Content Marketing Strategy [Essential Concepts]

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If you’re looking to understand in detail what is Marketing Content , you found the right article. You are about to read a very detailed (or in other words “long”) publication on content marketing you should perhaps add to favorites to finish reading later. However,  I think the article talks about most aspects of content marketing that modern marketing professionals need to also consider writing optimized for web content.

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That said, if you want more information will also develop a plan to delve into the details of the following topics. On the other hand, feel free to take a look at the themes of each section and let us know if you think you need more help with any specific; we will take care of the rest. 

The most common components of program content marketing are social networks, blogs, visual material content and premium content such as tools, ebooks or Webinars. The following scenarios demonstrate how the process works.

Situation 1:

You run an accounting firm specializing in tax, but this year the business is not going very well. Your purpose is to improve next year, so you decide to launch a blog on your website and publish articles about the most common tax problems you face your target customer. Write some publications a week and, over time, begin to sort these articles in Google and other search engines.

When the season to make the tax return approaches, people seek answer your questions, find articles from your blog and discover that offer preparation services for filing taxes. Some continue their preparation but will take into account the following year, lie to others will give up, they decided to get rid of the headache involved in making the tax return and you hire because clearly you’re more prepared for this process .

Situation 2:

You’re the marketing director of an agency that specializes in design solutions for small businesses. However, you have difficulty attracting customers because they seem to keep a retainer agreement with an agency is a challenge for a small business. So, you decide to create some design tools that people can use to design their own creations. You make a keyword research and find that 2000 people are seeking the phrase “builder infographics” each month, so you decide to create one that people can use for free the first time and then, if they like the tool, they can create infographics without additional costs only making it easier for your name and email address.

You elaborate a couple of infographics example and share in your social networks so that users see the potential of the tool. With traffic generated by social networking and organic search, you start to see that hundreds of people use your generator per month. Algunasquedan fascinated by the tool and you provide your name and email to continue using it . When you finally get your information you identify what people would be compatible with your company, you keep in touch with them and give them followed until they become customers.

Why companies need a content marketing strategy?

You might look like a lot of work, especially if you compare it with other marketing programs that offer immediate rewards, such as buying lists , pay per click (PPC) or marketing trade shows where you get names and e-mail mail in just a moment. Content marketing is often used when companies discover that these programs are actually ineffective, too costly, little expandable or all of the above. Let ‘s use the example of “infographics generator” to show what I mean.

Let ‘s say your company uses PPC as one of the principal means of generating sales opportunities. You need more sales opportunities, so you decide to place a bid of $ 2 per click for the term “computer graphics generator”. At the end of your monthly campaign you discover that you generated 1000 sales opportunities and you spent $ 10,000. Not bad! But what will happen next month? You’ll need to spend $ 10,000 one and again if you want to keep getting opportunities. In other words: when you stop paying, sales opportunities fail to reach your company. The same concept applies in buying lists, marketing trade shows and any other program that generate sales opportunities by something that does not belong. Now compare that experience with publishing blogs.

Say you write an article for your blog about computer graphics generator and you include a link to the publication tool for people to taste it . Conversion rate sales opportunity visit is the same in this publication and your PPC campaign (2%), which means that if 100 people read your article in the first month, this would generate sales twice. Ready! Over time, this publication you wrote years ago continue to generate sales opportunities over and over again during each month. But that’s not all, the other articles you write and post to your blog will also have the same purpose.

conversion blog

In other words, content marketing programs prepare companies to have a traffic flow and predictable opportunities, expandable and effective sales which is not based on getting budget each month, but functions as an annuity.

Typically, companies do not cease to perform all their other marketing activities and start doing content marketing overnight. In fact, most traditional content marketing programs usually incorporate other marketing techniques to complement their content initiatives. Encouragement to begin implementing a marketing program content that has most of the companies I’ve worked with has been the need for a source of traffic and sales opportunities more profitable , predictable and expandable of which already have with its current marketing programs.

