Content Production: The Best Bet on Digital Marketing

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In general, the Digital Marketing is usually released and becomes known to people through some of its sub-areas. It is common to see a lot of noise around topics such as social media, email marketing and SEO, for example.

Each of these areas is presented in its operating details. When it comes to social media, for example, it is discussed the importance of monitoring and the advantages of customer relationships. In SEO, there is talk of keyword search, page optimization of titles, headings and many other items. And so follow the other issues.

However, there is an action that connects the other and deserves to be much more commented than it actually is. If we had to bet all the chips from Digital results in a single action would be in the production of content .

For the production of content should be your priority

Content serves as ammunition for users of social media

Twitter, Facebook, Google + …. The missing are not “gurus” who say what to do in each network. However, no matter the specific way you use social networks. What matters is the quality of the content you produce.

In the end what people are doing over these networks is to share links from others. Thus, the greatest reward that your company can get social media are people value and disseminate their content on their own.

Who gives a great example is Seth Godin, one of the greatest thinkers of the currently marketing.

He even has Twitter account because it says not having time to get use to efficiently channel. However, producing quality content daily on his blog. Take a look below in “Results of social media , ” he managed with a single entry:

social media - blog seth godin

A simple post it had, at the time I took the print screen, 923 retweets and 1,123 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Even without their profile, who is saying that he is not using social media well?

relevant content generates links, the premise of any work in SEO

To compose the results of a search, the pages are reviewed by Google, basically, in two respects. One is the user search of compatibility with the page content. The second aspect is the importance of the site, it is how this site is reliable or not reference. This second item, although it involves other aspects, is measured primarily by the authority of the links that the page receives.

Thus, for more than the study of keywords is done, the titles, headings and internal links are optimized for the word, will avail nothing if your page does not have relevance before Google.

Again, producing quality content is guaranteed to get good links.

Only own content production does your company become a reference

Who produces content is constantly putting your knowledge to the test. While that is subject to making mistakes and take criticism, those who produce content is seen as a reference, someone who understands and knows it.

The job of curating content by selecting and indicating the third-party material, is an interesting practice of Inbound Marketing  to attract followers. However, if your company wants to be seen as a reference on the subject, it is important that itself produces content and show your expertise.

Who would be your hired to prepare a dinner: Jamie Oliver, who puts his hands on and tell your secrets or Angelica, which takes guests to prepare a dish in your program?

Start now producing content for your company

We could further explore the advantages of content marketing , talk about the importance of teaching the client and various other components of a digital marketing strategy, but we believe that the message was given.

Content production is a long-term asset building and the sooner your business start, the sooner you will get results.