Content Upgrade: How to produce posts with high conversion rates + 6 tips and real examples

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Before starting, I would like to ask a question: do you know what a blog the conversion rate of your company?

We know that, first of all, the blog of the role of a company is to generate traffic and educate the audience on the market.

Therefore, many companies who start a blog invest strong in the production of content in SEO, promoting posts on social networks, informative newsletters and other actions.

However, many also forget an important detail: how to convert these visitors into Leads? How to go further and use the blog to not only generate traffic but also to generate Leads and sales.

Let’s assume your company is doing an exemplary job on the blog, generating over 200,000 monthly visits. Great, but that total visitors, how many have become Leads or customers? Can you measure it? If you can not, or if the rate is too low, it’s time to learn some tricks to improve those numbers and optimize your sales funnel.

Before moving on to the next topic, you may be wondering: “how do I know how much is a good conversion rate?”.

Click here to check your answer in the benchmark sales funnel and compare your metrics of marketing and sales with companies in the same industry as yours.

rich or blog posts materials?

A common question that arises in companies that make Digital Marketing is about the content that will be invested format. I do blog posts or should I create materials for download?

The blunt answer is both!

Results in the Digital Content Marketing strategy, invested heavily in these two formats, because we know that they do not compete, but complement each other.

The blog is a kind of enterprise content center. It is an excellent channel for building authority and traffic generation. Also, posts are usually shorter than rich materials.

Rich material is denser content. Content that is worth promoting in a Landing Page and offer it for free in exchange for Lead information such as name, email and other information.

Summing up:

  • A company blog and no rich material can generate a lot of traffic, but will have a less personalized relationship with their audience, with less data Leads to identify opportunities.
  • A company that produces rich materials without a blog can generate a very good relationship with the audience, but misses a golden opportunity to use that content to boost traffic and popularize your brand on the Internet in a more comprehensive way.

Joining the two forces your company only win.

Content upgrade: using the blog as Lead generation channel

I will share some learning I had as RD blog editor to show how blogging can be a great channel for generating Leads .

To gain scale, while making a content planning always consider using a content in more than one format.

I’m not talking to duplicate content, because it makes no sense to offer a post like rich material. This does not generate value and causes discomfort in the user.

What you need to do is think: “this content is a good post to the blog, but after that, I can produce something denser and deeper and launch as an eBook.”

Or go the other way, write a very detailed eBook on a particular topic and select a few snippets to use them as a blog post.

This is a good practice not only for the blog of your company have a good conversion rate, but also to scale up the production of content. Read more about this in the post How to plan and create eBooks from blog posts .

Creating posts that convert: 6 tips and real life examples

Blogging the Digital Results promote our offers basically three ways:

  • contextual offer in the sidebar;
  • contextual pop-ups on exit-intent;
  • internal links.

Below, I will show six ways to create posts that convert well and try them with real examples.

1. Create posts that are complemented by offers

It seems obvious. And it is, indeed, quite obvious. So obvious that many companies forget that detail.

This needs to be done because, to have a good conversion rate on your posts, you will need offers that are targeted to the post.

As you can see, I am not offering any material on how to make Email Marketing . The focus here is another.

Many blogs have generic offerings in the sidebar or at the end of posts. By having this more general nature will be, yes, some conversions. But in many cases, these offers are meaningless.

Example: Post 7 killer tips to optimize ads on Facebook ads and get higher return on investment

This post is an adapted excerpt from the eBook 25 optimization in Facebook Ads .

The section used was enough to generate value to the post without devaluing the eBook.

2. Write a summary of the eBook

One possibility is to use the posts on the blog of your company to promote the rich materials.

To produce the text, make it clear that this is a post about the launch of a material. After all, the idea of ​​this post is to promote the offer.

Summarize the main points of the well objectively material. If you want, you can make it clear in the title that this is a post about a launch.

Example: Post How to analyze results and make a Digital Marketing report [Free Kit]

This post is a summary of Kit How to analyze results and make a Digital Marketing report .

You can realize that it is a very short post and very objective. We made it clear that it is on a launch already in the title.

3. Make another post on the subject material

In this case a little more work is needed.

You will not make a summary or copy a snippet of an eBook.

The idea is to create a completely new post, but it has some rich related material, as a template, spreadsheet, or other content webinar format.

Example: Post Production content for lead generation: the idea of the publication .

In this post, we made a new article to supplement the material, which is a webinar and a content production template we used in Digital results.

4. Write about a survey

A survey or a study may be another very interesting way to create posts that convert.

If your company is promoting this type of material, which is usually extensive and a lot of data, you can leverage it to create a post.

Example: Post ‘s Digital Marketing tools commonly used in the educational market in Brazil

To promote TechTrends: Benchmarks tools for educational institutions , we gather some data from the study to create a post with an overview of the research.

If the reader is interested in the subject and wanted to know more, he lowered his research to deepen.

5. Make a rich content curation

Probably, this is the post that will have the highest conversion rate of your blog.

If you’ve produced a lot of content, may well create a post about these rich materials.

It’s a simple post to be produced and that generates many results. That’s because new readers may not have had the opportunity to consume some older content.

Example: Post 27 eBooks on Digital Marketing launched in 2016

At the end of each year, we have compiled the best materials released and published a post with links to download.

The idea is to look back over our content. We did it also in 2015 .

6. Use pop-ups – provided they are contextual

Pop-up is a controversial subject. Many professionals are against and many are in favor.

Who is to say that pop-up hinders the user experience. Those in favor say it is one of the best ways to generate Leads.

It turns out that you can use pop-ups without irritating the visitors .

Example: Post Persona: How and why create one for your business

In Digital results, we use pop-ups with contextual offerings to the post.

In addition, the pop-ups are only activated when the user attempts to close the page (exit intent). We did this to not hinder the reading experience.

In this post about personas, used as supply Kit Personas and Purchase Journey .

Conclusion: how to optimize

Now that we’ve talked about some techniques to increase the generation of Leads within your company blog, it’s time you put into practice in your business.

Then, the question remains: what then?

It always pays to analyze the results to understand whether the post had or not a good conversion rate. If the answer is no, examine and try to understand why.

If your blog already has many posts and you have not optimized for any conversion, it take to do an update, which is another technique that usually bring good results here in the DR blog.

To learn more read the post Update older content can make a big difference in your marketing strategy .

I hope that the tips in this post will help your blog to generate more results. Always remember that each market has its peculiarities and is no rule that the work here will work exactly the same way in your business. But test and understand the best way.

With this in mind, making testing and optimizing content, the blog can become a great force of Lead generation for your company.