If you have the same goal, let’s see what the main point of the issue and how to “do” marketing content.

Step 1: Find out who should direct your marketing content

Content marketing needs manpower, therefore, the first step is to find out who will be the leader of the program. Team structure is not universal and depends largely on the size of your company, marketing team and budget. If we assume that these three aspects are linked (as usually it happens), then I can give you some benchmarks with respect to the structures of other companies that focus on content marketing. This information will help you hire the right and assign the correct position within your organization working people.

The following table replace “content marketing” with “attracting” because it is the main activity of the top of the funnel that attracts people to your business. “Convert” and “close” refers to marketing activities of the middle and bottom of the funnel, as email marketing, tracking, sales training, marketing operations, optimizing conversion rates, etc.

Startup: your marketing team has a person and your budget is very low or zero for content marketing

If you are an entrepreneur working on your own or just one person dedicated to marketing, it’s pretty clear who will be the leader of the program: you, the marketer will work with all the funnel.


The responsibilities of your job regarding content marketing are:

  • Create content, whether written and visual long format (available when submitting a form) or short (available to the public, as a post on your blog).
  • Optimizing content for SEO.
  • Manage social networks.

Small or medium business: your marketing team has three people and has a budget for marketing content

When the marketing team begins to grow, it will be interesting to find out who will be positioned as the leader of your content marketing. If you have a team of three marketing professionals, then you can address your marketing content in different ways. You have two options: the first, a person can handle marketing activities of content and the other two will be responsible for the activities of the middle and lower funnel marketing, while in the second, two people can handle marketing activities of content and the third will everything else.

If it’s something the HubSpot marketing manager recommended the second option

“L better way to help your sales team is to improve brand recognition and create content that generates many sales opportunities over time.” A twofold increase sales opportunities can have twice as many sales opportunities quality provided you have software that allows you to filter them effectively. So allow your machine sales and marketing success , “says Mike Volpe.

Small size

At this stage, the work of one or two marketing professionals on your team will remain the same teams that will make a person:  content creation , SEO and social networks. Even if you decide that two people will be dedicated to marketing content, as Volpe suggests, divide responsibilities between these two employees is somewhat premature. Both should contribute to the three share leadership responsibilities and program content marketing.

medium business: your marketing team nine members has an exclusive marketing budget for content

Here the situation becomes very interesting. If you have a marketing team of nine people, the recommendation is the same: invest more in content marketing activities to improve the top of your funnel.

Medium size

If you have five employees dedicated to marketing content, it was time to divide responsibilities. Then I’ll show you how you can do:

  • Blogging two employees
  • Long – form content or premium: an employee
  • SEO: an employee
  • Design: an employee

It is very likely that at this stage of growth your company already has a marketing director or other leader to your employees submit reports. While marketing director direct marketing program content, daily activities take place on the five-person team.

Company: your marketing team has 18 people and has a substantial budget for marketing content

If your marketing department has more than 18 members, the marketing team will have the same content job functions: bloggers, content creators in long format, SEO specialists and designers, but this time the posts will multiply. The goal is to have three bloggers on the team and two employees for each of the other jobs. It is advisable that one of those bloggers have editing experience for someone engaged in maintaining the quality of content as production increases.

This stage of growth is also ideal for assigning the leadership position your content marketing team, unless you want two dozen people submit reports to the director of marketing. Many organizations hire an executive of contents, vice president of content, content director or editor to lead the team content marketing. This person is responsible for setting the vision team gets budget, hire talented staff, contributes content ideas, solves problems of growth and helps coordinate with other leaders of the marketing organization for content marketing is not a isolated program.

