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Google Search Console: The Complete Guide to How to Use It in Practice

If Google Analytics is a powerful tool to analyze user behavior on your site, Search Console (Webmaster Tools old) is also a key part to learn […]

8 Google algorithm updates that caused search impact

If you have something that causes stir among Digital Marketing professionals, in addition to updates from Facebook, are the changes in the Google algorithm. After all, […]

Canonical tag: what it is, how important it is to SEO and how to use it

The canonical tag, or canonical tag, has a simple goal: in case of duplicate content, it indicates that the main thing for search engines. The feature […]

What is Redirect 301 and why is it a good friend of the Marketing Professional

In general, the 301 Redirect is an instruction on the server that informs that Page A Page B is now, so that when the visitor to […]

What is a friendly URL for Google and other search engines

Which of these addresses seem more friendly to you? Most people agree that it is the first choice, right? This cleaner and organized address […]

Search by voice, chatbots, SEO and Digital Marketing projections for 2018: interview with Fabio Ricotta at Studio RD Summit

Have you thought about the future of voice devices and chatbots hold for us? Both the user and the companies, these two technologies promise to cause […]