Content repurposing: Content Marketing without reinventing the wheel

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You want to write for your blog, you know you need but do not know what to write?

With the agenda of planning techniques you can get up to create a list of items assertive.

But the time comes when you have to produce it. And then?

Let’s face it, when we read the blog entry , most often we skip all the initial part of introduction etc, it is very likely that the answer to our question lies in a specific phrase there beneath the post.

Probably open the article because the title accurately reflects our question: “how to solve our problem”

And in this case, we want to jump directly to the point of response. But the article can not be a sentence only, so here we go with a post of at least 750 words to, experts say, get a organic Google ranking.

So at the time of writing we can think the same thing:

Because “fill sausage” on the page, when we can answer the question directly in a sentence?

And then:

how do I fill a page of 750 words, a summary would be sufficient?

And here we in creating rhetoric rivers, boredom generator in the reader.

Perhaps an exception are the technical tutorials where we show our specific methodologies, and every sentence may in fact be relevant to the resolution of the problem.

And the rest of the cases? What to do with a traditional Blog?

The truth is that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. We can say that 90% of the information which we put in our post already exists on the web.

So why republish those 90% that already exist? And what we will include the 10% missing?

You’ve probably accompanies some blogs in the same segment as well. As you read the same news in different newspapers, reported differently. To be more explicit: its differential is the way you play the same content.

Your way.

Perhaps your post be more interesting because you write more clearly or more visually or, in general, more in line with the expected communication by your reader.

And those 10% missing?

If you know what you’re talking about, even replicating content from other sources, you will surely have a “critical reading” of the subject.

At the same time you can supplement the article with your experience, that only you have. This its critical capacity and the relation of his experience will be your differential!

For this need domain of matter and at the same time, in humility consider your criticism as subjective and personal. It is always good to ask the reader’s opinion, to stimulate his thinking and engagement.

Ideally ask him to share his experience or opinion in the comment of the article or by contacting you. For example:

What do you think so far? something that was not clear? It has a different or complementary experience?

How to implement in a practical way Repurposing?

It has several tools that help us understand the level of success of posts already published. So let ‘s say you want to write about wine. Tools like BuzzSumo or Post Planner can tell you which type of post (video, image, text) and content generated more engagement.

Still, leaving everything to the automation of machines var not always give the best result. What we suggest to do is create  Alerts related to the theme we want to develop. Ideal would be to create Alerts in several languages (if you speak other languages).

For this we can use tools like Google Alert or TalWalker .

4 steps to an assertive strategy Content Repurposing

Step 1: Go to Google Alerts  and  TalkWalker and set their affairs in every language you can understand. For example, for “Wine gadget” you can set “wine gadget” in English, “regalo con vino” in Italian, etc. The alert will send daily posts with these words in your email and you’ll see the interesting references.

Step 2: Install Chrome extension BuzzSumo . For every post you receive, the extension will give you an idea of the level of engagement in social networks. This can help you understand the issues and topics most relevant to the post.

Step 3: Copy the contents of the most interesting articles in a Word file. Will end up being the post for your Blog.

Step 4:  Read, sort, prepare and give your opinion about everything you copied. The new post will thus have your face .

CAUTION not to copy and paste ” simply because Google will notice this and penalize your content.

You have experience with repurposing content? Want to share your opinion? Something not clear?

Comment below or contact with NoTopo team .