Chatbot: what is it, what are its advantages and how to use it in your company

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Chatbot is a computer program that does what it is programmed to simulate human conversation in a chat. That way, you can automate repetitive and bureaucratic tasks such as frequently asked questions, in the form of pre-defined dialog between the user and a “robot”.


But beyond the RD Summit, this matter has been highlighted in the media. Surely you’ve heard that “came the era of artificial intelligence.”

When this happens, then comes to mind the image of the movie Terminator , with people being replaced by machines and losing their jobs. In fact, this is a process that has been going on since the industrial revolution.

But how do you, in your company, will use this technology? Or it is only for large companies? What is the investment required?

It is common for entrepreneurs stay with many doubts. Try to answer them in this post!

But rather what the AI does not do?

The first thing you need to know is that artificial intelligence (also known as AI stands for artificial intelligence ) is not exactly what the media sells.

Artificial intelligence does not do miracles. You will not, for example, import multiple manuals for it to replace his team the next day.

Much work is needed before implementing this technology in your company. Do some planning, it makes sense to understand the strategy, set a goal, the ideal tool, cost, ROI , among other things.

Once you know you’ll have a lot of work to be done, you should set a goal, is to make sales or open a new service channel.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what it really does. So let’s talk about another subject: the chatbot .

What is chatbot?

When thinking about what a chatbot, remember Siri, Apple. She can do several things, like calling someone in your calendar, set an alarm, tell a joke, do research on the internet … But you can not teach her something, right?

Ie chatbot is a computer program that does what it is programmed to simulate human conversation, and nothing else. Thus, we can automate repetitive and bureaucratic tasks, which frees us to solve more complex problems.

What many companies are doing is choosing some processes (such as sale, payment query or frequently asked questions) to put in a flowchart, structure in the form of dialogue and register within an appropriate tool.

Where does the artificial intelligence?

There are many ways to ask the same thing, and when you make the setting can not put all the system.

However the chatbot with artificial intelligence makes even asking for an unscheduled way, you get correct answers.

The artificial intelligence used in marketed bots can work in different ways and you need to pay attention when choosing one that is right for your needs. Some have their own algorithm and others use external AI, as Watson (IBM) or Google AI .

If you do not have a large volume of interactions, there are free tools such as Blip , you can make your chatbot and integrate it with their tools.

Here ‘s how to integrate Blip with RD Station .

The questions and answers bot can be arranged in a flowchart, from beginning to end user experience.

You can use various tools, including paper and pen. I adapted better with mind map tools like coggle , which is free and very simple.

When mounting the questions and answers bot, I recommend the use of menus to guide the user to the more simply reply, restricting the margin of error.

As you are simulating a conversation, think of the language that your persona uses to communicate.

As whether it makes sense to have a bot? Where can I use the button in my business?

To start putting the bot in your business, determine a goal, which can grow in the future, one MVP .

The chatbot can be used to make sales, ask questions about your products, capture information or even identify which funnel stage is the Lead.

But I do not recommend using it to replace human care, as there are more complex demands that the bot can not solve. Be prepared for them leaving an available person.

Then think of what the bot channel should be available according to that goal. Some people put on their Facebook page, others on the site.

When you place a button on your social network is opening a channel for all the people who come into your page. Already within a logged page they are just customers. Notice the difference?

To help define the goal, I suggest looking at companies that have already joined. The Natura chose to make sales goal by Facebook. Already Avon made a bot facing current and future dealers, while in Finds Hertz you can rent the vehicle by the fan page page.

With the chosen goal, list the prerequisites that the bot tool should have. So you can rule out the options more easily.

I will spend a few examples:

  • Sell ​​by the bot (integration with inventory system and means of payment);
  • Making appointments (time) on the agenda (integration with Google Calendar);
  • Open service (integration with a service software, such as Zendesk);
  • Analyze stage of the funnel (Integration RD Station ).

Do not forget to take time to care for the new channel, for updating the content should be constant. OK?

Some chatbot tools that you can use

To create your chatbot in a scalable way, the best to use a tool to do this function.

Currently there are several available in the market, and one of the most popular market is the Drift , which has a free plan that you can use.

chatbot drift

In generation Leads . It is worth checking!

You can also create chatbots within Facebook using the Facebook Messenger. In this case, the  Fanpage .

chatbot on Facebook with Chatfuel

Speaking of the tests within chat sites . Thus, the trend is soon to be able to use the tool in your company’s website to chat with customers.

What are the advantages of having a bot?

If you got this far, we saw that there’s a lot to consider before placing a bot in the air, and you may be wondering if it really worth opening this delivery channel.

Well, the advantages of this new customer channel with your company are:

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Automation of processes;
  • Multiple service channels;
  • New automated way to contact your Lead.

You are thinking of using chatbot? What are the questions you are facing? Already using chatbot? What learning would have received in the first steps of the project? Share in the comments!