Digital Marketing for Mother’s Day: Tips for a Good Campaign

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The Mother’s Day is among the most important dates for national trade in the first half. According to data from the consulting Ebit in 2017 the celebration moved only 1.9 billion in e-commerce, an increase of 16% over the previous year. Last year, the most popular product was the smartphone.

So you can already imagine that Mother’s Day is therefore a great opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase their sales.

This year, the date is celebrated on May 13. Have you started preparing your Digital Marketing Campaign?

If the answer was not, check out this post a few tips to get started soon!


Like every year, the Mother’s Day begins with the planning. Set important dates in advance and be sure to do the day before!

What products you put on sale? As the disclosure will be made? What you need to have to produce, such as arts and content in advance?

This is the time to set all this schedule!

Escape stereotypes

An important part of the campaign is planning to run away from clichés. Take care not to also incur stereotypes related to maternity and women, which advertising continues to use often – a super mom who can do it all and who gives up his life to caring for children are examples.

It’s current focus on a more realistic portrayal of motherhood, perhaps giving voice to their clients, for example?

On this, by the way, we have the post How and why to run away from stereotypes in creating his persona , which can inspire the creation of a Mother’s Day campaign.

Prepare the store, website and social networks

To begin, create a visual identity for your website and your social networks, unifying them and warning that promotions come around.

You can place banners and pop-ups on the site or blog with the same branding advertising promotions.

To help, we have an infographic with all image sizes for Facebook and Instagram that will help you create your pieces to your social networks.

Organize the delivery of logistics and stock

Who has virtual store should arrange delivery logistics of products arriving before Mother’s Day. It is important to avoid delays that can mean the loss of a customer who was not present as the mother in time. Let the very clear deadlines and offer express delivery options.

Another problem is the lack of stock. As it is a date on which the sale of products tends to be large, it prevents against stock-outs and always update the site when they have finished products.

Similarly, make sure that the site has no technical problems near the date due to the number of visitors. Let also open a channel for complaints who have problems.

Post a blog post on the date

How about making a post on his blog on Mother’s Day by giving gifts tips that fit different situations of everyday life or in different tastes of each woman? This is a way to help people who are indecisive, and show that you know the subject. And, of course, it helps to advertise their products.

Working keywords related to the date you can also attract organic traffic, since many people are searching for these tips.

just look at the search trends for the keyword “Mother’s Day” in recent years. Notice how there is a peak always close date.

Shoot a campaign of Email Marketing

How about today select their best products for Mother’s Day and send them by email with a discount coupon? Create a very attractive email and shoot it to your base!

Speaking of Email Marketing , incidentally, continue to follow the blog in the coming weeks we will publish a post with good campaigns to make suggestions on Mother’s Day.

We hope that the tips have been helpful to you start planning your Mother’s Day campaign. Take the time remaining to do everything calmly and plan well and good sales!