Digital Marketing Tips for the Children’s Musical Production segment

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In this post we will treat the Digital Marketing for the Music Production segment, specifically children.

The site that we will examine is: .

First we see what shows Moz as the authority and opportunity. moz authority

We see that the SEO in the music segment for children, reaching up to 100% of opportunity and one of difficulty.

Let’s take a look at the suggestions of keywords provided by to the branch of musical bands of children’s music. suggestions for keywords moz

We see that the Moz should give some suggestions for keywords, but in fact suggesting has nothing to do with the site that we are analyzing.

What does it mean if the suggestions of keywords do not have to do with our line of business?

It means that the Moz algorithm does not recognize the words that could be relevant to the site,  ie your site is not being recognized by the words of your interest.

In fact, more in front we see that SEMRush shows us that the site ranqueia for relevant words, but only after the 3rd page of Google.

Why Moz does not recognize this relevance.

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How to improve the relevance of the site

To show the relevance of search engines in the segment, it takes work content on the site, on the basis of keywords children’s music segment.

We see how other platform, SEMRush evaluates the site keywords second SEMRush

We see that something happened between July 2017 and August 2017, as from this last month that SEMRush began to identify some keywords for the site.

These words are still few and lead the site in the best scenario for a position on the second page of Google (position 11 to 20), but as I always say, what is more important is the trend and not necessarily the current situation.

Evaluating the trend over the months we see that the site is beginning to be recognized within the organic searches.

For now he is ranqueando for 12 keywords:

  • 1 in 11-position and 20 (Google page 2)
  • 6 between the position 21:50 (page 3 and 5 of Google)
  • 5 at positions between 51 and 100 (pages 6 to 10 Google).

Importantly, although not optimal positions, the words are very relevant.

  • children’s musical group: 15 position (page 2 – see that the previous position was 72)
  • children’s musical band: position 21 (page 3 of Google)
  • Band for children’s party: 21 position (page 3)
  • Children’s musical festival: 34 position (page 4)
  • Etc. list of keywords second SEMRush

What kind of insight we have with these keywords?

Whereas the tells us that we have 100% chance and one of difficulty, probably will not have much competition in this segment.

Probably the competitors are not doing a job pulled SEO .

It is possible that they are in front of old age, which, like it or not, is a relevant factor in order to SEO .

Anyway, creating optimized content and working these keywords, I’m sure the site will start moving up in position quickly to get on the first page and the first in the Google positions .

Working keywords Music segment for Children?

I understand that writing content only to write will give as a result posts that do not generate any interest in the player.

In order to develop something interesting, you need to think more about topics than keywords.

For example, we can think of when it might be worthwhile to hire a service show for children .

We can work the important days as Children’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and additional festivities such as weddings and parties of the grannies, the parent party, etc.

These contents can enter the type of show proposed by the band, who, how long, how the children will be entertained and fun.

I believe that for those working in this field, it will not be difficult to create content of 500 words or more describing these points.

Not need a lot of Digital Marketing knowledge .

The site in question is on WordPress , then the free tool Yoast will guide the kind of words to use, insert them where and how often.

Recalling that the goal should not be happy to leave Google, but the end reader.

Who appears in the top positions for relevant keywords segment?

Typing the word most sponsored links ), but as stated above, only the third page for organic search .

The first 3 organic positions are occupied by the videos YouTube … .acredito you know that YouTube is a Google – owned platform, right?

We at NoTopo have a YouTube channel where you can find pills Digital Marketing , tutorials , cases and more.

Returning to the analysis of the site , the fact that three video positions up there, it means that Google recognizes the importance of having a video to disseminate content for the segment.

So why not post a video of a concert, a rehearsal, something that shows the quality and the proposal of the band?

Recalling that the creation and publication of content does not take us far without a good job of disclosure.

Then we can send this video to e-mail friends, post on the Facebook page , personal profile and to the description of Instagram .

Note: Instagram in the only place that accepts clickable link is in the description of the profile.

To learn more about how to develop marketing strategies in social networks, read this article .

Once you have created a good text content and video and duly announced, I’m sure the website of begin to improve the ranking fairly rapidly.

How many links from other sites lead to

Always we say that the most important factor to enhance the authority and the ranking of a site is the quantity and quality (authority) of links from other sites go to our .

Always in SEMRush we can see that unfortunately we do not have links leading to the site. backlinks second SEMRush


So what we do in these cases is to analyze the competitors’ sites that are ranqueando the keywords of interest and see how it got the backlinks them.

Thus, we can try to contact the sites that send these links.

However, if we take a look at the competition shown by SEMRush, we see that almost all are sites that do not have much to do with the segment that we are dealing with. competitors seconds SEMRush

Why SEMRush considers these competitors?

It is because these sites ranqueiam the same keywords recognized as relevant to the site .

We see that are not shown direct competitors sites.

This confirms the great opportunity shown by Moz because the goal here is not to compete with Globo, Facebook and YouTube, but with the Children’s Music producers in São Paulo .

Optimization for Geolocation

The purpose of São Paulo, for a better optimization of the site , it is extremely important to consider the geolocation factor.

So the focus is São Paulo, it is good to tell Google, specifying the various parts of the site content that the service is provided specifically in São Paulo.

As a result the site may lose some ranking level Brazil, but will certainly be considered more relevant locally.


The Musical Production segment for Children is not sufficiently explored in terms of SEO, then it becomes a great opportunity for those who have a children’s musical band and want to start having good visibility on the internet.

The low current competition, it does not take an extremely specialized work, but it’s super important to create, post and publish content that is relevant to the segment and that focus on relevant keywords shown above.

Is that you? I would like us to evaluate the position of your website online?

Would you like to know what to do to increase your visibility, also gaining links to it, increasing his authority?

Then leave a comment down here or contact the team