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[Free Guide] How to use AdWords for your PPC campaigns

In 2016,  96% of Google’s revenue  came from advertising pay per click (PPC). Clearly marketers are leveraging the advantages AdWords them, but how do we know […]

6 steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile for social selling

Now that you have a profile on Linkedin, chances are you have it configured to seek employment. However, Linkedin is not just a place to look […]

How to use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  Thanks to social networks in recent decades have added many new words to the dictionary. However, few have become a term as acepado and used […]

Anatomy of an extraordinary proposal for marketing agencies

Many agencies do not attach importance to the stage of proposals in their trade relations. While you might think that the relationship with the client is […]

How to write the best titles for your blog

6 content marketing services that your agency can offer