Business WhatsApp: Check out the details of the corporate version of the app

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Good news for those who use WhatsApp in business was announced.

The company announced on its official blog , on September 5, 2017, a version of the application dedicated to business is being tested with a group of selected companies.

The enterprise version will be available in two formats :

  • an application called WhatsApp of Business, aimed at small businesses;
  • and enterprise format for larger companies that operate large-scale, with a global customer base, such as airlines, banks and ecommerce sites.

Both small businesses can use the greater solutions for sending notifications about flight schedules and delivery receipts, among other updates.

WhatsApp foundThe version will also feature a verification seal  (picture) for company profiles, which appears next to the contact name in the phone book.

Other features will be entering the business profile information like address, description, hours of operation, besides sending automatic messages to when the company can not answer.

Many connections already occur every day, someone is making a request from a local bakery or looking at new products of a clothing store. But the way this occurs in WhatsApp is still very rudimentary. We hear stories of retailers who use WhatsApp to make contact with hundreds of customers through a single cell, and users who are not sure if the account of a company in WhatsApp is true or not.

So WhatsApp tests tools that should solve some of these challenges, making it easier communication between companies and people in the application. “We want to apply what we have learned helping people connect with each other to help them to also connect with companies that are important to them,” says the text.

No official release date, but the idea is to provide WhatsApp for companies to market in a few months. In Brazil, the tool is tested by Itaú bank for customers Personnalité Digital category, which covers digital accounts of high-income people.

WhatsApp also did not leave the clear how the company will be charged for the service.

Privacy Policy WhatsApp

In August 2016, WhatsApp had updated privacy policy to start testing its corporate version, announced in January that year.

At the time, WhatsApp hinted that it should adopt a similar strategy to that which has been making the Facebook Messenger – companies can send alert messages to users sharing information on delivery order, receipt of goods, among others, instead of advertising . Messages will be sent by robots.

The change is a way to monetize the WhatsApp. Purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $ 21.8 billion, the application does not generate current income as it does not allow ads and left to charge $ 1 per year for each user in January 2016.

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