Change in Google: title tag will also be applied to image results

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Understanding how Google works

You investing in keyword , also influences the rate of clicks, since this is the title that you will read in Google results.

In this regard, the Google Images .

The statement said the idea is to give more context about certain image to the user, making the most useful information. It should also make it easier to find out what the image is about and if your site contains more relevant information about a particular subject.

The example shared by Google can be seen in the picture below and is quite illustrative to explain how this new functionality helps provide a better user experience.

Before (left image), to search the cell by “fruit that looks like a star”, only images appear among the results.

The same user doing research can now select best in which image click for more information about the fruit. It is likely that results as “10 fruit to prove in China” may be disregarded unless the person look for this very specific information.

title pictures

In this example, the imaging results give visual confirmation that you found the right fruit, but the subtitles make them more useful results, adding context. For example, you may find that the fruit is called carambola and which is popular in China. It also helps to choose which result to click on to explore more, says the text signed by the tech lead Paul Banister.

He added that the news underscores Google’s goal to make the search for images in a most useful tool for finding out information on the internet.

What does this change for those who invest in SEO

If you optimize your website for search engines, it’s time to improve the titles of your pages. Also, if you want to look good Users ranked in the search for images, this attribute takes on special importance after the upgrade.

Google left nothing clear about character limits, but, according to the example of carambola, you can see that the legend is cut after about 35 characters.

The novelty is now available in Brazil and should be released worldwide this week both Google’s mobile app for iOS and Android as for mobile browsers.

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