Big size

Some companies have marketing teams with more than 18 members. For example, HubSpot our marketing team is made up of nearly 100 people. Still, we have a team structure quite similar to using a marketing team of 18 people with a further modification: the design is not the responsibility of the content team and assigned to a different computer. This could also work for your company if you discover that

  1. Designers must make requests of the employees of all teams, so they belong more to the team of marketing professionals working with all the funnel that only dedicated to carrying out activities top of the funnel.
  2. Hired to content creators who can make some designs on their own; simple elements such as developing formats for ebooks, images for social networks or basic design work front-end or main interface.
  3. Your content marketing budget includes the necessary costs of a retainer agreement with an agency or contract design work carried out by an external company.


If you would like to take a look at the corporate organizational charts to see where his team placed content marketing the most recognized companies, download the free guide to organizational structures .

Step 2: Hire staff for content marketing team

Now you’ve seen how some structures are content marketing teams from other companies and different jobs that may need to be covered with new hires. What other tasks do these people do? How do you hire the right people for the jobs people? To get you started on the right foot, then we give examples of job descriptions with the skills and attributes that are ideal candidates.

Specific requirements may vary; For example, maybe you need someone who specializes in a theme for your team that has writers or coding experience to be part of your content creators long format. Perhaps the names of your jobs are different and your “content creators” are actually “content strategists” or your “social media manager” is actually a “specialist”. You can make any changes you deem necessary, but use these reference frames will help you begin the process if this is the first time you hired staff to fill these jobs.


We are looking for a lover of words to join the team publication of our blog. Candidates must have skill and passion for writing and must also have extensive knowledge about the industry. Blogger is expected to maintain and develop the voice of the company through the content we publish on our blog. 


  • Write various types of articles on a wide range of topics for our blog.
  • Provide feedback to other contributors and edit content from other writers.
  • Optimize content for search engines and generate leads.
  • Perform analytical projects to improve strategies or tactics blog.
  • Increase the number of subscribers and expand the overall scope of the blog.


  • Passion and advanced knowledge about the industry and our company mission.
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills, as you must also have the ability to adopt the style, tone and voice of the various types of content that creates our company.
  • analytical thinking and interest to use the data to optimize or amplify marketing strategies and tactics for our blog.
  • excellent organizational skills to work independently and manage projects with developing many elements.
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in creating marketing and content.

Creator of long-form content

We are looking for a creator of prolific content and talent to write and produce various projects and publish on our blog regularly to improve the digital presence of our company, the brand recognition, the number of subscribers and increase opportunities sale. This job requires a higher level of creativity, attention to detail and project management skills.


  • Create 1 to 2 per month free resources to increase sales opportunities, the number of subscribers, brand recognition or other important metrics such as ebooks , white papers, infographics, guides, etc.
  • Post on our blog constantly to support your other projects and attract visitors to the website through search and social networking, as well as our subscribers by email.
  • Increase our subscriber base by providing useful content regularly and match your needs.
  • Collaborate with designers, product marketing team, sales department, and external experts and industry influencers to create relevant content that meets the needs of key stakeholders and our audience.
  • Convince others that it is worth investing time and effort into your creative ideas. This job is critical to the marketing team and other members will rely on the work you do every day.


  • Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience in producing content specifically for the web, and specific knowledge of distribution channels (blog, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Experience in creating hearings, either online or offline.
  • Double-minded approach: excellent and creative writer also be oriented by processes, expand your mind and based on the data to make decisions.

Social networking manager

We are looking for a manager of social networks to increase our number of followers, interact with them and retain them. It should also help them become sales opportunities, customers, assets fans and promoters of our company. You must master the best practices and trends in social media marketing, enjoy being creative and know how to create and convert to a digital audience.


  • Create and manage profiles and the presence of the company in social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other potential channels like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, etc.
  • To share and create content that is appropriate for specific social networks.
  • Pay attention and participate in relevant discussions of social networks about our company, or industry competition.
  • Campaigns and promotions run regularly on social networks as well as monitoring their success in talks Twitter, Google+ Hangouts and LinkedIn.
  • Working with other marketing professionals and content creators to help distribute content to inform and entertain our audience.
  • Generate traffic and sales opportunities appropriate manner consistent with our presence in social networks.


  • Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • integral and active in social networks with an excellent command of each social platform and good practice personal presence.
  • Excellent communicator and creative thinker who has the ENABLE to use the data and intuition to provide information to influence decision-making.   

SEO Specialist

You will be responsible for identifying and carrying out the opportunities that arise to improve the ranking of our company and content key terms.


  • Managing SEO on-site and off-site company.
  • Collaborate with bloggers to create quality content on important and relevant terms.
  • Manage performance organic search engine traffic and set goals, clickthrough rates and conversions.
  • Keep up with trends and the latest changes in SEO and the major search engines.


  • Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of search ranking, optimization factors and updates key algorithms today.
  • Able to use web analytics tools and keywords.
  • Experience in analyzing data oriented SEO and optimization.
  • Excellent skills in written and oral communication.


The position of graphic designer is responsible for creating and maintaining our marketing material and content we create to support our products and other marketing goals. Throughout the conceptualization and implementation processes, this candidate will enhance our users’ experience by highlighting our brand and maintain consistency in all our points of contact.


  • Help create new ideas for design teams and content creation with your experience and ability to identify the best designs.
  • Collaborate with content writers long and short form to help your material to life.
  • Assess the scope and create templates for our team more effective by posting messages on social networks, our blog, by email and through other communication channels.
  • Manage other design requirements, such as presentations, announcements and material for trade fairs as needed.


  • Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Work experience as an internal designer or a marketing agency. (We ask for work samples to consider candidates for this position).
  • Design experience optimized for mobile devices and desktop materials.
  • Adobe Creative Suite expert or similar technologies.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are a big plus.

Step 3: Acquire tools and suitable for content marketing technologies

The good thing about content marketing is that when you have to or the right people on your team to perform the appropriate task almost have settled life. Now you just need to get some basic tools and technology to publish content.

Personally I prefer that technological content marketing solutions are simple, so that I view as “needs” or “wants”. Some elements of technologies that are always good to have tools or competitive intelligence software that provides key details about trends you live. Experiment with these technologies consecutively since most offer free trial periods to test its features, but first make sure you have all the key technologies that content marketing team need.

Content management system (CMS)

It is hoped that HubSpot use our own tools. The company has a CMS called “content optimization system” that lets you create and publish content quickly with a format optimized for the web. No matter what CMS use, but you need to have one for your content marketing team can set up a blog, add posts and pages to your website with ease without having to go to the department or ask for help from developers.


You need some analytics for your website and blog to measure the performance of your marketing content compared to your goals. Some teams use Google Analytics and others use more advanced solutions that facilitate closed – loop linking content marketing activities of the top of the funnel with income . I recommend using advanced solutions if you want to use metrics to test the success of your marketing program content, get more budget and improve the growth of your team. If you are looking for an easy way with which you can share with your entire organization numbers, DataHero can be a great option. This tool is integrated with HubSpot software and allows you to follow and visualize and share your analytics through panels and custom tables.

Software to manage projects

A simple project management tool is essential now that the pace of social networks and frequency publishing blogs are an important aspect of content marketing, as well as several teams will use many of your materials contained in different campaigns. I recommend using a free software called Trello that helps you to organize content, set deadlines, attach files and collaborate with several coworkers. Another great resource for organizing your projects and plan content publication is Zerys a content marketing tool with an integrated professional writers section. 

Design software 

Visual content plays an important role in the success of a content marketing strategy. We have found that Adobe Creative Suite prepares content marketing professionals with everything they need to create ebooks, designing infographics , develop images for social networks, etc. The team frequently used InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. If you prefer to use a free alternative, try Canva . This simple software makes designers of all levels can create visual quality content easily, such as presentations, cover images, ads, etc. 

As I mentioned earlier, these are the basic technologies you should try when you begin to make your own content marketing. As your program grows, you will see that there are many other tools and software on which it might be worth investing. 

