Do You Know How to Become a Market Influencer on the Internet?

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We have already seen in another article it is necessary to establish engagement strategies with a Market Influencer.

We have also seen what it means Influence Marketing and how we believe this strategy is the new trend of marketing content.

 What features an Influencer segment?

Does the number of followers he has on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram is sufficient to define it as an Influencer ?

Wait a minute , there are already several machines that increase, dramatically, the number of followers of social networking pages! There are also some techniques like “I follow you you follow me back” on Instagram and Twitter to increase the free followers.

 Is that enough to define a person as Social Influencer ?

In fact…

influencer: Decision influencer

Influencer means decision influencer.

So even if you have a lot of people enjoying your photos, videos and posts, you can ensure that these “tanners” will do what you recommended?

Or do they just clicked just because they liked the picture you posted, and nothing else?

My opinion is that an influencer need to prove somehow that he “influences” even decisions.

That is, somehow we need to see how the follower publicly recognize the hint given by influencer.

What is your opinion about a market influencer?

Jay Baer says:

Jay Baer

a real influencer generates action, not only notion.

So is action! Action is what we look for when we evaluate the power to influence!

How to search the segment influencers?

There are several ways to search segment influencers.

The more ” hands on”  is through Google it.

It’s easy, just do a search by entering the Google search engine: influencer (branch or segment or market interest}.

By doing this, probably will appear 10 links on the first page of Google.

This page calls SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and display the most relevant results for your search.

See this article how to make a SERP analysis .

Now you need to open each of the 10 links and see if in fact finds the information researched on the influencer.

For each segment of influencer not forget to evaluate the Social Networking and Blog it the level of engagement of the followers.

Remember: not only see how many people like the posts of the influencer, but how they engage with

There are several types of engagement in social networks. The engagement can be give, mainly in the following ways:

  • Like in the post or photo or video
  • Marking: eg the user marks the influencer by a decision taken thanks to the influencer’s suggestion.
  • Reposting of a third content
  • Comment to a post or other review
  • Inbox: it is not given to see as it is a personal communication between user and influencer, but worth it as tip for those who want to get engagement strategies on social networks.

On Channel Youtube Notopo always find more tips to help you leverage your business through Digital Marketing . If you already register in the channel by clicking here.

Also see if the Influencer you are analyzing responds posts by others on the Blog or comment on other important content.

So this influencer will it indicate other influencers who is worth engaging.

Once you have identified your first 10-20 market influencers, you need to draw an assertive strategy to start engaging with them.

The goal is to enter the Influencer followers circuit.

To learn how to design an engagement strategy with influencers , read this article clicking here .

If you need further in search techniques and engagement with influencers, read the article by clicking here .

And if you want to become a market Inflenciador?

You need time and patience, but it’s super feasible!

First step to becoming a segment of influencer

The first thing pr You are a Influencer InternetEcisa do is: CREATE MATERIAL CONTENT .

Remember that to become a market influencer, have a high number of followers is not enough. You need to create engagement.

Now you are the influencer

When you create content relevant to your industry, do not forget that you are not selling your service, but its competence.

When you start working a network of people, you begin to relate to the top of the funnel! So is advertising your brand or your person. So do not even try to sell your service, you first need to gain confidence.

Click here for tips on howdefine an effective strategy for creating content .

Check also find relevant information in pill Video NoTopo the channel,  by clicking here .

Second step to enter the Olympus of influencers:

At first you may   repost content from other influencers or create your content on the basis of third-party posts, citing them clearly.

With this, you can to rank by the name of Influencers, because you will be using them as keywords in your Blog.

And when you publish content that mention other influencers, be sure to mark them in the publications.

Now that you have some relevant articles, simply needs to post, post, post, post, post, post.

put, discloses placed discloses

How content you need to do before you start spreading?

We suggest inciar disclosure of your blog with at least 10 relevant content for your segment.

Why not before?

Because your goal is not only to show that specific content, but also others that may be interesting and the same value to users who are browsing to your website.

You need to encourage users to navigate your site to search for other information that will complement the post that led to your site. In addition to increasing the confidence of the user from a technical point of view, you increase user engagement rate on the site and reduce the bounce rate of the website, which will help in better indexing of it in search engines.


your site thus increase the authority on the Internet and improve positioning in search engines.

So come on, already make their first content and if you have any questions, leave a comment here below or  contact the staff of NoTopo that will help you better define its strategy of creating content.

When you have your 10 content in the air, there can enter the process of creating and disseminating with an established frequency. The frequency depends mainly on the time and resources you have available.

I suggest starting with 2-3 posts a week to create an inertia and then a content per week, relevant and well publicized should give contat the job.

Third step to be recognized as a market influencer

Do not forget that we are always more going to a O2O world:
O2O = Online to Offline

This means that more and more online actions have to have complementary actions in the offline world.

See Amazon and Netshoes who are starting their business with the offline!

Engagement can get on online, but nothing goes more empathy than a classroom approach.

So we suggest as a third step attend lectures.

At first you may attend lectures of other influencers and interact by asking questions and comments can highlight your expertise.

It is also indicated engage with people who are watching the event the talk of the influencer.

And if your goal is to also give lectures, try to contact the organizers of the talks and propose your workshop.

This may be a first test to see how far you can be considered one influencer because it is accepted to give this lecture is:

  • followers you take with you, helping, in fact to publicize the event and the organizers
  • you can convince the organizers, through their competence, it is worth ask you.

The lecture is a great opportunity because it allows interaction with the audience in real time.

If all goes well, if the event is adequately disclosed, the immediate result you will increase the number of direct hits to your website, people interested in what you can offer.

Interesting, is not it?

After reading this post, you still consider the content marketing strategy just to write posts to Blog? Or you can understand the magnitude of it all?

If anything is unclear or if you want to deepen some points, feel free to contact the team NoTopo or me directly.

In fact would you opinasse what you think of this the influence of marketing vision and may share his experience.

Feel free to share this content to give others the opportunity to opine.

As I often say:

spread the voice, share your knowledge#SpreadTheVoice #ShareYourKnowledge