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What traditional marketing education does not teach you about current marketing

In marketing before, most job interviews questions revolved around the knowledge he had a marketing professional on principles like “Four P” and how to apply this […]

The 22 most creative slogans and the characteristics they have in common

How to use Facebook for your company: 25 & nbsp; marketing tips and tricks

 Although statistics indicate that the balance is tilting in favor of tools like Instagram and Snapchat among younger generations, Facebook still dominates the market. 1090 million […]

Practical guide to know when to review your marketing metrics

There are many marketing metrics that can be monitored regularly. You can check the number of visits, sales opportunities and customers that generate all your marketing […]

8 Personalization trends that are reinventing the customer purchase process

The 13 best email subject lines

I would assume you get hundreds of emails in your inbox every day. Coupon promotions, sites offering daily specials, newsletters, messages to reset the password, mail […]