Buyer persona: why should all marketers develop it?

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In the above article, we talked about the important Storytelling for the construction of the Image and Positioning brand , and also for or strengthening the relationship with our clients / audience (among other things, obviously ). More … we skip something fundamental : meet our and define Buyer person  before Produce any content.


 I started this by doing article reference to or storytelling, already than or design of Buyer person involves also in ours or make ideal client storytelling buyer . It is no longer simple enough a segmentation based on dust and scratch in age, residence or socioeconomic level , more and necessary to know the story that crosses our buyer , and this will get of qualitatives given and very deep more by- who, or, when, as, where and why

It is essential to understand that or Buyer person  (BP) provides the largest one context and insights that will help to align your efforts give different areas or business aspects Our, guide and give coherance to the decisions related to Product development, marketing strategies, actions of communication, message band, message brand.

Do you understand now a little more about your matter?



That is to say: besides to know “tell” brand , respecting the characteristics and very nature of each social network, or know maybe that size must have a photo, a video, a layer or or schedule of publication, and important to know is or we we are offering solutions, selling, communicating and aS we do, just CASH in need, not ideal people want and need in need interest us the customers.

This step that we skipped, is the same that many two beginning marketers, Entrepreneurs, people that decide to start with their project, are also forget (I even rather, by that I wrote this blogpost!).

Many have imagined we were in front of the computer thinking:


Why or ROI is so low, because he has so little interaction , that or content does not work on social networks, because the actions of promotion are not attractive , why he has few conversions , why, why, why? …



We spent hours and hours reviewing the marketing strategy / social media, we questioned ye and selected SELECTED tactics and tactics were the More … Any time we asked following questions regarding our customers’ years? :


This is how the customers want our que we near ? Is this how our customers process the best information on our product? Are the topics you’ll help try to persuade and generate positioning in your head? Are the features that my product feature that you really seduce and a solution represent my customers?


Define or Buyer person , “consumer” person, merketing persnoa, user person (there are many others synonymously), is or before another important strategy and regretfully or more forgetful. Maybe by that, I made efforts to invest in, marketing, communication, etc., seem to be never enough.

That does not seem right?


The Mistake, Pam Moore said in this very interesting article in which it evaluates the relationship of the audience brand with and product, is by and not start tactic by knowing our or public, Our ideal and actual consumer . Namely either that or mobilizes, things produce you what that your head and click in heart to take a decision, what are the Real necessities by acquisition of After a product, what to worry or keeps agreed to at night, etc. I am going to help and define the strategy and path to reach them.

Or Buyer Person  is a tool functioning the axis and point of inflection to guide future decisions. We are able to achieve enough in this depth work, we will obtain a competitive Priceless Advantage 


I do not article, Today’s letrap: What is Buyer Person?, What is your raise important ?, How?, A person What are the buyer benefits of not your use inbound marketing and as I influenced your definition not buying cycle?


Before proceeding with the article to me it is important to clarify that design of the buyer person (BP), in reality, it is very complex something. In general, it is a proper task marketing specialist in that you form knowledge to guide investigations ace, in-depth interviews, questionnaires and process to recompiled information to thus a profile get finished, complete and accurate of Buyer Persona. Obviously implies this money, and neither do we have an all-budget margin for a team of professionals to work on. At this point. Therefore, from the Postcron we propose an orientation for less arm arm a sketch of the Buyer profile person and to advance of successful way more in the following strategic stages.

Now, let’s start!


What is buyer person and that important?

I will share with Voces definition by Tony Zambito , or and father Of this tool prophet:

Buyer People are Archetypes made from investigations , and that using the Representations who are defined urchasers, or are trying to reach, what are goals you that mobilize and determine your Behavior think them, buy them because They make decisions These purchase, where they buy and when decision They take to purchase.

A related literature indicates that using from the exercise of definition and design of Buyer Person, it should be possible to be detected 3 to 5 buyers profiles , therefore or challenge is no longer to satisfy one, and several yes.

1.1 What are the unwrap benefits of Buyer People?

Very well I feel like this Article presents the Advantages , but let’s see the important and main:


  • Increase in Investment Return (ROI) , made in strategic marketing activities: Investments in stock marketing are become profitable already on a basis that are already previously studied conduct from BP’s profile.


  • Planning and Facilitating the design of two objectives: or BP provides so much information and necessary context to raise messages the marketing, messages and content band that shares.


  • An unwrap message allows strong and successful brand: know who, how and to transmit, allows to message in diluua or not that is not a public or interessa us, and do is perch which we will not get anything.


  • In the bands …


Even so, the development BP allows us to know are the triggers that touch or our activate engaging audience to the inside of a serious purchase process.

  • In social media …

Knowing in detail or profile of each BP is fundamental already that simplifies task taking decisionsrelated to basic aspects of a strategy content , already with a deep knowledge that each Buyer Pessoa will possible specify:

1- Which topical unwrap

2- In which social media channels presence has to find we with BP

3- Which formats unwrap for our content is assimile better or

4- Which language used for each BP (This basic e)

5- Which Schedules Are Best For Each BP

Where to spend your hours online reading: where to make ideal place to find guest blogging , by example

7- Which devices use: desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc. It is necessary to know it is worth it all of that I included a digital mobile content strategy.


