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Internal links: what are they, why create and 5 tips for your site to take off

In my last article on the blog of Digital Results I talked a bit about link building and how it can help your website to get […]

How to Write a 100% SEO Article

“What do you write an article 100% thinking about SEO ? That ended a long time ago! Google is now searching only of well – written […]

SEO for Landing Pages: Tips and Optimization Examples!

If you follow the materials Google and other search engines understand that your content is relevant to people who are looking for certain keywords. You may […]

Local SEO: what it is and how to get your company localized by who searches the region

Local SEO is aimed at optimizing the search engines taking into account the geolocation (Google Maps, for example) and other resources, such as social networks, for […]

9 obsolete SEO practices that no longer work – and which ones still work

You may have heard or read so that the optimization for search engines (SEO) died. Well, that’s not exactly true. In fact, the parameters to optimize […]

The Truth About Duplicate Content and SEO

  You often hear place out there that duplicate content is bad for SEO , it would be punished by search engines like Google. Some say […]