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What is Black Hat SEO and 10 Techniques You Should Not Use

Have you ever needed the “Brazilian way” to solve a problem? When Google emerged in the late 1990s, the best-positioned sites on the results page were […]

Why SEO is the job of Marketers, not just programmers

Rarely CEOs, directors or even the marketing team have technical knowledge of programming. Most of these people do not make much sense of how a website […]

How can I track and optimize my site’s organic traffic? [+ checklist]

You know what is the position of your site in Google? And what to do to improve this position? These are two strategic questions for any […]

SEO Tip # 11: Include internal and external links during content

You should know that since Google ‘s inception, receive links from other sites to your (mostly relevant sites and authoritative web) is one of the main […]

The power of Google and the importance of being in the top search positions

Whenever I meet someone who asks me what is Inbound Marketing and what is the difference compared to traditional marketing, start explaining as follows: Imagine that […]

What is Meta Description and why is your optimization important in the pages and posts of your site

Meta Description is a snippet of HTML code that has the function to summarize what the page deals. The summary appears only in the code and […]