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The power of Google and the importance of being in the top search positions

Whenever I meet someone who asks me what is Inbound Marketing and what is the difference compared to traditional marketing, start explaining as follows: Imagine that […]

What is Meta Description and why is your optimization important in the pages and posts of your site

Meta Description is a snippet of HTML code that has the function to summarize what the page deals. The summary appears only in the code and […]

SEO Tools: Everything you need to know to optimize your site better

The most famous search engine in the world, Google, was created in 1996 and, shortly thereafter, in 1997, the term search engine optimization (SEO) has become […]

SEO Tip # 16: Explore the semantics in content

One of the basic actions of keyword for better performance. But there are other factors that help Google understand the context of their content and even […]

Know 12 SEO technical mistakes and how to fix them

More and more companies have invested in content creation as part of its strategy Leads . A great way to be able to increase traffic to […]

SEO for Pictures: Why You Should Worry About Ranking Images on Google

The Google Images is possibly the most used browser in the world images. We say “possibly” because there are no reliable market data. But if Google […]