familiar with the brand, have downloaded the material, your company is more able to act actively.

For those who are not yet at the optimum time of purchase, it is possible to register for a newsletter, send over some sort of material. For those already close to shopping, connecting a seller can be the little push missing for the transaction.

Converting visitors into customers

You can convert visitors, whether known or not, directly to customers. This type of conversion is very common in virtual stores, but is not limited only to them. Make the customer call the restaurant and book a reservation or do you send an email asking for your budget consulting firm are also direct conversions into sales. A discount coupon or some other kind of attractive call on the blog can help you fulfill this role.


What should be made clear here is that the company should strive to generate business opportunities through its digital marketing strategy. If the tab “Contact” on your site is the only way to generate business opportunities, you’re certainly not taking advantage of all the benefits that could.

Always Landing Pages and calls (call to action) in his blog that indicate some goal conversion and ensure that your blog is not wasting opportunities.

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