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SEO Tip # 8: Fix 404 Errors and Broken Links

Error 404 Not Found. Probably you have accessed a page and found this phrase in place of the content. This error occurs whenever a user tries […]

Google Featured Snippet: What it is and how to leave your site in position 0

Have you noticed that in some searches performed in Google, you see a box with some of the content you’re looking for? This result is called […]

Youtube: 12 Killer SEO Tips for Your Videos

Today YouTube has more than 1 billion users. Every minute 300 hours of new content are ascents to the network. Half of views via mobile (if […]

Anchor text: what are + 5 tips on how to use it in favor of SEO

Maybe you’ve never heard about anchor text, but certainly already clicked a while surfing the Internet ocean. This element is very important for your strategy Digital […]

Did you see that? Google increases the number of meta description characters from 160 to 320

Update: After about five months of experiment, Google began to show short descriptions. This is not the first time that the browser performs a change and […]

Understanding how Google works

One of the first steps to success with Digital Marketing is basically to understand how Google works in relation to indexing sites. Even before working with […]