Did you see that? Google increases the number of meta description characters from 160 to 320

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Update: After about five months of experiment, Google began to show short descriptions. This is not the first time that the browser performs a change and go back shortly afterwards. Therefore, do not increase the descriptions of your pages, keep them up to 160 characters to have a better result.

Google recently changed the way shows snippets in search results. Now, the number of displayed characters of the meta description that are shown in the survey is up to 320, not 160.

For those unaware, the snippet is the set of information about a site that Google shows when you do a search, as in the example below. The meta description is the phrase in black.

As an example, see how it was a RD of the page before the update and how it is now:





In recent weeks, some people had noticed that the descriptions of some results were more extensive than normal.

Google then confirmed the change to the website Search Engine Land . According to the company, the idea of this update is to give more descriptive and useful results users to help them understand which pages are relevant to their searches. And this implies making snippets longer.

However, worth thinking twice before upgrading their descriptions for more texts. It is not known how long the upgrade will be available and this can be time wasted. In the past, Google has done tests with snippets larger, going back then.

Danny Sullivan , Google suggested that the sites do not change the goal descriptions of your pages, for that increase character is a dynamic process.