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XML Sitemap: everything you need to know

  You know what is a Sitemap and why it is so important that your site has one? This is a very important issue for SEO […]

What changes in SEO with the new Google update, Hummingbird

“Fast and accurate”. These are the qualities that inspired the name of the last update of the Google search algorithm, the Hummingbird or hummingbird in Portuguese. […]

Updating old content can make a big difference in your marketing strategy

Imagine (or find) a content that you published for over a year. At the time he was successful, but reading today you realize that there are […]

Using Google My Business and highlighting your business in search results

If you are an entrepreneur, imagine the following situation: a customer is looking for institutional information about your company to get in touch with you. If […]

Dude, where’s my PageRank?

If you already have knowledge about SEO at least five years, as must at least have heard enough of the “pranks” that Google usually do with […]

Bulletproof Link Building: Tips to be Effective

We know that having a website with relevant, with unique content, a good number of incoming backlinks, shares on good domain authority is fundamental for a […]