Digital Marketing Tips for the Mindfulness Segment

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We are starting a series of posts giving specific indications for each market segment.

We have written an article about tips Digital Marketing for Business Consultant .

To leave more pragmatic post, we will assess a real site.

Today we will analyze the site:

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First why this initiative.

In addition to having a free assessment of your online presence, it is from posts like this that your site will get qualified links to it.

This will help improve the ranking of your website and consequently the organic positioning it on Google and other search engines.

Main keywords of Mindfulness segment

If you simply type in the word mindfulness in the Google search box at the bottom of the page you will see some key related word suggestions.

serp google word mindfulness

This already gives an idea of the words that could be worked to the end of a SEO project .

Also, if you get in Google’s Keyword Planner , you can also have an estimate for the whole Brazil, the search volume and competition level. This applies to the word mindfulness as to related.

search volume estimate of mindfulness key word

estimated search volume of the keyword related to mindfulness

We can see that the word competition level is very low.

What does that mean?

This shows that the word mindfulness has high potential for organic ranking and can be worked easily and effectively to create relevant content for Blog .

With the platform we can analyze the keyword from another point of view, showing the level of opportunity represented by it, which reaches 96%, with a difficulty level of 21.

opportunity and difficulty of mindfulness word according moz

Let’s now see the word SERP Mindfulness

SERP stands for Search Result Page and practically is the page of Google when doing a search in the search box.

Turning on the Google search page, we can see that the site occupies the top three spots of the page, even in front of Wikipedia.


Word SERP Mindfulness

And where you put the site by the keyword mindfulness ?

Using the platform SEMRush , we can see what position the site  is ranqueando for the keywords that contain the term mindfulness, as the following list:

  • mindfulness book – position 34, Google page 4
  • mindfulness exercises – position 66 – page 7 of google
  • mindfulness Brazil – position 75 – Google page 8
  • mindfulness UNIFESP – position 87 – page 9 Google.

SERP word Mindfulness for site

The SEMRush also shows precisely what page of the site is in the rank for a specific keyword.

What is the general position of Mindfulness site?

Overall, the platform  Moz calculates and displays the authority of a website.

The site has a 6/100 domain authority.


authority of site

The Moz also associates an official note for each page.

Usually the homepage is the page with the highest score. In this case we can see that the homepage has a score of 19.

To increase this note your site or your page must be indicated other qualified sites through backlinks to it.

Google Analytics Installation on site

We see that the site does not have Google Analytics installed.

Google Analytics gives insights about all kinds of interactions that happen on your site, how many visits, length of visit, in which region the site was accessed, what device and more.

The Google Analytics Installation is quick and easy and is a must for any website.

Analysis of traffic with SEMRush

As we do not have access to Google Analytics, SEMRush helps us to have an estimate of the site traffic.

The SEMRush emulates Google’s little robot crawling on the activity, ie, estimates how it behaves when Google enters your site.

It is the Crawler that will crawl your site, or display, for example, 404 if a page does not exist.

Always on SEMRush we can see the progress of site visits in recent months.


traffic site

As we see in the picture, the traffic is irrelevant even ranqueando for 19 keywords in the first 20 pages of Google.

This graph shows how the number of keywords that leave the site appear is increasing gradually. That’s interesting, because when we have little traffic, what matters is to see the growth trend.

19 of these keywords, see that we have two words that take the site between position 21:50 (page 3-5 of Google) and 17 between position 50 and 100 (page 6-10 of Google).

keywords that show the site

There are no words that lead in the first few pages.

Backlinks to the site of mindfulness

As mentioned earlier in the article, what is most important in order to SEO is receiving qualified links to our site .

In SEMRush we can see which backlinks lead to the site .

We have 6 links total, coming from three different areas, all text and concentrated in late August 2017.

analysis backlinks to the site

6 links come from US domains.

source of backlinks to the site

If the site is working specifically Brazil and São Paulo, the ideal would be qualified to receive links to these regions.

A press advisory work helps to do this.

What to do to the site ranqueie better.

We can say that this segment was easy opportunity, given the discrete demand search and the low level of competition.

What I suggest is to work content on the basis of the keywords suggested by the Keyword Planner and also testing creatively some semantic variations and see what Google even suggests in the SERP page.

Once defined the word list, I suggest writing posts blog that focus on these keywords.

Beware the ‘ keyword stuffing ‘, ie, fill up your post with keywords.

Google today is smart enough to understand that you are trying to trick you and will penalize your site.

One thing that few speak for those who are starting an SEO project is that the purely organic ranking takes a long time and even longer if we limit ourselves to write posts and wait for Google to find.

As said earlier, the main factor to increase the domain authority are the backlinks then you need to start creating this linking to your site.

As mentioned, the press office can help, but also a review of marketing by inserting links in comments on forums and thematic groups.

And the expensive and good  outbound where you proactively go after the people who might be interested in your service and proposes content to cure his pain.

In short, do not start thinking about SEO, but in his audience , who and how reach it proactively.

Structure the Site Data Mindfulness

To help Google understand your site and assign a relevance to it, it’s good ‘ structure the data ‘ of your site.

In a nutshell you tell Google that this is an article, this is the title, etc.

If you structure, Google’s algorithm will understand alone if it is service, product, etc.

This may confuse the crawler, so it’s always best to guide you.

To structure the data on your site, you can use Google Webmaster Tools that intuitively to help you do this, step by step, without the need for a programmer.

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