Do you know about Facebook Insights for websites?

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A few days ago we published an article here explaining the differences between a profile and a fan page on Facebook . Today we continue with the saga to show how companies can get more out of the most famous social network in the world.

Even if for some reason your company does not yet have a fan page, if it work producing content (like us), Facebook is important when spreading the message through people who enjoy and share the page.

Facebook offers Facebook Insights tool also for websites, presenting statistics on the amount of people who interacted with your post, including number of “tanned” and “shared”, the number of people who have been impacted by this publication, the number of clicks and demographic data (gender, age and country), both of whom clicked as though he shared.

This information may be important to better understand your audience and what kind of person your content is actually working.

How to install Facebook Insights

To install the tool, go and click the green button on the right labeled “your site information”. You must be logged into any Facebook account.

The network will generate a label to be placed on the root page of your site (pictured below, is the area highlighted in red). If you do not know how to put send this information to your webmaster. Then, put the address of your website in the “domain” and click “Get Insights”.

Understanding the Facebook Insights page


The Facebook Page Insights shows three graphs:

The first, called “Involvement in the site” presents data on persons who enjoy or share their content.

The second, called “Distribution on Facebook” shows the number of times people saw the historic link to your content.

The third, the “Referral Traffic to the site,” shows the amount of clicks on your content through Facebook.

On the left of Facebook Insights, there is a box that details the best results for each type of sharing: enjoy the button, send and organic share. Clicking on one of them you can see datalhes as the daily performance, their most accessed pages and the demographics of each action.

What’s up? Already knew the Facebook Insights for websites?

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