Step 4: Create content

Our team is ready and we have the necessary technology . Now we must begin to “do” marketing content. We can not discuss all aspects of content creation in a single article, but we can analyze 1) the types of materials that a team of content marketing could create to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities available and 2) who should be involved in the creation process of such materials.

Publications for blog

As expected, publication of blogs usually are written by bloggers. However, if your team is large enough for someone to be devoted solely to create private access materials and premium (such as ebooks and tools), this person should also write articles that help promote these resources. SEO specialists should also work closely with bloggers, because the blog posts are often the best opportunity for a company to improve its organic search rankings. Therefore, bloggers should write articles that help improve the SEO of the website and increase organic traffic and sales opportunities. In addition, publications should also be established with regard to keyword research and be optimized for SEO.

Types of publications that you should write:

  • Instructive.  Publications that teach readers how to do something. Usually these items are performing well in organic search if they align with your search terms long tail.
  • Lists.  Examples which may be selected to become informative and, therefore, are optimized for search or simply entertained.
  • Intellectual leadership.  Publications that explain the fundamental changes in an industry or make the reader reflect on their conventional ideas.
  • Newsjacks or content on a high – impact news . Reporting timely news content industry is rare or popular news links.
  • Infographics or Slideshares.  Blog posts that primarily use visual content to tell a story.

premium material or private access

The premium or private access materials are generally long-intensive format or contain elements that are not found on a blog. They can be used to generate leads and contacts or to develop a brand. Usually these materials elaborates the creator of long-form content (if your team is large and can count on this integral), but sometimes the bloggers are also involved, since the items blog are good to test which elements work best and what investments deserve.

Types of premium materials that you must create:

  • Ebooks.  This format is very popular, and usually comes in PDF files, which access is obtained through a form.
  • Research reports.  Often they presented in PDF files or microsites without restrictions.
  • Webinars.  Despite being intensive, web seminars can introduce guests to bring their own audience, which can help extend the top of your marketing funnel. Recordings of Webinars can stay on a landing page to extend their shelf life.
  • Tools and templates.  Since they are extremely functional in nature, tools and templates often prove to be amazing to generate long – term sales opportunities despite the investment that needs to be done in advance. 

visual content

Regardless of the size of the equipment, it is usual that the visual content believe almost any member of the team and perhaps the only exception can become SEO specialist. While designers carried out most of the advanced creative work, bloggers, content creators and administrators of social networks engage in simple designs. Often designers also create templates for writers to the team can be more independent; ebooks as templates for any member with a license InDesign to format the premium content.

Types of visual content you must create:

  • Infographics.  You can embed in blog posts and share them on social networks.
  • Slideshares.  Social networking administrators channeled a lot of energy in SlideShare and create content exclusively for this channel. 
  • Video.  Either YouTube or incrustes this type of material in a publication, the short -form entertainment or education can help you diversify your experience and improve your SEO content.

A medical team marketing your content grow, jobs will specialize in creating certain types of content. Even if your team is the biggest, it is likely that some features of the jobs match. If creating content that is less marked, the opposite will occur in the distribution of content.

Step 5: Distribute content

Content distribution is what I call the “pillar of marketing” in content marketing; You must ensure that the content that you created has good visibility for who finds a wider audience. Many content marketing teams omit this step and think I have a couple of good ideas about the origin of this omission:

Theory 1:  With only publish content regularly advance a lot in the aspect of “distribution”; If you think that search engines are a distribution channel. In my case, I do think that search engines are distribution channels, as I have in mind that people often use them to find content. If you create content periodically based on keyword research and is optimized for search, Google does the rest of your content distribution plan.

Theory 2:  Many teams make content marketing the writers rather than marketing professionals. In my experience, the writers have little interest in promoting their content and pay more attention to writing interesting content. The same applies to the designers; in most cases they prefer to spend time creating something beautiful and functional than engaging in promoting it .

