Digital Marketing Tips for a Business Consultant

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Why Use Social Networking for Business?

Find someone who  says  that  offers  quality Business Consulting services is not difficult.

The hard part is to find someone who actually delivered the quality offered.

Will the crisis, will be for fashion, it will be the opportunities, nowadays more and more people want to offer their corporate experience to help other companies.


What is the differential of a Business Consultant?

If you work with  Consultoria , surely you must have heard someone asking you what your differential.

And probably your response was something like:

  • high quality delivery
  • Service excellence
  • Quick answer.
  • Etc

But have you ever wondered if maybe your competitor can also answer the same?

I’m not doubting at all about their differences. The fact is that if your differential is something that someone else can boast of having, comes to be an advantage.

Same thing happens with companies that disclose the  be ethical  between the company ‘s values. As if there was someone who spoke that it is unethical … .rs

You see what you proclaim is not necessarily perceived as something you can deliver in fact.

Unless you can show and prove that its differential.

For example if you want to emphasize the difference in customer service, to prove what you say, you need something beyond his words. In this case a statement of its customers are the best proof of the truth of its differential.

And if you are just starting out and do not have a customer base?


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Digital Marketing Tips for beginners as Business Consultant

You probably just out of the corporate world after several years of experience and want to somehow sell this jurisdiction. But it does not have to sell to.

Ai need to start almost from scratch.

  • Need name
  • Need identity
  • site Need
  • Need … .clientes ….

All true, but does it have a priority order of things?

Is it not better to focus on something instead of staying shooting everything hand, with the risk of not achieving any goal?

Imagine you have an idea of ​​what your service portfolio and its target audience. Ai you start looking for the first customers.

Arrive early leads (contacts) and ask you:


What is your experience in the segment?


You reply that you have 5, 10, 15 years of experience in the segment.

right answer – the difference is tangible, 5, 10, 15 years in the business.

Ai your contact asks you:


What is the difference?


You respode: customer service, etc, etc, etc.

Ai your contact thinks another guy told him the same thing, and will even deliver for a cheaper value.

Who wins?

Its competitor, because in addition to talking about the delivery of quality, purely qualitative concept, he spoke of cheaper price. concrete concept and, I would say, quite interesting. This one, yes, it’s a plus.


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Not always the price is a differential

I do not mean that their differential needs to be price.

The fact is that the price is the thing easier tangibility.

If your advantage is the same quality, then you need to make a convincing job to educate the market and your target audience about the quality of their service.


First step in a marketing project for a Business Consultant

So the first thing on which to focus is how you will create this trust in the segment.

For this the  Socias networks  are of great help. It is there that you need to start your community.

I dare say that in the branch  Business Consulting , you need to start building a community on social networks well before set the name of your company, brand and  develop a website .

The final, a consultant first sell yourself, so no use to focus on building the company and its name at the end is on you that your audience will trust.

Also, most likely at the beginning you have an idea of the public right for you, but not sure. You need to take a  leap of faith, test ideas that you do not know how they play out and how much.

I suggest applying the methodologies of  Lean Startup , because I believe that every entrepreneur who wants to open a new business, need to go through test phases and pivot.

The point Pivot a business is when you change the direction of your business more or less radical way, because it is beginning to see better opportunities for other purposes.

Now imagine that you have developed your cute name, site, identity, and after 3-4 months understood that need to change the direction of your business?

Then you need to start from scratch?

So I think that first of all, in almost any new business you want to sell quality, even before structuring your company needs to create your community.

This is much cheaper and allows to test and analyze the market interests, the level of competition, and if you identified your target audience. And obviously gives the possibility to pivot at any time without cost.

You’ll be thinking it will be ficícil build confidence without even having a website to be displayed when someone tries to view your history.

You’re right … sort of.

First your obejtivo until now was not to sell their services but their competence, then a CV well done on linkedin is enough to show its past experience and the recommendations you received.

If you still want a site. So I suggest creating one at the base of ready – made themes. Can be in  Wix or WordPress . You will spend between nothing and R $ 900 to have a functioning website to get started.

Oh, tomorrow with more information about the segment, you can structure really.

Forget the name, logo and identity … for now.


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Disclosure of Corporate Consulting on Social Networks services.

Specifically for Business Consultant I suggest the following steps:

1) Create an account on  LinkedIn  and start following influencers and market competitors and their followers (they are potential customers for you)

2) Enroll in thematic groups of Linkedin and  Facebook  to start interacting with the staff of your business. So you show you understand the pain segment and proposes a cure. Here you show your competence.

3) Create an account on twitter and  follow influencers  and competitors and and their followers.

4) interact in forums, type  and other Consulting Company segment forums.

5) Create a Facebook page to be driven by  sponsored links . You need to post photos, third party content, interact with your audience. Get some live videos talking about pain and segment cures.

6) Test other Social Networking platforms (like Instagram) to see if the channel offers opportunities.

All this must be done before any structural action of the company.

In total you need to achieve between 8.000 to 10.000 followers and likes on all platforms. Only once have formed this community, and you know what kind of return on everything you post. Only this time you can think of launching their services.

You kind of created an expectation in your audience and is now delivering what was expected.


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Creating a Website for a Business Consulting company

Now you can finally create your first cute site, or secondary site if you previously created a site … business card.

Now you have an idea of ​​what the public wants to sue, it will greatly help to define what to show on your site, content and even an idea of ​​their identity.

I still suggest waiting a little longer to fully define its identity definitiva..pois you do not have …

If you make a website using wordpress, it will have to be modular, so tomorrow you will be able to change identity, logo, content without too many problems.

Clearly your  site needs to be optimized  for SEO purposes.

If you have already created a site in the previous stage, he’s probably already ranqueando on Google. Then you can start to make a first analysis of what needs to be improved in order for your site to appear for relevant keywords in its segment.


Blog for a consulting company.

Once you have a good online community (and hopefully also offline), you have a functioning and optimized site, it’s time to start designing a blog.

  • Set the main services and the main  target audience .
  • Set a primary content for each of this category.
  • These main contents are called the  corner-stone contents.

This is necessary to structure your Blog. In fact every new content you are writing need to be linked to the  corner-stone, so you show Google engine which is the main content for each category, and it will be the first to appear in searches.


brand identity creation for a business consultant

Now that you know well what will sell and to whom, you can now implement a professional process to define their identity in an effective and efficient quickly.

Now yes, it is worth asking the help of a professional to an assertive definition of your company’s name, its colors uniformity of language and used, e tc.


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Optimization of a Business Advisory site

If you reached this stage, you’ve structured your business, now it’s time to scale and optimize.

So can now focus on the SEO of your site, both  on-page , as  off-page .

Do not forget that an  SEO project  is not only fill your content keywords, but needs the hygiene part (more to do with the code cleanup) and the aesthetic part (more to do with content).

From this point you can implement a whole range of other Digital Marketing techniques from sponsored links in AdWords to  email marketing .



Important to understand that if you do not sell a shelf service, but something based on quality, no good start to promote it without having first a base of followers who trust you.

At the time of the Internet Marketing business structuring phases are different from Marketing of years ago that was purely offline.

The steps to follow are:

  • Creating a community
  • site
  • blog
  • Identity
  • SEO – Optimization
  • Other Digital Marketing techniques


It was clear? Still not sure where to start?

Can ask!

You disagree with this abordagemj?

Please opine in the comments down here.


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