Do You Need a Tactical or Digital Marketing Strategy?

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How to understand the traffic sources of your website?

First, you know the difference between Tactics or Digital Marketing Strategy.

And now, let’s face it?

The Online Marketing is always more fashion today.

As it is to be a fashion Startupper !

startup by chance or by necessity

A friend of mine says that today, those who lose jobs, become coacher or startupper or marketer.

Where do we fit in?

Is that you?

Many freelancers and many agencies always more will tell you:

“We draw the assertive strategy for you”

… and speaking the truth, we speak of NoTopo the same thing … lol

But what does Digital Marketing Strategy?

Is it something you always need?

How to make this concept more pragmatic, beyond the self referential abstractions of whom he is better than others?

Strategy vs. Tactics – Analogy with the Soccer

First let’s define the difference between strategy and tactics.

If you’ve played or followed a football game, you know what we talk about when we talk about the strategy game modules, in order to reach a good end result.

When, instead, we are talking about a specific action game, we talk about tactics to get, for example to make a goal.

You do not like football?

So take any other sport you like and think about the difference between making a point and win the match.

Do not like sports?

… you heard that practice esporrte healthy? lol

But then what is the difference between Tactics and Strategy?


When we think of the end result, we are thinking ” long term “.

When we think how to complete one more point on a specific action game, we are thinking the ” short term “.

So this is the first important note.

Strategy is a series of actions to achieve a result in the Medium and Long Term

Tactic is a series of actions to achieve a result in the short-term.

Now consider your business and your goal.

Perai, but you have a clear goal?

Is it a goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bond) ?

If you want some tips on what a goal SMART and the importance of it, watch this pill on youtube of NoTopo channel .

Once you set your SMART goal, you know that the “T” the final word word ignifica SMART, “Time-bond”, ie:


How long you are thinking to achieve your goal?

It is here that you will already understand it is in need of an approach Tactical or Strategic to reach it.

For example, imagine that your goal is to win $ 10,000 / month for the next two months .

Assuming that the goal is ” Realistic ” (letter R of the word SMART ).

I believe you will agree that because we are talking about two months, we are at a level of ” short-term “, right?

So in this case we need an approach Tactics .


Working a Digital Marketing Tactic?

Everyone talks of the need to ” engage ” with your target audience to end ” social selling .”

So you can show the difference of their competence and their service.

But will the two months you can achieve a level of ” engagement ” to create a trust in you?

To the point that your target audience buy from you and not your competitor?

In only two months ??

I’ll risk a response



It’s only two months my friend (or my friend … lol).

In this short time you can only “work” who is down in the sales funnel.

So to work the user who is there in the sales funnel from the bottom, the only way and aggressive disclosure.

Read up Sponsored Link (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc).

Remembering that:


The Sponsored Link is a tap: shut the tap? Disappeared from the internet.


This point is very important for those who live saying that social networks like Facebook bring no return.

“I have 5,000 likes and nobody buys, then facebook does not work”

Who talks like that underestimates a very important fact: the ” like” or “follow” in a social network is only the first step to approach your sales funnel.

See this video as mini Converter Facebook Page Likes to Leads:


Now you need to take your user to the bottom of the funnel.


Here comes that the magic word ” engagement “.

But how much time we will need to take the user from the top to bottom of the funnel?

Surely more than two months.

But how long?

Well, clearly engagement and confidence-building in the future customer require time.

We are thus approaching the concept of ” medium and long term

Consequently we will finally be able to talk strategy.

How to define the phases of a Digital Marketing Strategy?


The NoTopo methodology defines short term a time window of up to 6 months, medium term up to 12 months and long term beyond 12 months.


Is that you? How would you define short, medium and long term?

Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Define a strategy to exist, you need two premises:

  • Objective SMART – for the strategy defines the path to achieve it
  • Time to reach the goal: medium or long term.

Suppose that sales of R $ 10,000 / month is an objective in the medium term, for example in 12 months.

It can also be $ 20,000 / month or even $ 100,000 / month .

The limiting factor is not the number of ” zeros ” after the number 20, but as this is in fact ” Realistic (using the ” R ” word SMART ).


A Digital Marketing Strategy is a project and how each project needs a plan to be implemented.

In my experience as Grande Porte Works Engineer, I learned that the project planning consists of the following main features:

  • a timeline
  • resources
  • Definition of responsibility

It seems a banal list, but you see. How many of the projects you’ve done, you had a clear definition of all these points?

All projects?

Well then congratulations! You can skip this part!

If, however, always thought that the projects in which you were involved, always had something missing, you can follow reading.

If you want to give an opinion on the subject, you can leave your opinion in the comments below here.

We will respond to all. By the way you may help us to create other more explanatory articles.


Setting a Digital Marketing schedule

A schedule, to be assertive, in addition to showing the duration of each task needs to show the link between them.

This type of schedule is called GANTT .

The diagram Gantt is a graph used to illustrate the progress of the different steps of a project. The time intervals representing the beginning and end of each phase appear as colored bars on the graph the horizontal axis.

Without going into the details of the theories and pulled planning techniques for now clarified that there are several types of connections between the tasks of a schedule:

  • Finish to Start – a task has to end for another start
  • Finish to Finish – a task must be completed before another can be completed
  • Start to Finish – a task must start before another can finish
  • Start to Start – a task has to start before another can start also

To set schedule, resources, and responsibility in an integrated way, you can use a program like MS Project of Windows that conversation very well with all MS Office programs and has an intuitive layout, much like Excel.

If you do not get as MS Project , Excel can start with it.

But it is very important that you set the connection between the various tasks of your schedule.

What resources will use for which task and who will be responsible for which task.

If you manage an agency and works for one or more clients, it is important to involve the customer in defining the schedule.

Clearly some tasks will be his responsibility (eg access to the server, the media accounts that he already has, log on social networks).

You need to make all this clear at the very beginning of the project, as a customer of the delay, it will delay the entire project.

And you know the truth?

The customer will always delay in their deliveries.

If you do not make this clear from the start, the quality of delivery will be seriously impacted.

And you will show the real responsible for this.

Why NoTopo created a Specific Methodology a ” Roadmap ” to leave the clear project plan and aligned with everyone.

Want to know more about how a ” Project Roadmap “?

Contact the NoTopo.  or leave a comment below!

Surely you have made several schedules, at least in excel.

But honestly answer this question:


How often the schedule reflects the reality?

A few times, right?

So, come on, so that a schedule takes the form of ” plan ” to allocate the resources needed to develop tasks.

You see, it is not sufficient to define one or two employees for a job.

You need to set the required level of competence and the amount of hours.

Probably by inserting in Schedule the number of hours available his or her colleagues, you will see that the schedule will undergo a change more or less drastic.

Because you may need four hours a day-and-so, but it can only give you two hours a day.

As a result of your schedule to stretch in time.

The quantified and detailed allocation of resources in the schedule will give the possibility to make an assessment of the project’s viability.

Because only then you will have a clear idea of ​​the project cost.

What’s up? It was all clear? Any questions?

Then leave a comment below, and sure answer and we will take any questions.

Perhaps with your questions we help define another interesting issue to be developed in another post Blog!