Now forget the excuses for a moment. If a team is not content marketing takes full advantage of content distribution is only doing half of their job. After all, we are talking about marketing content, so explore the most useful channels available to distribute your content.

Search engines

While it is true that Google can handle a lot of work to perform distribution, you can not make smart decisions with your content strategy. In other words, it is true that Google may distribute the content you create, but maybe positioned on page 32. Your job is to make sure every possible position to appear on the first pages of search ranking content. This means that your writers should work closely with your SEO specialist to determine what keywords used (ideally are a combination of terms of long and generic cola) in an adequate level of competitiveness with respect to your authority and to the extent you are aggressive in using these terms. It is obvious that content must also be optimized for on-page SEO to improve the likelihood that rank higher. 

Social networks

You must share the content you create on social networks where you have an active presence. If you are not active on any of these platforms, this is one reason to start doing it. Moreover, Google’s algorithm considers the indicators of social networks as one of its most important ranking factors; the content being shared on social networks is like a vote of approval or at least important, so it’s logical that Google considers when deciding whether a publication should rank well in organic search.

Social networking administrator should also invest time in improving your presence on social networks to share content you reach a constantly growing audience. Consider the scope that a content item that you can share on a Facebook page has 100,000 fans compared to one that only has 1,000 fans. Fans of each social network help distribute your content, therefore the larger the network, improve your content delivery. 


Email lists are the most precious treasures of marketers, because they are a smart strategy to increase traffic, conversions and re-convert people to your content. Invest in increasing the size of your list of blog subscriptions by email to have a significant distribution with your charts.

Social ads and pay per click (PPC)

Digital advertising is not difficult by nature. In fact, when you find an average cost per click (CPC) Effective, targeted spending can help certain content elements for incredible reach. If you think this magnifies the initial problem that led you content marketing, consider this case study content distribution payment:

Let’s say you write a post for your blog that attracts many people other than your target audience. Do tests to promote that item with a paid ad on Facebook and discover that the CPC was lower than your usual expenses and generates 40% more traffic to your site than other investments. Still, when you turn that budget you lose traffic, right? Right. However, you received a large influx of traffic, although it did not become sales opportunities, it is possible that this has generated inbound links or share your content on social networks. After all, you can be sure of one thing: both help boost your SEO.

Promote all your content with payment strategies it is unsustainable, but finding opportunities to do so effectively could help you improve your organic search.

Step 6: Measure the results of your marketing content

There are a number of metrics that you should analyze if you have an advanced analytical tool, but having too many targets to meet tends to make start to prioritize difficulties. I recommend that content marketing teams measure 2 to 3 metric and have some secondary metrics in each division teams to discover if they can take advantage of different opportunities. My recommendations are:

Content marketing team

The whole team content marketing should focus on website traffic and sales opportunities because they are a metric at the top of the funnel that can be linked to revenue and traffic generated by visits that could turn into opportunities .


As part of any web material that generates traffic and site, I recommend that new blogs measure their traffic flow and number of subscribers. As your blog to mature and develop their traffic at a predictable rate, incorporates a target of generating sales opportunities.

Private access materials

Because these resources were created for the purpose of generating leads, remember to measure the opportunities produced each offer. If your company is more focused on sales, perhaps another metric that could be useful it is the opportunity that generated the content.

Social networks

Because the scope of a social network is so fundamental to the strength of these social platforms as a content distribution channel, measures the number of followers or fans in each of your most important social networks.

Create reports on a regular basis is essential (I recommend doing it once a month) on each of these metrics so you know where your opportunities for growth. This also helps you identify negative trends or downtime in advance so you can fix them before they become larger problems. But most importantly to monitor the success of your initiatives it is that it facilitates the processes of repetition to what works, eliminating what does not have good performance and promotes the success of your marketing program content so you can justify its expansion and place in the modern marketing.

To what extent do you think this guide useful? What other topics would you like to talk about? Tell us in a comment.