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In the last article, we talked about the Google Search Console and its importance in an SEO project.

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See this tutorial how to provide access to Google Search Console

How about seeing now, a little more deeply what are its features?

In order to use Google Webmaster Tools just that you have an account Gmail .

To access it, you will notice that you have a menu in the left corner.

This menu is simple at first, because you are not browsing on the analysis of the site.

This is where you run all your properties  or sites you have.

To add a website, just click the option Add a Property.

Google Webmaster Tools Menu Add Property

Specify whether a website or application to Androide, type the corresponding URL to the site and click Add .

Menu to add ownership in Google Webmaster Tools

Resulting from that, you only need to perform validation, accepting their request to add property.


Now that you already have a site added to your account, how about we start?

Then click the URL of your site and come on!

Once your screen loading, the first thing you will see is your ” panel “.

In it the main contents are provided ” new and important ” and ” Current Status “.

main panel of the Google Search Console

In ” New and important ” are reported critical problems and recent posts on your site.

In ” Current Status ” are contained basic information about the site errors.

In the Messages section, are sent Google reports on the analysis of your website.

Google Search Console messages

Now let the first tab, where in fact we begin to see improvement issues and optimization of your website.

Aspects of Research

In this section, the Google Search Console helps in monitoring the display of the site to the user.

Dividing the five following sections.

Structured data: a part of utmost importance. For helps Google identify about what your site says . It provides a means to inform what content your site will display on a page. In addition to identifying to the user where to find the content that he is seeking.

For more information, read our article on structured data right here !

Google Search Console Structured Data tab

Rich cards:  has a focus display less writing and more visual content. Providing a means to show the evaluation of its customers on the search page. Or enabling display pictures of the products offered.

Rich Cards Google Search Console

Data Labels:  One way to work the structured data on your website. Making based on them, relevant information of the page is identified. As a title, subtitle, author, description, or relevant dates. Causing them to be displayed by Google for the user as a result of the search page.

Google Search Console data marker

Just click Start Highlight,  enter the URL  of the page you want to mark the structured data and inform the type of information that will be inserted. On the page, you must select the information you want to describe and tell about what it is.

Inserting a Google Search Console Data Highlighter

Yes, it is just simple like that! 🙂

HTML improvements:  As the name implies, this is where you should come to ascertain the situation of the site in HTML code issues. This tab are available information as “Meta Description”, “title tag” and “non – indexable content.” Meta description for example, are shown how many and which pages contain descriptions of problem or duplicated, long or short titles.

Aba Google Webmaster Tools HTML Improvements

Pages accelerated mobile: The ideal place if you have performance problems of your page on mobile devices. Here, the problems you must correct in order to make faster loading of your page are displayed. Making so users do not have limitations to use your site.

Google Search Console AMP tab


Search Traffic

Search traffic is the site within Google Webmaster Tools where you do the site data analysis. Let’s see what are the tabs that menu?


Search Analytics: Here are all your data accesses. The access to the site are called ” clicks ” and time was selected as a result of research are the ” Impressions “. Then we have the term ” CTR” (Click True Rate) . What is the percentage generated by total clicks divided by total impressions, multiplied by 100 (( Click / Impressions) * 100 ). The higher the score is, the higher your ” position “, which is the last item of this menu.

Aba Search Google Webmaster Analytics

Links to your site: As is well explicit name, here are the links placed on other sites that lead to your website.

Links tab to your Google Webmaster Tools Site

Internal links: Again, as pointed out by name, are the internal links of your website that make reference to others.

Internal Links tab to your Google Webmaster Tools Site

Manual Actions: Here is a section in which you should be happy not to have to go. Because that is where are placed the general problems which need to be reviewed manually.

Shares tab of the Google Search Console Manuals

International Targeting: If you have a site that uses more than one language or have use in other countries, this is where you will manage it. Having also their access by language and country from which your site has been accessed.

Google Webmaster International targeting tab

Ease of use on mobile devices: Here the problems or improvements that are needed will be listed be deployed for use by mobile devices. Aimed at greater speed and ease of access by the reports issued in order to make your business more efficient.

Aba Ease of Use furniture Devices Google Search Console


Summary of the Google Search Console functionality of this Article


So far, we have seen that the Google Webmaster Tools is an easy and simple tool to use.

What is your intention?

Provide a simple way that the sites available on the web to be easily readable by their users.

Maintaining ease of organization and display contents of all websites.

So when we use the tab aspects of research , we are helping Google to better pursue our site.

Besides of course, we provide increasingly higher quality to the user’s search.

While the tab Search Traffic , the Google Search Console helps us keep our site ” days “.

Stating the same data and also what you can improve on code issues and more.

There are still two more menu sections, the tab of the Google index and Tracking , abound? Click here to read !

I hope you enjoyed this post, always expect a read feedback in the comments that are just low. 🙂

Thank you and see you next time!