Change in Google AdWords: Campaigns will continue to be active after daily budget is reached

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“To help you achieve your goals, now their campaigns can spend up to twice the daily budget.”

This was the announcement that Google has made through his account AdWords on Twitter and no one expected!

It’s a pretty shocking change for those who make ads on AdWords .

One of the consequences of the update is that on days when your website receives a high volume of traffic, costs can exceed the set budget.

Why Google decided to make this change in the daily budget?

Google’s rationale is that the traffic on the internet is like the ocean. On some days the waves are small and in others they are huge.

Thus, if the ads are not served because of the low traffic day, they will run more times when traffic is higher.

This means that advertisers will pay more?

In practice no. What Google said in the AdWords help center it is that the measure is aimed precisely at improving the results from advertisers, as it will enjoy the days of good trades to balance with the days of low traffic.

In contrast, Google made it clear that the monthly budget will not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Google explained how it will be calculated with an example:

Imagine that you have a US $ 5 budget and the billing cycle is 30 days. During the month, you realize that the costs vary. Some days are charged $ 2, for another $ 10. But at the end of the month, the charge will not exceed US $ 152 (that’s 30.4 – the average number of days each month has the year – multiplied by its US $ 5 budget).

Thus, even if your campaign vary and some days you are charged the most at the end of the month you will not pay more than the budget for the middle of the month. This is the campaign budget will fluctuate according to the demand the demand of the ad.

So you advertising on AdWords, they will not be actually charged more . What can happen, however, it is the monthly budget to run out before the end of the month, interrupting the campaign.

However, if this occurs, you will probably have the same results that would have 30 days but before 30 days. What may be good, since the results would be, in theory, faster.

If there is a supply over budget – the overdelivery called, Google will credit the extra cost. To find out if you have received credits, just visit this center link AdWords Help .

A lot of the community did not like the news. As the Search Engine Journal reported, many people responded negatively to the update in Google AdWords tweet itself.


Is that you? What did you think of the change? Tell in the comments how you think this will impact your AdWords campaigns.

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