TIP 1:

You want Prune to start right now and download THIS worksheet, which is in Postcron to use to define and quickly organize’re aspects . It’s nothing complex. At Postcron, we like what is simple, practical and that allows time savings.   

2. How to raise a buyer profile person?

Well, this Point is very delicate because we said above for doing it professionally, serious needed a hire specialist . The many do this can not, or propose to follow and alternative plus a VERY simple, using of a check list that you can use for not skip any important to complete or of BP profile appearance.



In general, to compile the QUALITATIVE information that refers to the behavior of purchase and the buyer is done using interviews and questionnaires . The great and to go to Source, and the source is our client. It’s talking to them accurately .

Basically, or target the questions that will be made allow us to respond to the following concerns all of the size of the Independent company, we have:

a- What is the best way to communicate and we with reaching our customers?

b- Do you withhold attract and your interest?

c- As we can help and add to your value life?

How can we influence d- in the purchase decision?


2.1 – STEPS

One: how many determine you have consumer-to-business profiles

First for this instance, or ideal and sit with people from the company as or those not Project envolved and that have contact with customers , buyers, registered. In this way, together, identify main ones which are the most common profiles that correspond to most two consumers that company has.

Two: creation. Subscribe name, and complete given demographic

Recom-be buyer for each person, sign a name and ideal consumer photo representing this BP. The objective and try to humanize herself or most of this resource , given that even I am not so exact:



geographical Location:

Civil status:

Family training:


Working Condition:

Title function or work:

Annual Income:


TIP 2:

Use the analysis tools on your site, from Google and give social networks. Enjoy learning about resources for sex, age, locality . Review where Find Maior is part two clients. Analyze dice based newsletters, use the social networks and study your customers.

Do not leave a review this Google Help indicating or step by step to get you REPORTS YOUR audience – public:

Three: to deepen qualitative details of the buyer

Basically, you’re going to be aspects to unwrap:




Use a spreadsheet of questions.

Now do you know how to start?

Download the following checklist with 75 more questions that will allow you to deepen the knowledge of your BP customers and enrich or profile. Several should tailor themselves to the reality of your product or company is a more excellent resource that will help them shape their Buyer People and start this job even now, without having to think that ask or like raising or questionnaire. Remember, it is not ideal or to invent answers, nor to deduce them. Even long ago than mild, and for its health future strategy, the true see Information Sources : its own customers.


HubSpot in the following article gives examples several different people buyer, organizing aspects of you way profile summary and oriented meet the professionals needs. VOICES can also model’re FORMS:



Kissmetrics, on the other hand, proposes in this article a development profile, given obtained based on from SEO reports. In the next Tip, you will find as you can also do it.



3- buyer buying cycle + person + strategy content



1- Take conscience gives need problem or

2-      Consideration: looking for solutions, information related, options

3-      Purchase.

 Pay at the following attention graphic by Savvy Panda , which develops either “BuyerJourney” and how it fits or Inbound Marketing in one of each purchase Steps.


For deepening of the buyer creation person and unwrap a social media content strategy that fits each band scenario and the characteristics of each profile, use the following Tip:



Use the information que Google I give analysis tools to analyze to SEO information and know the customers you seek solutions, find their product and is near HIS mark , the devices also known what use is access this information and which prefer format. You can get all this information from two Google Analytics SEO reports.


– Download all keywords and phrases as your customers use: check this help Google to find out how this information access (traffic sources> optimization we finders).

– In this link , you a can get in detail of which gets each SEO report, and thus determine what information Prune to enjoy each one (This other link can also help).

– Finally, using this article you will know which techniques are recommended to analyze the previous information.


Before concluding:

Now you have your Buyer People, known or need and as transmit and your product message of brand …

Do you have clear EXACT WHAT are the goals of YOUR content strategy?

is not so is, you passed Tip late to finish completing you might well this task:

Tip 5: Choose from the following list of goals, which is the most need that Today your attention:

  • Raise brand awareness and position product in a particularly
  • Raise brand awareness and positioning or company name
  • Increase customer base potential
  • Quality increase of conversions
  • make bandages
  • Establish a product around a debate, particularly problem or topic
  • Demonstration professionalism, experience in an area, business or in a team related to the topic.
  • Convert yourself into a reference and market authority particularly in.
  • Gains will increase, bandages and utilities.

To conclude idea:

As we said above, RELEVANCE of the buyer person is in his power to cross and align the different areas of the Company , already that know of the profile of our right buyer, his GAPS, dreams, his points of objection, either that or happy face, etc. ., will allow development of a better product, a better band strategy, adjusting to brand message and product years sensitive aspects and emotional triggers two our customers . Even so, it also allows guide and determine accurate content a strategy that will accompany and complement each ð This actions amu. Person buyer we select allow you formats, topics, words, channels, etc., which will be more suitable to use scenario in every purchase, every second buyer profile or person.


So, you have everything now that accurate or … .. ‘Let’s make some money !!!  .. 

I would say or Wolf of Wall Street.